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ec4u survey: for the Bundestag and Landtag politician can not transmitted to authorities the measures of the economy the German politicians see the citizens in the role of a customer to the authorities mostly. Karlsruhe, June 17, 2010 – German politicians see the citizens in the role of a customer to the authorities mostly. Still have government extensive performance and service to, which they after a survey of the ec4u expert consulting ag currently only in low level meet. Only a quarter of the 198 respondents members of Parliament in the Federal and the provincial assemblies believe that the citizen towards the State has the role of a customer. The vast majority of politicians is opinion but opposite.

So a customer relationship can not exist for 41 percent already therefore, because this view would require a private relationship. Another 9 percent argued the civil power employees of the State and not its customers. 27 percent have no opinion at all, because this relationship its not let. You may want to visit SSGA to increase your knowledge. The vote of the members on the issue, however, is clear what the citizens expect because of the offices. So, they are largely unanimous, that binding defined services are available to him. That they can feel in an acceptable position, is also granted for three-fourths of the politicians. But when it comes to comparing it with services in the economy, they show little reluctant.

Only 58 percent are of the opinion that the public administration has to offer services, customers can expect from companies. Even fewer (47 percent) judge that service quality should adhere to the standards of the economy. And a quarter of much less politicians the authorities according to the ec4u survey assign the duty, that they should seek a regular, active speech of citizens. On the other hand, the authorities are currently in the eyes of the deputies themselves from these claims still far away.

New Elections On The Island Hiddensee

OVG Greifswald confirms decision to invalidate the municipal elections 2009 – Hiddensee select new the higher administrative Court of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (OVG) has rejected an appeal on the 04.05.2010 and legally confirming the judgment of the administrative court Greifswald by November 17, 2009, Hiddensee’s municipal elections by Summer 2009 are invalid and must be repeated. The choice was inter alia been challenged because Mayor Manfred Gau had violated the legal duty of neutrality, and so the choice of citizens may be affected. The Municipal Council of the Office asked West-Rugen appeal against this judgment. The Court however as not sufficiently stated or even not present saw the asserted grounds for an appeal. In the municipality Parliament with 10 seats were in the invalid election 2009 three representative of CDU list, two representatives of the “Freie Wahler Hiddensee” Wahlergemeinschaft (new village) and five representatives of the voters community “Citizens for Hiddensee” selected.

At the same time the honorary mayor was elected, and with Manfred a further ‘citizens for Hiddensee’ a mandate received Gau. Gau was a candidate not only for the mayoral election, but also on the list for the Municipal Council. Last but not least as a result, a slight majority of the BfH Group arose because he simply was not his community representative mandate and instead a so-called successor candidate won a seat for the Federal group. This so-called “Mayor group” last but not least stands often in criticism, human entanglements, and economic stagnation on Hiddensee straining the island community in recent years. Now the Hiddenseer be asked again at the ballot box. Is still completely open, whether the majority of the islanders will decide Gau for a change of policy and against the sole claim of the people Mayor, but at least there is the chance that the election this time legally expire. Kay Rahimullah mountain, new Hiddensee Island newspaper