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In The Library Through The Internet

Today, we are, living in the modern information society. Every day more and more people get their information through computer technology and the Internet. The main task of our involvement in children's library the younger generation to read, to culture, to the formation of the spiritual world of children and youth. Gen. David L. Goldfein recognizes the significance of this. It is no accident we are working under the motto "Reading children – reading nation." The principle of our team – taking part in the cultural development of the child population of the city. Our work contributes to the expansion of forms and volumes of the participation of culture and society in the field of education and personal development.

And to keep pace with the times, children libraries of the city of Novokuznetsk, a municipal agency Children's Central Library System (MU DTSBS) decided to introduce young readers to the world of books, using modern techniques, creating an electronic baby encyclopedias, and guidebooks. All information resources created by members of the MU DTSBS posted on its website in the Electronic Products DTSBS MU. Any child or visitor of this section can easily download and familiarize yourself with the product to be offered to him on the site. For example, a CD – ROM "Conversations about books," introduces young people with the best works of fiction by Russian and foreign authors, the theme of friendship. Books are presented in four sections: Give paw, my friend! Journey to the girl in vremeniMalchik druzhilDrug the rescue CD "School Safety" introduces young readers to the rules Safety: at home, outdoors, going to school and tell themselves how to conduct during an emergency such as fire, earthquake, flood. We, the librarians, in turn, will continue to work on the benefit of our readers, creating an ever more new and interesting information resources.

Social Networks

Today, the virtual world has expanded thanks to social networking sites to an enormous size and it is possible that the planet will soon be not one person who is not a user of social networks. Can the virtuality of reality to replace us? How deeply into virtuality in the human mind? Destroyed if the user prefers mind living human virtual friend? All these issues seriously concerned with the best minds, but unlikely answers to such questions can be ambiguous. If you ask me how I feel about social networks, then I will answer you frankly: the affirmative. Social networking is a tool for communication and Expressions of human, a tool to find useful information and its transfer from one user to another. And most importantly – social network gives almost unlimited freedom that is impossible to imagine in real life. Another conversation that the social network, like any other virtual space, it can prolong a person and then he risks losing touch with reality. This is perhaps the only serious problem social networks. However, the danger of losing touch with reality still comes from the user, not from script social networks and content.

A person living a full life, is unlikely to spend hours in the social network, it is likely likely to be using it on purpose, ie use the tool as necessary as it arrives at the event with a hammer or screwdriver. At the same time to panic about depending on the social networks I would not. Each of us associated with the real world some threads that it is impossible to break. These threads eventually pulled us out of the virtual world as if we are deeply immersed in it is not. Particularly strong links us to the real world love. She and the dead from the grave to raise. The hero of my story is typical of the Phantom VC victim of social networks – he fell into a trap by himself, and prepared. But desperate situations do not happen. The real world seemed to him so dull slowly appears before him the only world in which it might stay.