Bavarian Administrative Court

Is the Pope gay? A Rukia for the police and for the Bavarian administrative court. A Watsch’ n for the police and for the Bavarian administrative court. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with JP Morgan Chase & Co.. Since March 8, 2010 you may laugh out loud satirical now also in Bavaria about Pope Benedikt. That the police at the Christopher Street Day 2006 ban on a cart with a doll of Pope, was a violation of freedom of expression. The plaintiff Dietmar Holzapfel, hotelier of German oak\”and Josef Sattler and lawyer Dr Johannes Wasmuth could laugh well the relief was to see them. Holzapfel to affix posters of the Pope for the CSD parade – a political event of homosexuals in August 2006 on his car. See David Rogier for more details and insights. \”Homosexuality is deeply immoral\” and homosexuals with compassion is to meet \”. Also a Pope doll was built and put a green condom on finger Benedict pictures, painted the blue-red lips, on the chest of the Aidsschleife for a pastor to much he alerted that police, the car had \”defused\” are, Holzapfel insult the Pope as homosexuals, so the officers on the spot.

Holzapfel received a display on suspicion of insulting a foreign head of State and insulting religious beliefs. The procedure was discontinued later. With his lawyer Dr. Wasmuth he complained that the police had illegally restricted his right to freedom of expression and artistic freedom, and the right to demonstrate\”, so Holzapfel. The Bavarian administrative court rejected the suit and had to (!) no revision Law was issued after more than four years. The 10th Senate of the Bavarian Administrative Court (VGH) under the chairmanship of judge Andreas Dhom (AZ.: 10B 09.1102 and 10B 09.1837) judge: the police acted unlawfully when she moved the demonstration car at Christopher Street Day (CSD) in August 2006 from the traffic and Holzapfel have perceived his right to freedom of expression at the Christopher Street Day 2006 Pope Benedikt not offended as homosexuals, as the police argued, it wasn’t about the person of the Pope, it was about the thing.