Governments Diplomas

Coincidentally this was the means by which public employees did years ago in 1993 certificates and diplomas bargain and presented them to justify hours of study, preparation, training and that anything served them nor serves today because these documents have no value in the public administration, nor in private. Many public employees complained in 1996 and even threatened to strike when their documents achieved at five dollars, without presenting any work, or exam, they were rejected. President Alberto Fujimori, was who ordered that all document submitted to the Administration publishes to accredit studies must be recognized, authorized by the State entities Peruano, remain the same in all the countries of Latin America, where their Governments have the same thing. But what the? the difference and which is the business of the documents for participation? Very simple. Being of participation are not within what in the world is called, official value.

To not be given for adoption, hands tied to the authorities of the sector education, that nothing can say, or do, those who promote education, culture, to grant certificates and diplomas for participation. The education sector only controls the formal education, that this authorized to grant degrees, levels, titles, but cannot prevent the active participation of society in activities for the sake of the education, culture. I.e. not may prohibit an association, to a Sports Club, a church dictate courses of the way as you pleases, if finally gives: certificates and diplomas by the Solo participation could intervene these institutions and denounce them even if offered courses, racing professionals, middle, saying that they grant diplomas by approval of courses, without having the respective authorization. So in this legal vacuum, comfortably installed in the space in which the law does not reach them, live thousands of private entities that with the appearance of institutes, training centres, offering courses with certificates of participation around the world.