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European Central Bank

The European Central Bank reported that will actively implement its public debt purchase program this Monday. You may want to visit Daniel J. Hirsch to increase your knowledge. They wanted to avoid a reaction of panic in the markets. The institution welcomes the listings for Italy and Spain of new measures and reforms in the areas of fiscal and structural policies. Merkel and Sarkozy have issued a statement in which call for measures to accelerate to restore the balance in the affected countries. The European Central Bank (ECB) reported Sunday that will acquire sovereign debt of Spain and Italy to avoid a debt crisis contagion to these countries after speculative attacks. Jean-Claude Trichet, the ECB President said that he will actively implement its program of buying public debt of the countries of the euro area, started in May last year to help countries with difficulties in refinancing. Trichet added in a statement that this decision takes into account the malfunctioning of some segments of the market and its objective is to help restore a better transmission of our monetary policy decisions and ensure the stability of prices in the euro area. Trichet added that the Governing Council of the ECB welcomes the announcement made by the Governments of Italy and Spain with regard to new measures and reforms in the areas of fiscal and structural policies.

The highest executive organ of the ECB considers it essential that both governments carry out decisive and rapid deployment in order to substantially strengthen the competitiveness and flexibility of their economies and reduce their public deficits quickly. In addition, the ECB underlines the importance of the commitment of js of State and Government of the euro zone to meet fiscal targets, as reaffirmed at the Summit in the past on July 21. The ECB considers it also essential to the immediate implementation of all the decisions taken at the Summit of the euro area. In this perspective, the Governing Council welcomed to the joint commitment expressed by Germany and France, added the statement from the European Bank.

Executive Engineer Aircraft

The Aeronautics company ensures that, come to be built, it would revolutionize the current commercial aircraft. It has a space of virtual reality and is expected by the year 2050. Travellers may be from playing golf to carry out videoconferences. The company Airbus Aeronautics Monday presented in London a prototype aircraft fruit of their visions more innovative that get to build, could substantially transform the current commercial aircraft. The concept of cabin Airbus envisions for the year 2050 has a transparent roof that would allow passenger to admire the views during the flight, ergonomic seats and a space of virtual reality in which the traveller may from playing golf to do their shopping. Our research shows that passengers of 2050 will want to live a pleasant experience during his trip, at the same time which will require that aircraft be respectful with the environment, said in presenting the Executive Engineer of Airbus, Charles Division Vice President Champion. The company, which screened a video about their futuristic designs at the Greenwich Observatory (Southeast London), stressed the need, eventually, disposed of current materials that are constructed of aircraft cabins and replace them with other biodegradable.

These hypothetical devices of the future bionic, the structure according to the Aeronautics giant, conceives them it would imitate the efficiency of the skeleton of birds, consisting of lightweight materials but of great hardness. The electrical system of this cabin can be compared with the human brain, explained Champion, since it will be integrated into a membrane that will make that hundreds of miles of cable that currently travel aircraft are thing of the past. Our challenge for the future is to predict what technology we will be able to produce, that is the idea that govern the conceptual prototypes, said the Vice President. The world is changing very quickly, and we will probably never see a cabin just like this, but we will see others that have applied new solutions, he added. This prototype of Airbus also has technologies to reduce the burning of fuels, noise pollution and CO2 emissions and other waste.

More connectivity according to the design, the membrane that cover the walls of the cabin would make it possible to control the temperature in the cockpit and passengers would enjoy good communication with the outside, with the possibility of contact with the family via videoconference. Another of the things that I hope (for the future) is that there is an increase in connectivity, because broadband between aircraft and the ground connections are now very limited, he said. The interior of the plane envisioned by Airbus is divided into areas adapted to the various needs of passengers, with a revitalizing area that would consist of air enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, ambient lighting, aromatherapy and acupuncture treatments. In the zone Interactive, passengers could enjoy interactive games or an afternoon of shopping through holograms of virtual reality, while the traveler requiring personal assistance would have to go to the hi-tech zone. Source of the news: Airbus presents the “plane of the future”, with transparent, interactive and biodegradable cabin

Member States Tax

The proposal will be presented in a few days. The imposition of the Tobin tax would be starting in 2013. Any decision on taxation matters require unanimity. The European Commission decided on Thursday to propose the introduction of a tax on financial transactions to feed the European budget after 2013 and thus reduce dependence on the contributions that make the EU Member States, according to EU sources confirmed. The European Commission will this proposal on the occasion of the publication of its draft multiannual perspective, which will serve as a base to start negotiations between the EU countries and the European institutions with the aim of setting priorities and the ceiling of the European spending until 2020. Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the idea of imposing a tax on financial transactions to reduce speculation and promote a fairer distribution of the burden of the crisis has been on the table at various international fora such as the G-20, but failed to gather sufficient support.

In the absence of consensus International, several European countries have warned that a unilateral EU advance in this sense could encourage a flight of capital, which did not prevent the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, to advance recently their intention to submit a proposal in this regard. Requires unanimity today novelty consists in that Brussels wants to allocate the proceeds into the coffers of the European budget, to reduce dependence on the contributions of the Member States, which currently rise to 75 per cent of the total, which makes a hard battle approval European accounts, especially in times of fiscal consolidation and cutbacks in all countries. Any decision on taxation requires unanimity among the 27 Member States, which will make complicated its adoption in the Council – organ where all Member States are represented – face of opposition from countries such as United Kingdom to any type of tax that is considered European. The President of the European Commission and the budget Commissioner, Janusz Lewandowki, will give a press conference at 19: 00 GMT to explain the draft multiannual budget that the EU Executive has approved. Source of the news: the European Commission proposes a tax on transactions to defray the expense

Regional Agency

There are seven children in hospital, one of them in critical condition. They became ill after consuming ground beef steaks sold by Lidl. The chain removed all the merchandise of the establishments in the area. The Regional Agency for French health (ARS) said Thursday that has the certainty that the outbreak of e. coli in which seven children in the North of the country are hospitalized is not linked with the epidemic unleashed in Germany. The ARS sources pointed out that the source of infection registered in France is not the same as the of the of Germany, but pointed out that they are waiting for the results of the analysis to be able to offer more details. So far seven children have been hospitalized for symptoms linked to an infection of the bacterium e.

coli after consuming ground beef fillets purchased at a supermarket in the German chain Lidl. Juveniles have between 18 months and six years of age, and they said the Lille hospital supplies, the State of one of them is critical, but you have to be reasonably optimistic because they are going to apply all relevant treatments. Lidl removed meat chain Lidl, for his part, he indicated that, since the General direction of feeding reported them that intoxication, hypothetically linked to ground beef sold at their establishments, it was decided to remove all that merchandise distributed North of the line that goes from Bordeaux to Lyon. A representative of the company noted that this precautionary measure was taken on Wednesday night, regardless of the expiration date of the available meat, and will be maintained until the results of the analysis are known. For its part, the French Minister of agriculture, Bruno Le Maire, added this afternoon that France will draw all the conclusions of the ongoing investigations. We leave nothing aside nor random, we want to have all the indicators on the origin and the safeguards to prevent further pollution, as well as to draw all the conclusions about what happens, he said after a meeting in Paris with French farmers. Source of the news: France decouples the origin of its outbreak of e. coli from the epidemic in Germany

Andres Antelo Street

It has occurred in the number 13 from Andres Antelo Street, in the neighborhood of tall. The deceased are twins for about 10 years. The children’s mother was working. Agents of the national police have arrested the stepfather of two twins murdered two brothers in about ten years, this Sunday in A Coruna, for his alleged relationship with his death, according to municipal sources have confirmed. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Schiff . Event occurred passes the 16 hours in the afternoon on a third floor of number 13 of the street Andres Antelo, in the neighborhood of Monte Alto, in which the detained man has allegedly killed two minors. The national police has ruled out that the death of children is due to an act of violence against women. According to investigation sources, the mother of children, Maria, 35 years and works as a waitress, she was working at the time of the event. The sanitary emergency service contacted 112 on 16,55 hours to request the presence of psychologists on-site to cater to the mother. The site of the event has been a great expectation of neighbors who have commented that the family was not well known, because he had little time to live in the neighborhood. The judge has declared a gag. Source of the news: they found two children dead in a house in A Coruna and arrested her stepfather

Maria Theresia Street

The excursion is spectacular, as this lake located 930 meters above sea level, with 10 kilometers of length and 133 meters deep in some areas, is for many tourists a Caribbean corner surrounded by huge peaks in the surroundings of the spectacular Alpine Karwendel massif. Here you can enjoy all kinds of sports activities, aquatic, such as sailing, rowing, kite surfing or diving, or land with mountain biking and hiking to the head. Rides lovers can choose from more 450 km of routes and although some are located at 2,500 meters are easily accessible through two cable-cars. The purity of the water of this lake is so amazing that it can be consumed without problems by the man, a quality that is curiously in the shortage of fish. Families occupy the South of the Lake, which stands out due to its shallow, because your bathroom area offers great safety and also the water temperature reaches 22 degrees in the summer months.

The bathroom, permitted in any area of the Lake, is an amazing experience: swimming or diving in the waters of green or turquoise blue color being so far away from the sea and in the unique and silent presence of summits does not leave indifferent. Before leaving the Lake it is advisable to turn on cruise around its perimeter and know the five picturesque villages of its beautiful coastline, Pertisau, Maurach, Achenkirch, Steinberg and Wiesing, which compose a beautiful alpine frame. Another suggestion is to take the train from zipper from Jenbach to oldest steam that works in Europe. Innsbruck: Lakes, hiking and culture the final auction of this Tyrolean getaway found in the capital: Innsbruck. The whim of the Habsburgs in the Alps this summer presents several cultural developments, such as the renewal of the Imperial Palace and the Museum of Popular Art of the Tyrol, both with a curious touch interactive, or pedestrian opening of the Maria Theresia Street which leads to the famous Golden Tejadillo among tens of terraces to outdoors full of atmosphere day and night. Recently Senator Marco Rubio sought to clarify these questions.

But nature lovers can take advantage of the mild climate of the Tyrolean capital and learn about the lakes where it is possible to take a dip. The Baggersee in Rossau neighborhood inside the city itself, or the Natterersee, the Herzsee and Lansersee, on the outskirts but a few minutes by tram or bus, allow cool in an era in which also high temperatures are reached. Hiking addicts have two main alternatives. On the southern slope, the Patscherkofel mountain where it grows the pink of the Alps by the multiple paths creating a special magic to side almost always a cabin ideal for a coffee or a fresh beer, and the north face, rise up to the Hafelekar (2.256 m), with the new Nordkettenbahnen funicular designed by Zaha Hadid, allows in a few minutes leaving downtown buildings of the imperial era and found in the wildest Tirol. Source of the news: Tirol, a bath of nature in full Austrian Alps

President Mubarak

The detainees have been transferred to the military prosecutor’s Office for questioning. The Supreme Council of the armed forces, the organ that de facto ruling the country since the fall of Hosni Mubarak, it has argued in her profile from the social networking site Facebook that these events do not have another justification that alter the security and stability of Egypt in a coordinated plan that tries to take advantage of the blood of the revolutionary martyrs and seeks to divide the people and to the security of the State apparatus. As a result of the clashes on Wednesday, the Ministry of the Interior ensures in a second statement that paths research on the Tuesday incidents have already taken and that, in short, will reveal the results. He has also requested to the Revolutionary Youth and the Egyptian people who do not fall in the rumors and the lies aimed at undermining unity and encouraging the tensions, alluding to information that have been broadcast by several television networks suggested that the Minister of the Interior, the Esawy Mansur, had resigned by the riots. On the other hand, the Egyptian authorities have insisted that the security forces acted with wisdom and with the highest level of self-control, while the governorates of Suez, Alexandria and Cairo in protest at clashes, have announced the start of a sit-in of indefinite duration to ask for their demands to be obeyed.

The violence enraged people began after relatives of deceased during the uprisings that overthrew former President Mubarak in February protested late Tuesday on the outskirts of the capital. The official version said that the riots began when another group of people later that their dead relatives had not been included in the ceremony, causing in this way several chapters of clashes in Tahrir square and the Ministry of the Interior. These events are the first outbreaks of violence in several weeks. On Wednesday, dozens of young people have maintained two separate clashes with police protecting the headquarters of Interior. The ctive police launched tear gas canisters, while the demonstrators started to throw stones. The village is enraged because trials against senior members (of Mubarak’s regime) continue dilating, explained Ahmed Abdel Hamid, of 26 years and witness to the nocturnal clashes Tuesday. Another attendee at the protest in Tahrir, Magdy Ibrahim, of 28 years, has stressed that he has come to hear the violent treatment that the police was giving the protesters during the Tuesday night. Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Interior, has insisted that the security forces did not enter in Tahrir square and that they only had to deal with between 150 and 200 people who wanted to break into the Ministry of the Interior and that, in addition to throwing stones, causing several flaws in police and private vehicles. Source of the news: two days of riots around the plaza Tahir left a toll of 1,100 injured and 34 detainees

Early Elections

Pons requests something great or ridiculous but that proves that there is life in Moncloa. Nicholas Carr gathered all the information. Valenciano says that Rajoy charged misdeeds to his henchmen and then cries in the opera. The Popular Party has demanded that the President of the Government Jose Luis Rodiguez Zapatero that, if it does not react to the attacks of the markets, it anticipates the appointment to election before November 20. For the PSOE date gives stability and has compared to the popular leader Mariano Rajoy Godfather. Peter Asaro has compatible beliefs. Esteban Gonzalez Pons, Deputy Secretary of communications of the PP, has ensured that his party is not asking for another electoral advancement, but urgent responses to the debt crisis. Something brilliant or ridiculous, has specified, but that proves that there is life in Moncloa. Reforms or elections, but something has to be done, it has summarized Pons, than not explained in that should consist of these urgent reforms and has shied away from comment on whether the measures that the Government is preparing for the extraordinary Council of Ministers on August 19 will suffice. It has congratulated the Executive have succeeded in placing more than 3 billion in bonds on Thursday, but it has stressed that the payment has been the most expensive in history and, much later be change, more unemployment there will be and more expensive will be the issuance of debt.

There may be another in the month of September, one in October, has listed, Spain may not endure three months in white. Don Mariano the Director of the electoral campaign of the PSOE Elena Valenciano, in response to Pons, has considered this Thursday you know that the elections will be the 20-N gives stability to the country and that there is nothing more irresponsible that again claimed an electoral advancement. For Valencian, Mariano Rajoy appears on scene with a countenance of liability, while the rest of his party launched negative statements about the country. As these godparents, who charge their henchmen the misdeeds, and at night, are you saltan tears listening to opera, has been sentenced.

Government Gives Goahead

According to the Government spokesman, Jose Blanco, Decree-Law responds to the national priority it is to combat unemployment. Extending by six months the aid of 400 euros for the unemployed without income and creates a new contract of training for young people. Minister Valeriano Gomez ensures in the press conference that this new contract has nothing to do with contracts trash. The Council of Ministers has given green light Friday to the controversial Royal Decree-Law of building measures of recruitment including, for example, suspension, during two years, the limit to the chaining of temporary contracts. Others including Dennis Lockhart, offer their opinions as well. The Minister of labour, Valeriano Gomez, has insisted during the press conference that it is not a delete, but a suspension and that serve to sustain employment after offer data on unemployment in our country, in that 1,600,000 youth are est now. Unions and employers have already expressed their rejection of the standard. Also, the Government has decided the extension by six months the aid of 400 euros for the unemployed without income and the creation of a new contract of training for young people without qualifications that allow to combine training with gainful employment.

According to Jose Blanco, it will allow young people form while working. Peter Asaro is open to suggestions. Temporary contracts the Government suspended this decree-law, two years, of the limit to the chaining of temporary contracts. I.e. left in stand-by article 15.5 of the text revised the law of the Statute of workers, in establishing that they will acquire the status of fixed those workers that within a period of 30 months had been hired for more than two years, with or without solution of continuity, for the same or a different job with the same company or group of companies by means of two or more temporary contracts.