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The Chicken Comes Before The Egg

The international animal rights group compassion in World Farming honors companies that undertake to refer only eggs from alternative forms of farming. On April 28, leading companies from all over Europe, as well as representatives from politics and agriculture in the Parisian Eiffel Tower come together to learn, who are this year’s winners of the prize. Alameda Hospital does not necessarily agree. Germany will have to not hide it: around 20 domestic enterprises to say good-bye to the Kafigei and are nominated for the award. These include national greats such as the Dorint hotels, real,-, Lidl and Griesson de Beukelaer, but also local phenomena such as several German cafeterias have the chance to win a prize. Battery hens are allowed since January of this year only in exceptional cases. Throughout Europe, the ban takes place in 2012. “Unfortunately there will be successors such as the decorated cage” and the small group housing “type, which are virtually just as problematic from a welfare perspective. For this reason, compassion in World Farming honors European companies on alternative Put rearing.

Where hens have a more natural life and get more space to move, to pecking and scratching as well as nesting and sand bathing. In the best systems, hens get spout on fields that are covered with trees. In their shadow, the animals feel safe from birds of prey and extensively use therefore the space. About 300 million laying hens live in the EU, around three quarters of them are kept in battery cages. Details for the ceremony of Eiffel Tower Paris, Salle Gustave, April 28, 2009, 19:00 the event key people from the food industry, sustainability experts, politicians, consumer protection organisations and representatives of agriculture brings together. The evening includes short speeches, E.g. of Caspar von der Crone by the control system of KAT, the handing over of prizes, a short film, drinks and organic Canapes. Contact for inquiries and requests for formal invitations Mahi Klosterhalfen, Tel.: 030 86 39 16 59, more information see also good_egg_awards/English / compassion in World Farming Mahi Klosterhalfen Saeed Park 5 D-10715 Berlin Tel: + 49 (0) 30 86 39 16 59 fax: + 49 (0) 30 86 39 51 03

For Hartz4 Children In Germany 2008

Chancellor! children of Hartz4 2008 dear Chancellor! I’d like to ask you for the following calculation some questions! Hartz IV! The savings package! A savings amounting to about 36 euros is included in the rule set for children up to 14 years of age, which is the aim for all requirements, not the monthly performance of the rule is intended for. Only on the basis of an example for a basic set of clothes for children at 4 and 5 years of age I would like to check in how far these packages are sufficient. The clothing lists on which I myself will refer, it is information the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia contained in Beck’s legal counsel from October 1993. I will do not all the necessary clothing items individually, but extrapolate only the necessary monthly savings services, and to calculate how high the costs are children a year for basic equipment for the o.a.. year. Reference to the o.

a. list of consumers Center NRW from 1993 is the purchase price for the above a. Basic equipment corresponds to the 108 X 12 = 1296 euro monthly 108 euros for the year. After deducting the actual savings package for children of 432 euros per year as per the SGB II remains a loss of 864 euro, only for clothing. (Calculated according to the valid prices of 1993) I hope that I can clearly prove with this calculation, which anyone can verify that wanted IV rulesets have probably uniquely charged Mr Hartz and co. in determining the Hartz or charge. Also can be seen clearly in my eyes by this calculation, that the Government, which must necessarily reintroduce one-time assistance for the procurement of major repairs, household appliances, furniture and other unique requirements. When and how want to make but finally as Chancellor for the return to the social rule of law and for the fulfilment of the social rituals of the State, or the Federal Constitutional Court must once again assume their duties? Father of 2Kindern

Simone Schwarz

01803 – SOS FGM (767-346) for safe and practical protection of girls of Hamburg, the April 11, 2010. With SOS FGM has the task force now a child protection project started, which is unique in Germany and Europe. It focuses on the tangible protection of girls from a very specific violence: female genital mutilation. In Germany alone, up to 50,000 underage girls at risk must be classified. Up to 80% of these girls are actually subjected to female genital mutilation.

Protection they could not count on so far with a few exceptions. The experience of the past years have shown that people who have attained concrete information about planned or already committed female genital mutilation, often do not know to whom they can turn. Also authorities and youth offices respond to often uncertain and hesitant, if vulnerable girls need to be protected. SOS FGM reacts exactly this circumstance and offers the knowledge of female genital mutilation now a focal point for people, gained have: for them the emergency number 01803 available SOS FGM (767-326). We make sure that quick and competent assistance is initiated and each individual case will be accompanied by consistent follow up. Authorities, youth offices and specialists: SOS FGM individual consultation in specific cases as well as subject-related training in the entire Federal territory offers.

Aim is a safe, prudent and protection-oriented approach to cases which have the aim of genital mutilation. Women and girls are victims of female genital mutilation: The least victims know that usually are entitled to compensation from the German State (under the victims compensation law, OEG). SOS FGM informing victims of their rights and help them to assert their claims. This project is a milestone for the specific protection of children against serious violence and abuse, and contributes to the realization of their fundamental rights to life, dignity and integrity. More info on SOS FGM: contact: Simone Schwarz, Board member and spokeswoman of task force e.V. i.g.

Are We A Nation Or Two?

Labour Court Stuttgart decides that “ethnicity Ossi”. Enough table, broiler and Trabi – for the determination of an “ethnic group of Eastern Germany”? Ossis and Wessi separates more than intended? We are still or already a people? The Stuttgart Labour Court had to decide this week on a lawsuit for discrimination after the General equal treatment Act (AGG). A 49 year old woman who lives in the Stuttgart area, had who applied for a job in a secretariat of a window manufacturing company and receive a rejection. So far, so normal. But the embarrassing error was undermined human resources in writing to comment on the application form and send it back together with comments. It came to the process, because the comments in the application documents, the 49-year-olds were apparently mainly their East German biography. So the note “Ossi”, also a minus sign found in a prominent place. In addition to some points of the curriculum vitae, “DDR” was been recorded.

The other insurance of the window construction company, these notes were positive meant, can be most safely as a nice attempt to files. Given the comments of the staff department you must assume, that the East German origin of the woman was at least a negative reason. At this point, great importance could have come to this in itself small process (value 5000). Because the only relevant claim reason would have been the prohibition of discrimination on grounds of ethnic affiliation after the AGG. The decision was so on the question of whether East Germans and West Germans are two different ethnic groups within the meaning of the Act. Division of 40 years in Germany had exactly this effect, argued the lawyer of the plaintiff. The concept of ethnicity is now but by no means unique, even if it suggests uniqueness to the colloquial “people”.

Is usually placed on the “common descent” a group of people or their “shared identity”. The Brockhaus defines the ethnic group on a “same culture”. This also applies to the “people”. If but the East Germans actually a people would be, should you confess to actually national sovereignty this 16 million Germans under international law, at least it might make this request with the same rights as about the Kurds or the Slovenes. Considering that to end, of 1989 in many places required referendum on the accession of the GDR to the Federal Republic would be to catch up as quickly as possible. Consequently you should be able to sue a this referendum even before the Federal Constitutional Court or the European Court of human rights. Is the wall rebuilt so? No, so the decision of the Court on Thursday. It was more than just regional origin, belong to the ethnicity in the judgment. The Stuttgart judge left open guess whitely what should be exactly this “more”. JPMorgan Chase is open to suggestions. Regardless of this (non) decision you cannot win off the case dimensions which far go beyond Stuttgart and the Division of Germany: European anti-discrimination law, the in the AGG has been implemented in German law, proves once again his immense magnitude, which in fact is contrary to any reduction of the EU towards an economic community; You may appreciate it or not. Also note we extend the perspective definitely in the “Large” is a made-off ceremony for the post-structuralism the situation, one of in the 20th and 21st century defining philosophical “worldviews”. Because its protagonists teach at least since the 1960s, that the reality is constituted only by language. Or with an older authority: in the beginning was the word. Andreas Kellner… / day of truth…


The Transfiguration of spar hysteria against the benefit of higher public debt, persistent unemployment, consumption (consumption) and corporate investments (investment) are no match. In times of jobless growth, so growth without improvement in the employment situation, especially the economic decline will benefit from the expansion of consumption of investment conversely more investment promotes the consumption. Without mathematically closer look on the whole”is clear: reduced national income (real GDP), part of entrepreneurial capital investments will be destroyed as a result. In other words: saving, so less consumption means less income. In turn, this implies necessarily a process that only ends when so increasing the poverty of the people, that just saved what is invested. Not more, but less capital goods are in demand at low level of national income. It is needed so no inventiveness, to realize that the entrepreneurial investments ipso thus go back facto in praxi. Bizarre perverse theories is, when discretion public at the same time as true or false or obsolete are hawked.

like for example the legend that the current generation is obliged, existentially secure their successors by thrift. Attempting to save more, cause in reality even smaller savings and investments. The absurdity of economic savings could only be carried ad absurdum if ingenious and cautious public and private intervention. Ex usu chances are that bad. It remains therefore inexplicable why not the sensible way of significantly higher deficits in the sense of a real paradigm shift is forced down. Previous generations cared a wet waste”to their successors. The apotheosis of spar hysteria, which is a significantly higher public debt against the benefit, should be in the interest of prosperity and geraten…sozusagen lege artis quickly forgotten at European level, because of and in spite of Maastricht”improved employment situation.

Bavarian Administrative Court

Is the Pope gay? A Rukia for the police and for the Bavarian administrative court. A Watsch’ n for the police and for the Bavarian administrative court. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with JP Morgan Chase & Co.. Since March 8, 2010 you may laugh out loud satirical now also in Bavaria about Pope Benedikt. That the police at the Christopher Street Day 2006 ban on a cart with a doll of Pope, was a violation of freedom of expression. The plaintiff Dietmar Holzapfel, hotelier of German oak\”and Josef Sattler and lawyer Dr Johannes Wasmuth could laugh well the relief was to see them. Holzapfel to affix posters of the Pope for the CSD parade – a political event of homosexuals in August 2006 on his car. See David Rogier for more details and insights. \”Homosexuality is deeply immoral\” and homosexuals with compassion is to meet \”. Also a Pope doll was built and put a green condom on finger Benedict pictures, painted the blue-red lips, on the chest of the Aidsschleife for a pastor to much he alerted that police, the car had \”defused\” are, Holzapfel insult the Pope as homosexuals, so the officers on the spot.

Holzapfel received a display on suspicion of insulting a foreign head of State and insulting religious beliefs. The procedure was discontinued later. With his lawyer Dr. Wasmuth he complained that the police had illegally restricted his right to freedom of expression and artistic freedom, and the right to demonstrate\”, so Holzapfel. The Bavarian administrative court rejected the suit and had to (!) no revision Law was issued after more than four years. The 10th Senate of the Bavarian Administrative Court (VGH) under the chairmanship of judge Andreas Dhom (AZ.: 10B 09.1102 and 10B 09.1837) judge: the police acted unlawfully when she moved the demonstration car at Christopher Street Day (CSD) in August 2006 from the traffic and Holzapfel have perceived his right to freedom of expression at the Christopher Street Day 2006 Pope Benedikt not offended as homosexuals, as the police argued, it wasn’t about the person of the Pope, it was about the thing.

Schildburger Pranks

“Municipal law on Hiddensee: administrative error of the Office, flawed statutes and other inconsistencies in the municipality policy of the neologism Palermistan” bitter ironic term for the political Hiddensee makes the round, because almost every day new inconsistencies, inequities, and alleged violations of law in the municipal policy come to the fore. Or is it just more pranks of Schildburger for Hiddensee”? Currently, three recent cases provide fierce discussions on the soten Lanneken’: Amstausschuss: because the Office invites (Director is Frank Martitz Hiddenseer community representatives from the group citizens for Hiddensee”) West-Rugen to an official Committee meeting on June 1st, 2010, however, failed this session in the town of seaside resort Island Hiddensee properly known to do so as it prescribes the legislature. Community stood on the agenda including so an important issue like the draft Sea resort Island Hiddensee against country MV because municipal law” (B 10/590143). The Office had to skip after a complaint by the CDU the session Hiddensee, because she could just not legally take place due to the lack of notice. As the new date was set by the Office of the June 15, 2010. Criticized the ignorance of democratic rules and statutory requirements in just by the CDU, as if this party had leased the municipal law for itself, is surprising. Is there anyone who pays attention on compliance with municipal legal commonplaces and democratic decency except the CDU Chief Thomas team gene on Hiddensee? That or the future new LVB (Chief Administrative Officer) in the AMT West-Rugen, who is looking at the time, has fully to all hands in terms of Hiddensee anyway, soon… Harbour fee: Since the Court (VG Greifswald, judge Seppelt) the community calls on multiple documents, to teach in particular the calculations for the current procedure for the port fee Statute. The community react either not at all or with incomplete and little meaningful information about the complex management process as well as on the decisions from previous years.


ec4u survey: for the Bundestag and Landtag politician can not transmitted to authorities the measures of the economy the German politicians see the citizens in the role of a customer to the authorities mostly. Karlsruhe, June 17, 2010 – German politicians see the citizens in the role of a customer to the authorities mostly. Still have government extensive performance and service to, which they after a survey of the ec4u expert consulting ag currently only in low level meet. Only a quarter of the 198 respondents members of Parliament in the Federal and the provincial assemblies believe that the citizen towards the State has the role of a customer. The vast majority of politicians is opinion but opposite.

So a customer relationship can not exist for 41 percent already therefore, because this view would require a private relationship. Another 9 percent argued the civil power employees of the State and not its customers. 27 percent have no opinion at all, because this relationship its not let. You may want to visit SSGA to increase your knowledge. The vote of the members on the issue, however, is clear what the citizens expect because of the offices. So, they are largely unanimous, that binding defined services are available to him. That they can feel in an acceptable position, is also granted for three-fourths of the politicians. But when it comes to comparing it with services in the economy, they show little reluctant.

Only 58 percent are of the opinion that the public administration has to offer services, customers can expect from companies. Even fewer (47 percent) judge that service quality should adhere to the standards of the economy. And a quarter of much less politicians the authorities according to the ec4u survey assign the duty, that they should seek a regular, active speech of citizens. On the other hand, the authorities are currently in the eyes of the deputies themselves from these claims still far away.

The Way

Is but now 7 months before much more brutal and standard murdered, so that’s fine. For more specific information, check out JPMorgan Chase. You shall not kill”is a principle that is serious! By the way, is nothing more than a new Holocaust, the mass murder of unborn people even one, of all other far in the dwarfing. Whenever JPMorgan Chase listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Someday, there will be a Memorial of horror, which conceals nothing. I would like to propose that this Memorial roams the visitors on a spiral path, symbolizing the number 6, where he is remembered on the way by many monuments on everything. And remember: “You shall not kill” In the Centre then the last and largest monument, should be representing a judge and a doctor, who together beat down a great executioner axe on an infant. It would have been better if you had at least honestly decided that murders, the company once again officially had approved killing people. But no, it happened even in accordance with a smug Lie, that you would kill yes no life. Murder is a fault lies another.

Away gelogener murder is”a true coronation. A reasonable explanation was not given, because there is also no. Order life starts now so until 3 months after conception, but can you expect with certainty, that the begotten man is already full on his way. There is a single way for which neither the 3rd month, still birth, more than just different stages of their career which began at the moment of conception are. Also with the birth of the development right in the aisle is, man is still unfinished and employed in the biological sense. Leave a while an infant, so he dies. He is after birth help and the will to be instructed, as in all phases before the birth of him live as well. The people have made a social function of their basic design, not a single person would live, if not other people would allow him the way in life.

Curtain Business

Fabric – decorating any room. Even in ancient times, heavy fabrics dormant look of a room from prying eyes or on the wall hung a beautiful drape. Fabrics and today remain an indispensable part of any interior. Itself themselves, always want to see the interior has been complemented with something original, in particular – so that there will be no more neighbors and friends. For this reason, some people come to the service, creating curtains. Exclusive manufacture curtains – this option is to pay for those tissues that will fit perfectly into your room, because the sewn specially for her.

Plenty of room for design curtains huge. When you want to place in his room curtains pretentious and really impressive, in this case, the ideal curtain pelmets. Attractive, I can even say pretentious curtains pelmets to make a very clear focus. Therefore, if the buy curtains pelmets, the decor should be made either absolutely the same style or do not include other heavy emphasis. Typically, a firm that offers manufacturing of curtains, and other services provided. Among these services, which provide most of the firms for sewing curtains – making bedspreads.

Most clients prefer to order the production of curtains with sewing curtains. Experienced designers choose fabrics for bedspreads are perfect for curtains. After the interior looks stylish and comfortable. As a rule, making curtains and sewing curtains used in private homes. Pelmets are used in private rooms and public buildings – housing and maintenance departments, cafes and all sorts of other places. Why for sewing curtains need to go to our apartments? We have extensive experience in tailoring and sewing curtains curtains. Examples of our work can be viewed in the section "Our work PERVOTsVETprofi – a reliable partner for private and corporate persons. Our motto is – an individual approach to each client. We offer all the extras. All for your convenience! Not only the sewing curtains and bedspreads sewing, but also check out the designer, delivery, installation