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In The Library Through The Internet

Today, we are, living in the modern information society. Every day more and more people get their information through computer technology and the Internet. The main task of our involvement in children's library the younger generation to read, to culture, to the formation of the spiritual world of children and youth. Gen. David L. Goldfein recognizes the significance of this. It is no accident we are working under the motto "Reading children – reading nation." The principle of our team – taking part in the cultural development of the child population of the city. Our work contributes to the expansion of forms and volumes of the participation of culture and society in the field of education and personal development.

And to keep pace with the times, children libraries of the city of Novokuznetsk, a municipal agency Children's Central Library System (MU DTSBS) decided to introduce young readers to the world of books, using modern techniques, creating an electronic baby encyclopedias, and guidebooks. All information resources created by members of the MU DTSBS posted on its website in the Electronic Products DTSBS MU. Any child or visitor of this section can easily download and familiarize yourself with the product to be offered to him on the site. For example, a CD – ROM "Conversations about books," introduces young people with the best works of fiction by Russian and foreign authors, the theme of friendship. Books are presented in four sections: Give paw, my friend! Journey to the girl in vremeniMalchik druzhilDrug the rescue CD "School Safety" introduces young readers to the rules Safety: at home, outdoors, going to school and tell themselves how to conduct during an emergency such as fire, earthquake, flood. We, the librarians, in turn, will continue to work on the benefit of our readers, creating an ever more new and interesting information resources.

Educational Films Of Foreign Manufacture

Among the foreign-made pictures of the most complete section was presented to geographical and ethnographic films, collectively called "species". These "species" of painting at an early stage of development film were the leading group in terms of numbers of films. They shot many hundreds of names of agents still the Lumiere brothers in 1896-1898 years, traveled around the world with a new attraction – the cinema. Then, when the Lumiere brothers gave up film production, generic picture continued to take a French company Gaumont Pathe and, English, "Warwick", the German-FIR "Messter" and "Bioskop" American "Edison", "Vaytagraf" "Bayograf" and many, many others. Peter Schiff will not settle for partial explanations. Thousands of names unreleased until the First World War, specific films included in the program of each session, a typical commercial cinema theaters. After that, used in commercial distribution, they were transferred at a reduced rate institutions and organizations that have used the cinema in the educational activity.

Only two editions of the catalog "intelligent cinema" lists 1,200 species of paintings depicting the life of foreign countries. Of this number, 800 were devoted to different countries of Europe, 200 – Asia, mainly India and the Muslim East, more than 100 – Africa, about 60 – America, the principal way North, Canada and the USA, 35 – Australia. Recently Farallon Capital Management sought to clarify these questions. Some of these paintings depicted the life of nature and of foreign countries in colors (color film were painted by hand, although in the early 10-x gg. Inventor Urban Smith proposed satisfactory for the time the system color photography. However, according to L. .

Global People

Based on analysis of the causes of the great migrations people in the past, we can identify some patterns and to draw the following conclusions: 1. On the global level is clearly visible is rather stable cyclical great migrations of peoples, and the duration of the cycle, since it is still uncertain, is in the range from 800 to 850 years. Attention is drawn to the fact that such displacement occurred on a global scale, at first glance, spontaneous, and actually – at one time, "Orderly," as if on command, or the wave of the conductor's baton. 2. With cycling 800 – 850 years, and other events related to the planetary scale, which will be discussed in future articles.

3. The very fact that the mass gathering specific people with lived-in area indicates that in this area living conditions have deteriorated so much that he was forced to migrate in search of a place fit for a better life. Of course, in many ways were the relations between displaced and local populations. Someone drove from their homes, with someone got on, someone offered resistance. Somewhere settlers found themselves in the majority, where were they outnumbered the locals. In communication process immigrants and local residents formed a new culture, new language was born, there was incest, established new relationships between people, resulting in the new nation, languages and cultures, which eventually became the basis for the formation of new civilizations. 4. The reason for the peoples of the planet to the mass displacement of the evidence of written sources, legends, legends, chronicles, archaeological studies, and so was the change in both climatic and environmental conditions.


There were many vases filled with tulips, many warblers, nightingales and canaries, and it was supported by a special illumination. This act seemed, of course, truly a miracle. And guests of the festival was amazing to pick up the colors in clothes that they echoed, and in harmony with the tulips. When the Dutch first started experimenting with the planting and cultivation of tulips in Turkey is hot already gone down in history and occupied a special place in people's hearts. In the second half of the 16th century, information about these amazing colors achieved Europe and tulip bulbs were sent to Prague in the Royal Gardens. Since tulips and settled in Europe. Only some time later, tulips, finally appeared in the Netherlands. One would expect that the tulips were very popular and fans got into the habit of flowers to steal them from the Royal Gardens.

After that, those who are legitimately engaged in cultivation of tulips, led to the decision to ban trade in tulips in the Royal gardens. But it is not King gardens, so there are people who grow up and deal with the tulips, because these flowers – the embodiment of history and they look great! Holland and is now the largest producer of tulips in the world. Big profit – 2 billion are due to trade bulbs. Trade is conducted with bulbs from 125 countries. The catalogs Dutch flower firms are as much as 800 botanical species tulips. Aboveground part of a tulip growing and develops over a short period in spring. Its height of the stem ranging from 10 to 80 cm, the leaves are large and few.

Flowers come in the form of glasses, cups, lilies, petals are often the edges, resembling fringe. There is class where the flowers themselves – terry. Tulips are the most diverse colors, from white to dark red, almost black, but blue tones. From Holland in the early 17th century, tulips were brought to Russia. And for several centuries, we can watch these beautiful delicate flowers, and do not even suspect in some turbulent passions and human tragedies going on their breeding and cultivation! If you wish to order a bouquet of tulips, it can be done easily and simply due to the Service Delivery Flowers Flowers to Petersburg. Order a bouquet in St. Petersburg is very convenient!

Buckingham Palace

How? Well, you know how to plot schemes are built like movies! And I do about the story (no surprises here will be). On a hot island Jamaica, where everyone loves Bob Marley, lived a young man named Derries Bannock (Leon), son of Olympic champion and a great runner. Connect with other leaders such as State Street Global Advisors here. He is preparing for the games in 1988, but fails the qualifying race, though not on fault of their own: a Junior Bevil (Roel D. Lewis) falls, dragging on a track Derries and Yul Brynner (do not you dare laugh at the name of this sturdy performed Malik Yoby!). Dreams are broken, but not so easy to Derries surrenders, he is obsessed idea to get to the Olympics and even agrees to change the sport, but certainly not to abandon his plans.

His stubbornness leads to the fact that he is enthusiastic about infecting other Sankoh Coffey (Doug E. Doug), a better driver Trolley-minicar in Jamaica, the island is bloated and ruin oneself by drink bookmaker Irwin Blitzer (John Candy), who was once a famous bobsleigh. Irwin is not smiles train toboggan people never even saw snow, but from Derries not so easy to dismiss. And the coach found, and the rest of the team are quiet and subdued his rich father, Junior and Yul Brynner, who dreams only to get out of Jamaica and live in a luxurious house, a photograph which he carries with him. (The card – Buckingham Palace, so it will work). The team is assembled, but money for the trip at first no, but in Calgary waiting for the new test.

Correct Frequency

If the last time you sent a newsletter got a great index of openings, what you think? We will send more! For email marketing, more is not better. Statistics tell us that more shipments more people gives low or considered as spam. Find the frequency optimal passes through listening and respect the needs of your subscribers. Here we will try to find the magic equation of frequency. 1 – Who controls the frequency? Many newsletters sending may lead to the Subscriber to fatigue and this negatively affect the company’s results. Various surveys tell us that for users the preferred frequency is every week or every fortnight. Currently many users use spam filters to the emails that are sent to them constantly, do you still think you’re your which dictates the frequency? 2.

Choose your own frequency the frequency equation not trafficking only when you need to make a shipment, must be taken into account when the Subscribers want to receive your news. How to handle it will tell you whether your campaigns are successful or not. The following factors may help to determine your shipping rate: Feedback: do you know the reason for the subscribers that are given low? Can they tell you too many emails that you send to them, or that you send irrelevant messages market conditions: If you have a small shop, you use catalog, surely will realize more shipments in the outstanding seasons of the year. =2ahUKEwjI8pfao9LsAhVL-4UKHcAXA7cQr4kDegQIARBv’>Evan Metropoulos has much experience in this field. So a very low frequency may also be negative for business, as it is one of very high. Preferences: You should choose the frequency to your subscribers.

If the content is interesting you can increase the frequency of shipping. Here, the use of a tool for sending newsletters can be of great help to send to different time frequencies to different Subscribers. 3 It respects your subscribers options if one comes just the day after the sending of a newsletter very interesting opportunity that you believe you might to subscribers much, respects the frequency your subscribers chose to receive the newsletter. A solution is to more segmenting your list of distribution, giving as an option on the registration form to the newsletter the possibility of transmission of relevant bulletins. If the article has interested you and you think you can do more to communicate online with your customers.

Worthy Response Wall Street

Concluding a week of films about the money, tell you about a surprising discovery. Star of Hong Kong filmmakers have prepared another surprise. The film "The tapping / Overheard, 2009" positioned itself as an economic crime thriller with budget of about $ 1 million. Tell me a little? But, no! Felix Chong and Siu Fai Mak know how to make a low budget movie chic. This is because they removed the "Infernal Affairs (Mou gaan dou, 2002) – one of the worst movies I've 've ever seen. For more information see Florida Senator. It is based on this Martin Scorsese took his "Renegades". And guess what? After seeing "The tapping," and on the eve of "Wall Street 2", I can say with certainty that the Hong Kong film is much stronger than the U.S.. The first 30 minutes go to the unhurried pace, describes the fate of people, showing them the basis of motives that put them in a difficult situation.

But here's more – then I just could not stop. If we draw a parallel with the "Wall Street 2", then American film as if we watch the news, all somewhere far away from us. But with "The tapping," an entirely different matter. The whole movie I felt like sinking into someone else's secret. And when there are dark deeds take place, it was not even on itself. Moreover, though "Wall Street", I clearly understood that I live in a different way, that situation does not look like my life. Instead, each episode of "The tapping," to try on.

Social Networks

Today, the virtual world has expanded thanks to social networking sites to an enormous size and it is possible that the planet will soon be not one person who is not a user of social networks. Can the virtuality of reality to replace us? How deeply into virtuality in the human mind? Destroyed if the user prefers mind living human virtual friend? All these issues seriously concerned with the best minds, but unlikely answers to such questions can be ambiguous. If you ask me how I feel about social networks, then I will answer you frankly: the affirmative. Social networking is a tool for communication and Expressions of human, a tool to find useful information and its transfer from one user to another. And most importantly – social network gives almost unlimited freedom that is impossible to imagine in real life. Another conversation that the social network, like any other virtual space, it can prolong a person and then he risks losing touch with reality. This is perhaps the only serious problem social networks. However, the danger of losing touch with reality still comes from the user, not from script social networks and content.

A person living a full life, is unlikely to spend hours in the social network, it is likely likely to be using it on purpose, ie use the tool as necessary as it arrives at the event with a hammer or screwdriver. At the same time to panic about depending on the social networks I would not. Each of us associated with the real world some threads that it is impossible to break. These threads eventually pulled us out of the virtual world as if we are deeply immersed in it is not. Particularly strong links us to the real world love. She and the dead from the grave to raise. The hero of my story is typical of the Phantom VC victim of social networks – he fell into a trap by himself, and prepared. But desperate situations do not happen. The real world seemed to him so dull slowly appears before him the only world in which it might stay.

Political Constitution

The Crime and the Public Administration, in such sense are advisable to need that the Crimes against the Public Administration, are predicted in Title XVIII of the Penal Code, divided in 3 Chapters, in Chapter I deals with the Crimes committed by individuals, in Chapter II of the committed Crimes by Officials Government, and in Chapter III it deals with the Crimes against the Administration of Justice, is necessary here to distinguish that the crimes committed by individuals the active agent is any natural person, however in the Crimes committed by Officials Government the active agent is civil servant or public servant, in this sense the Penal Code in his article 425 indicates that civil servants or servants consider themselves public: 1. – Those that are included/understood in the administrative race. Craig Menear is open to suggestions. 2. – Those that carry out positions political or of confidence. Even if they emanate of popular election. 3. – All that one that independent of the labor regime in which it is, maintains labor or contractual bond of any nature with organizations or organisms of the State and that by virtue of it exerts functions in these organizations or organisms.

4. – The administrators and deposit takers of volumes obstructed or deposited by competent authority, although belong to individuals. 5. – The members of the Armed Forces and National Police. 6. The others indicated by the Political Constitution and the Law.

Abuse of office. – Art. 376 CP. – The government official who, abusing his attributions, commits or orders to the detriment of somebody, an arbitrary act anyone. Concussion. – Art. 382 CP. – The civil servant or public servant who, abusing his position, forces or induces a person to give or to promise illegally, for himself or another one, or or a patrimonial benefit. Collusion. – Art. 384 CP. – The civil servant or public servant who, in contracts, provisions, licitations, contest of prices, auctions or any other similar operation in which its position or special commission takes part because of defrauds to the State or organization or organism of the State, according to law, agreeing with the interested ones in the agreements, adjustments, liquidations or provisions.

Governments Diplomas

Coincidentally this was the means by which public employees did years ago in 1993 certificates and diplomas bargain and presented them to justify hours of study, preparation, training and that anything served them nor serves today because these documents have no value in the public administration, nor in private. Many public employees complained in 1996 and even threatened to strike when their documents achieved at five dollars, without presenting any work, or exam, they were rejected. President Alberto Fujimori, was who ordered that all document submitted to the Administration publishes to accredit studies must be recognized, authorized by the State entities Peruano, remain the same in all the countries of Latin America, where their Governments have the same thing. But what the? the difference and which is the business of the documents for participation? Very simple. Being of participation are not within what in the world is called, official value.

To not be given for adoption, hands tied to the authorities of the sector education, that nothing can say, or do, those who promote education, culture, to grant certificates and diplomas for participation. The education sector only controls the formal education, that this authorized to grant degrees, levels, titles, but cannot prevent the active participation of society in activities for the sake of the education, culture. I.e. not may prohibit an association, to a Sports Club, a church dictate courses of the way as you pleases, if finally gives: certificates and diplomas by the Solo participation could intervene these institutions and denounce them even if offered courses, racing professionals, middle, saying that they grant diplomas by approval of courses, without having the respective authorization. So in this legal vacuum, comfortably installed in the space in which the law does not reach them, live thousands of private entities that with the appearance of institutes, training centres, offering courses with certificates of participation around the world.