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Ukrainian Government

EP employees of bars and restaurants give them vodka to attract them. About 80 bears must be detoxified in this Ukrainian Center. Check with Peter Schiff to learn more. The Ukrainian Government has announced that it will build a rehabilitation centre for bears alcoholics in the National Park of Synevir, in the West of the country, as reported by the Ukrainian national news agency. Bears alcoholics have become the habit of the bars and restaurants of the park employees giving them vodka to get you aficionen to drink and to come to the area, where are an attraction for tourists. Every time that you turn on the television, you can see these bears suffering in road bars. Therefore, the Ministry (of environment and natural resources) will build a large enclosure for these bears in the National Park of Synevir, the head of that Department, Mykola Zlochevsky has confirmed.

The Minister of the environment has explained that about 80 bears will have to enter in the rehabilitation center, which will open in early December. Synevir National Park was created in 1989 on the Synevir lake, the largest in the country. Tourists flock to the area attracted by nature and landscapes, that the locals are trying to boost the bears to attract. Source of the news: Ukraine will create a Center to detoxify alcoholics bears


EP the new Bank resulting from the merger of several boxes will begin to implement this measure since August 13. Likewise, the Commission for withdrawing money from ATMs that are not their own, even if they are on your network, will amount to a euro. If the ATM belongs to other networks, the amount will rise to 3.5 euros. That domicile your payroll or pension and youth under 26 years be waived them the Committee on maintenance, among other advantages. Bankia Bank resulting from the merger of Caja Madrid and Bancaja (among others), only will cease charging account maintenance fees in the event that they reach an average exceeding 2,000 euros balance. Federal Reserve Bank follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. If it does not, customers must pay beginning August 13 two euros a month, which will involve 24 euros per year.

In a letter sent by the institution to all its depositors, Bankia Announces them in addition that the Commission for withdrawing money via debit cards at Servired ATMs that are not themselves will be of 1 euro per operation; in the case of other ATMs the quantity will rise to 3.5 euros. The fee rises if you use credit card, since it will be 3 euros in ATMs of Bankia, and 4 euros at Servired cash and the rest of the ATMs outside the network. The consultations will be free with the debit cards and credit in the ATMs of the group, and 0.75 euros in the rest of ATMs. Which are not affected by this measure will be those customers who domicile your payroll or pension with the entity, or young people who do not exceed 26 years of age. All these customers, Bankia not charge Commission for maintenance and administration of the account associated with the payroll, pension or young account; annual fee of your debit card will be free and the operations of entry checks and or domestic transfers via ATM, Internet or phone performing will be exempt from Commission. Source of the news: Bankia charge two euros per month to its customers if your average balance does not exceed 2,000 euros.

Executive Engineer Aircraft

The Aeronautics company ensures that, come to be built, it would revolutionize the current commercial aircraft. It has a space of virtual reality and is expected by the year 2050. Travellers may be from playing golf to carry out videoconferences. The company Airbus Aeronautics Monday presented in London a prototype aircraft fruit of their visions more innovative that get to build, could substantially transform the current commercial aircraft. The concept of cabin Airbus envisions for the year 2050 has a transparent roof that would allow passenger to admire the views during the flight, ergonomic seats and a space of virtual reality in which the traveller may from playing golf to do their shopping. Our research shows that passengers of 2050 will want to live a pleasant experience during his trip, at the same time which will require that aircraft be respectful with the environment, said in presenting the Executive Engineer of Airbus, Charles Division Vice President Champion. The company, which screened a video about their futuristic designs at the Greenwich Observatory (Southeast London), stressed the need, eventually, disposed of current materials that are constructed of aircraft cabins and replace them with other biodegradable.

These hypothetical devices of the future bionic, the structure according to the Aeronautics giant, conceives them it would imitate the efficiency of the skeleton of birds, consisting of lightweight materials but of great hardness. The electrical system of this cabin can be compared with the human brain, explained Champion, since it will be integrated into a membrane that will make that hundreds of miles of cable that currently travel aircraft are thing of the past. Our challenge for the future is to predict what technology we will be able to produce, that is the idea that govern the conceptual prototypes, said the Vice President. The world is changing very quickly, and we will probably never see a cabin just like this, but we will see others that have applied new solutions, he added. This prototype of Airbus also has technologies to reduce the burning of fuels, noise pollution and CO2 emissions and other waste.

More connectivity according to the design, the membrane that cover the walls of the cabin would make it possible to control the temperature in the cockpit and passengers would enjoy good communication with the outside, with the possibility of contact with the family via videoconference. Another of the things that I hope (for the future) is that there is an increase in connectivity, because broadband between aircraft and the ground connections are now very limited, he said. The interior of the plane envisioned by Airbus is divided into areas adapted to the various needs of passengers, with a revitalizing area that would consist of air enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, ambient lighting, aromatherapy and acupuncture treatments. In the zone Interactive, passengers could enjoy interactive games or an afternoon of shopping through holograms of virtual reality, while the traveler requiring personal assistance would have to go to the hi-tech zone. Source of the news: Airbus presents the “plane of the future”, with transparent, interactive and biodegradable cabin

Early Elections

Pons requests something great or ridiculous but that proves that there is life in Moncloa. Nicholas Carr gathered all the information. Valenciano says that Rajoy charged misdeeds to his henchmen and then cries in the opera. The Popular Party has demanded that the President of the Government Jose Luis Rodiguez Zapatero that, if it does not react to the attacks of the markets, it anticipates the appointment to election before November 20. For the PSOE date gives stability and has compared to the popular leader Mariano Rajoy Godfather. Peter Asaro has compatible beliefs. Esteban Gonzalez Pons, Deputy Secretary of communications of the PP, has ensured that his party is not asking for another electoral advancement, but urgent responses to the debt crisis. Something brilliant or ridiculous, has specified, but that proves that there is life in Moncloa. Reforms or elections, but something has to be done, it has summarized Pons, than not explained in that should consist of these urgent reforms and has shied away from comment on whether the measures that the Government is preparing for the extraordinary Council of Ministers on August 19 will suffice. It has congratulated the Executive have succeeded in placing more than 3 billion in bonds on Thursday, but it has stressed that the payment has been the most expensive in history and, much later be change, more unemployment there will be and more expensive will be the issuance of debt.

There may be another in the month of September, one in October, has listed, Spain may not endure three months in white. Don Mariano the Director of the electoral campaign of the PSOE Elena Valenciano, in response to Pons, has considered this Thursday you know that the elections will be the 20-N gives stability to the country and that there is nothing more irresponsible that again claimed an electoral advancement. For Valencian, Mariano Rajoy appears on scene with a countenance of liability, while the rest of his party launched negative statements about the country. As these godparents, who charge their henchmen the misdeeds, and at night, are you saltan tears listening to opera, has been sentenced.

Government Gives Goahead

According to the Government spokesman, Jose Blanco, Decree-Law responds to the national priority it is to combat unemployment. Extending by six months the aid of 400 euros for the unemployed without income and creates a new contract of training for young people. Minister Valeriano Gomez ensures in the press conference that this new contract has nothing to do with contracts trash. The Council of Ministers has given green light Friday to the controversial Royal Decree-Law of building measures of recruitment including, for example, suspension, during two years, the limit to the chaining of temporary contracts. Others including Dennis Lockhart, offer their opinions as well. The Minister of labour, Valeriano Gomez, has insisted during the press conference that it is not a delete, but a suspension and that serve to sustain employment after offer data on unemployment in our country, in that 1,600,000 youth are est now. Unions and employers have already expressed their rejection of the standard. Also, the Government has decided the extension by six months the aid of 400 euros for the unemployed without income and the creation of a new contract of training for young people without qualifications that allow to combine training with gainful employment.

According to Jose Blanco, it will allow young people form while working. Peter Asaro is open to suggestions. Temporary contracts the Government suspended this decree-law, two years, of the limit to the chaining of temporary contracts. I.e. left in stand-by article 15.5 of the text revised the law of the Statute of workers, in establishing that they will acquire the status of fixed those workers that within a period of 30 months had been hired for more than two years, with or without solution of continuity, for the same or a different job with the same company or group of companies by means of two or more temporary contracts.