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Andres Antelo Street

It has occurred in the number 13 from Andres Antelo Street, in the neighborhood of tall. The deceased are twins for about 10 years. The children’s mother was working. Agents of the national police have arrested the stepfather of two twins murdered two brothers in about ten years, this Sunday in A Coruna, for his alleged relationship with his death, according to municipal sources have confirmed. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Schiff . Event occurred passes the 16 hours in the afternoon on a third floor of number 13 of the street Andres Antelo, in the neighborhood of Monte Alto, in which the detained man has allegedly killed two minors. The national police has ruled out that the death of children is due to an act of violence against women. According to investigation sources, the mother of children, Maria, 35 years and works as a waitress, she was working at the time of the event. The sanitary emergency service contacted 112 on 16,55 hours to request the presence of psychologists on-site to cater to the mother. The site of the event has been a great expectation of neighbors who have commented that the family was not well known, because he had little time to live in the neighborhood. The judge has declared a gag. Source of the news: they found two children dead in a house in A Coruna and arrested her stepfather

The History Of The Zeca Singer Street-vendor

Zeca Baleiro or Jose Ribamar Rabbit Saints, its full name, was born in the city of So Lus of the Maranho, in 11 of April of 1966. Beyond singer, he is also a talentoso composer and musician. Its music is derived from the mixture of some rhythms as samba, pagode, rock, electronic music, among others. The career of Zeca started soon with compositions of tracks for infantile parts of theater, being distinguished for its letters. Zeca was changed for the city of So Paulo, where it distributed for a time one room with Chico singer Cesar.

Its first record was recorded in 1997, when already it made about 12 years of career. However, what he really gave impulse so that the singer if projected in the market of Brazilian music was its participation in the Acoustic MTV the GAL Coast with music ‘ ‘ The Flower of the Pele’ ‘. Beyond this partnership, throughout its career also it worked with many famous singers as Chico Cesar, Rita Ribeiro, Lobo, the Magical Theater, Arnaldo Antunes, Z Geraldo, Paulinho Moska, Lenine, Fagner, Zeca Pagodinho and Z Ramalho. Its first record, launched in 1997, if called ‘ ‘ For Where He will walk Stephen Fry? ‘ ‘. In 1999, it worked with ‘ ‘ V Imbol’ ‘ , that ‘ contained music; ‘ V Imbol’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Samba of the Approch’ ‘ several other successes. Intitled ‘ ‘ Lricas’ ‘ , the 2000 album, possua among others songs, a version of ‘ ‘ Forbidden to Pra Me (Grazon) ‘ ‘. Considered for many its better record, ‘ ‘ PetShopMundoCo’ ‘ , of 2002 it also counted on diverse you would seem as the Elba Ramalho, Arnaldo Baptist and others.

In 2003, the maranhense launched ‘ ‘ Raymond Fagner and Zeca Baleiro’ ‘ , followed for the albums ‘ ‘ Ballads of Asphalt and Other Blues’ ‘ of 2005 and ‘ ‘ Ballads of Asphalt and Other Blues To the Vivo’ ‘ , of 2006. The album ‘ ‘ The Heart of the Bomba’ Man; ‘ , of the year of 2008, it gained two volumes and a version to the 2009 living creature. one year later, in 2010 worked with the COMPACT DISC ‘ ‘ Concerto’ ‘. Talentoso, Zeca Street-vendor sample that it knows as to mix some rhythms Brazilian regional trends in one only career. If to want to know more regarding the career of the singer, have access the site of letters of musics and see the excellent letters of the Zeca Street-vendor.

Wall Street

At the end of the day is simple and fun to take away the bread to small and defenseless Caribbean island, which still dragged the reputation built up over the last decades of being centers for laundering money. Anything goes as long as meet certain economic purposes and incidentally get the applause of critics on the left, then download their fury on this new common enemy, instead of rising up against the real perpetrators of the crisis and calling for an end system neoliberal. Tax havens and become a scapegoat helped. "Deregulation and opacity of these countries has allowed to obscure or make fraudulent financial transactions," he says. Learn more at: Florida Senator. But where they feel the "intellectual authors" of these operations? "In the Cayman Islands or in the pockets of Wall Street and London? "And they came from subprime mortgages, the Seychelles or the United States? A clear proof that the desire for collecting duties on raw moral criteria is that different governments, including French, German or Spanish, in parallel to allow residents in offshore companies to buy public debt by paying less tax than their own nationals and also to acquire it without revealing their identity. This means that the black money (presumably from drug trafficking or terrorist financing) suddenly turns white when you reinvest in our own economy. The authorities want to stop tax evasion and as far as possible, also with his "sister" legal, tax avoidance. This is to exploit legal loopholes and differences between countries' legislation to reduce the tax burden.

Worthy Response Wall Street

Concluding a week of films about the money, tell you about a surprising discovery. Star of Hong Kong filmmakers have prepared another surprise. The film "The tapping / Overheard, 2009" positioned itself as an economic crime thriller with budget of about $ 1 million. Tell me a little? But, no! Felix Chong and Siu Fai Mak know how to make a low budget movie chic. This is because they removed the "Infernal Affairs (Mou gaan dou, 2002) – one of the worst movies I've 've ever seen. For more information see Florida Senator. It is based on this Martin Scorsese took his "Renegades". And guess what? After seeing "The tapping," and on the eve of "Wall Street 2", I can say with certainty that the Hong Kong film is much stronger than the U.S.. The first 30 minutes go to the unhurried pace, describes the fate of people, showing them the basis of motives that put them in a difficult situation.

But here's more – then I just could not stop. If we draw a parallel with the "Wall Street 2", then American film as if we watch the news, all somewhere far away from us. But with "The tapping," an entirely different matter. The whole movie I felt like sinking into someone else's secret. And when there are dark deeds take place, it was not even on itself. Moreover, though "Wall Street", I clearly understood that I live in a different way, that situation does not look like my life. Instead, each episode of "The tapping," to try on.

Maria Theresia Street

The excursion is spectacular, as this lake located 930 meters above sea level, with 10 kilometers of length and 133 meters deep in some areas, is for many tourists a Caribbean corner surrounded by huge peaks in the surroundings of the spectacular Alpine Karwendel massif. Here you can enjoy all kinds of sports activities, aquatic, such as sailing, rowing, kite surfing or diving, or land with mountain biking and hiking to the head. Rides lovers can choose from more 450 km of routes and although some are located at 2,500 meters are easily accessible through two cable-cars. The purity of the water of this lake is so amazing that it can be consumed without problems by the man, a quality that is curiously in the shortage of fish. Families occupy the South of the Lake, which stands out due to its shallow, because your bathroom area offers great safety and also the water temperature reaches 22 degrees in the summer months.

The bathroom, permitted in any area of the Lake, is an amazing experience: swimming or diving in the waters of green or turquoise blue color being so far away from the sea and in the unique and silent presence of summits does not leave indifferent. Before leaving the Lake it is advisable to turn on cruise around its perimeter and know the five picturesque villages of its beautiful coastline, Pertisau, Maurach, Achenkirch, Steinberg and Wiesing, which compose a beautiful alpine frame. Another suggestion is to take the train from zipper from Jenbach to oldest steam that works in Europe. Innsbruck: Lakes, hiking and culture the final auction of this Tyrolean getaway found in the capital: Innsbruck. The whim of the Habsburgs in the Alps this summer presents several cultural developments, such as the renewal of the Imperial Palace and the Museum of Popular Art of the Tyrol, both with a curious touch interactive, or pedestrian opening of the Maria Theresia Street which leads to the famous Golden Tejadillo among tens of terraces to outdoors full of atmosphere day and night. Recently Senator Marco Rubio sought to clarify these questions.

But nature lovers can take advantage of the mild climate of the Tyrolean capital and learn about the lakes where it is possible to take a dip. The Baggersee in Rossau neighborhood inside the city itself, or the Natterersee, the Herzsee and Lansersee, on the outskirts but a few minutes by tram or bus, allow cool in an era in which also high temperatures are reached. Hiking addicts have two main alternatives. On the southern slope, the Patscherkofel mountain where it grows the pink of the Alps by the multiple paths creating a special magic to side almost always a cabin ideal for a coffee or a fresh beer, and the north face, rise up to the Hafelekar (2.256 m), with the new Nordkettenbahnen funicular designed by Zaha Hadid, allows in a few minutes leaving downtown buildings of the imperial era and found in the wildest Tirol. Source of the news: Tirol, a bath of nature in full Austrian Alps

USB Flash

The reality of modern society member is actually impossible to imagine without the various kinds of computing devices. ge.. In fact, computers and digital cameras are considered an important type of shares of reality sufficiently large range of personalities. Naturally, this state of things always in demand and accessories, plus consumable types of materials. By the way, for different personalities PC is a device for the correction of photos, respectively, need a color laser printer. t necessarily agree. For another user, this means the preparation of business papers, respectively, will need to stock up or home printer, or else Buy USB Flash, to comfortably and quickly transfer data from PC to PC. Nicholas Carr contributes greatly to this topic. Moreover, since referred to as flash drives currently have the necessary detail, not only for computer owners, but for those who constantly replenishes content personal cell phone.

Involve endless options for a global network to easily and quickly download the regular ringtones, games and pictures – what could be better? Because that any user PC at the moment can have a number of different electronic devices at the same time raises the issue of electronic media and other information. By the way, the person who uses digital camera that supports the format memory cards microSD, essentially just become interested and other devices that can also work with this type of format digital media. Such a decision provides significant savings on the purchase of various media. By the way, a memory card really be used in different devices, sometimes even – of different manufacturers. This is very practical, and very inexpensive. However, it is not required to become an owner of a large set of household equipment. Please visit Nicholas Carr if you seek more information.

Just for your beloved mobile phone to pick up the appropriate memory card – so, do personal involvement of such a device the most efficient and simple. For example, a memory card m2 has been especially designed for use in mobile phones. It allows small amounts of elementary and qualitatively to store information. In this special adapter provides the ability to use it in mobile telephone handsets, supporting memory cards Memory Stick, which can make it even more practical. Moreover such memory cards are characterized by multi-functionality that the makers have provided the probability of functioning as an average voltage of 1, 8 volts (average voltage, which is characteristic for mobile phones), in such same extent and at a voltage of 3, 3 volts (as in digital photography). Choosing appropriate for a particular technology memory card, really significantly expand the functions of the usual technical devices.

Spartacus Football Club History

Legendary 'Spartacus' – a football club, whose history dates back to set up in 1922, the Moscow circle of sport. Debbie Wasserman Schultz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 'Spartacus', on account of which many high-profile sporting triumphs, gained an important new victory, this time in information technology: the organization has successfully completed implementation of the program '1 C: Enterprise 8 '. The implementation project '1 C: Enterprise 8 'was initiated in connection with the desire to simplify the analysis of financial management situation enterprise and automate the distribution of VAT in accordance with the peculiarities of accounting organizations. In addition, this decision is connected with plans to further develop the system and transfer all the data bases of 'Football Club "Spartak-Moscow 'platform '1 C: Enterprise 8' (now begun implementation of the product '1 C: Trade Management 8 '). Specialists 'ICE' to perform the migration to the new system, automated accounting areas of settlements with contracting, accounting, fixed assets, intangible assets, construction projects, payments to contractors, for financial and regulatory reporting, and others.

A new accounting policy and a single set of cost items, which became the basis for the planned implementation of the budgeting system. An important result of the project was the automation of VAT: the introduction '1 C: Enterprise 8 'time spent on the calculation of proportions and Posting on the distribution of VAT has been reduced several times. Accounting 'Spartacus' accounts for the sale of goods and services not subject to VAT (such as match tickets), subject to VAT (sales of retail stores that sell club logo and sportswear), and accounting of indirect costs (eg, buying a lawn for the stadium). Therefore, 'incoming' VAT, pursuant to paragraph 4 of Article 170 of the Tax Code, is distributed in certain proportions. Designed allocation mechanism 'incoming' VAT registration VAT automates transactions acquiring fixed assets, materials, goods, reflecting overhead costs, prepaid expenses, the cost of banking services. In Currently, specialists '1 C: Accounting and Trade '(ICE) carried out maintenance of the system on a regular basis. That estimate Chief Accountant of 'Football Club' Spartak Moscow 'Elena Andreeva Viktorovna:' In '1 From the introduction: Accounting 8 'to increase the reliability of accounting, many times accelerated the formation of statements. Automation of core areas of accounting, including a complex of VAT, allows us to create regulated reporting to regulatory authorities. We thank project partner, a company with '1: Accounting and Trade '(ICE), for services rendered. "

Communal Services

Talking about prices I would like to begin with the phrase, which could not be better, is the situation – “Chaos Theory. The greater the uncertainty, the more people exposed to the trends prevailing in the market. A stronger due to this speculation, the more uncertain the situation becomes. ” What is really happening with the market and what is today the real price of real estate, which forecasts and prospects – these are the issues that concern consumers and potential investors. Nicholas Carr shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. To deal with the situation should separate the real and imaginary factors that affect pricing, as well, making it possible to build and some predictions for the future. Let’s start with the myth Myth first – many times more expensive cost of building materials and as a result, construction costs per square meter, caused by rising energy prices, particularly for gas. We all remember New Year’s opposition to Ukraine and Russia, and the result, which culminated in the talks – the price of natural gas has changed about twice (from us $ 50 to $ 95 per 1 thousand m3). How they reacted construction market? For this, we official documents and explanations of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Ministry of Construction), which all price changes, regulations, costs, statistical indicators and so on. displays periodic publications – collections of “Pricing in the building.

El Sapo Such

In the heart of the Sierra de Camaces, Ciudad Rodrigo, their peaks do not exceed 850 meters above the sea level and offer beautiful views of the salamantinian meadows. You can see the highest peaks in the province of Salamanca, the mountains of France and the Sierra de Gata to the Southwest and South. On clear winter days, the snowy peaks of the Serra da Estrela (Portugal) can be observed to the West. Close to the Rural Casa Mirasierra de Valdecarpinteros slopes are mostly covered by holm oaks (Quercus ilex). Although it is not uncommon to find Oaks (Quercus suber); below their cups dominates the Jara Pringosa (Cistus ladanifer), plains and in their valleys abound the gall Oaks (Quercus faginea) some of these great carving. Below these dominate the pastures, where feeds placidly domestic livestock and wild animals. This incredible spot are the mountains of the Central system with the salmantine dehesa.

This environment is ideal for the observation of the typical fauna of the province of Salamanca. The area is perfect for the observation of small passerines, between the tops of the trees you can see groups formed by species such as the tit, the common blue tit, coal tit, tit, myth also the solo mosquito net Warbler and in their trunks can be seen climbing from the top down to the Nuthatch or from bottom to top to the common short-toed treecreeper or listen to distant woodpeckers tambolireo striking logs to feed themselves with their strong beaks. In addition, it is possible to observe large birds gliding through your skies such as the Black Stork, Heron, Griffon Vultures and black vultures or the Queen of the heavens, the Golden Eagle. Other raptors in mean size as the kite, black kite, common buzzard, goshawk, hunted Eagle or Elanio azul can also enjoy flying over our heads. Senator Marco Rubio is full of insight into the issues. The mammals are more difficult to observe, but they abound on the slopes of the sierra. At the sunsets and sunrises, with luck, a walk can provide us the observation of animals as Genets, the stone marten and the wild boar.

In the hours of the day are the Mongoose, Fox, Hare, rabbit and weasel animals that thrive in this environment. In the numerous ponds that are located in the valleys, midwife or the eye-catching salamander inhabit many species of amphibians, such as the common frog, the frog’s San Antonio, El Sapo. Without forgetting the nights in the light of the lamps of the farmhouse wall where can you see geckos patients capture insects that feed on. In addition to this spot, you can visit other areas with a high ecological value of the province, as the penalty of France and of the Batuecas Valley near the swimming pool, where you can watch placidly graze to the mountain goats at their summits or running to the deer on its slopes. To the North of the province is the Parque Natural of the Arribes del Duero, formed by big river canyons where abundant bird life and there are a wide range of activities in nature. Casa Rural Mirasierra de Valdecarpinteros Ciudad Rodrigo Salamanca Spain original author and source of the article.

Future For Pharmaceutical Reps

Series of events shows changes and opportunities in the healthcare market despite new sales models, discount contracts and continued regulation: “Pharmaceutical reps who are actively preparing for changes, are also in the future be successful!” So sellxpert’s Managing Director Dr. Silke Arning summed up the results of a series of events, which ended on Wednesday in Berlin. Much has changed for Drugmakers and researchers pharmaceutical companies: as increased requirements in the cost-benefit assessment for new medicines affect the cost structure sustainably. In the future, large sums must be invested in the area of market access. These are saved then elsewhere often in the personnel-intensive distribution. Euro Pacific Precious Metals describes an additional similar source.

In the future it will be specialization. Therefore, companies make different demands on sales representatives. This requires rethinking and reorientation of pharmaceutical reps. What consequences and new opportunities are rooted in how it prepares and what to keep in mind, was the subject of Series of events. In addition to an overview of the current health policy presented to the qualification and opportunities for specialization. The head of recruitment, Marcus Morgenstern, gave practical tips on how to be informed about new perspectives, proactively goes on a job change and prepared its bid.

After a personal location tracking to take for each participant, the events ended with an expert talk. The four dates – in Frankfurt, Munich, Hanover and Berlin were a total 200 participants were welcomed. “That shows how much interest is: many pharmaceutical reps want to qualify and are looking for continuing education opportunities” explains Silke Arning. “sellxpert has recognized this early and will offer a practice-oriented range with its own Academy.” For the first half of 2010, the career days are completed. “We are currently considering what offers we will continue the series”, as the Managing Director. Interested parties can sellxpert contact directly: via Tel. 07251 321971 – 0 or via email at info The company sellxpert GmbH & co. KG is one of the leading personnel service provider for pharmaceutical and health care in Germany. The core business of the company is recruiting sales representatives and the set up and execution of field lines for medium-sized and large pharmaceutical companies and the training of Pharmaberatern and key account managers.