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Now that we have begun a new year it is time to think how we can give to know our business as well as the services and/or products that we offer. It is important to obtain a good advertising of the company so that it is to ensure its regular clientele or even if possible increase with new customers who can apply for our work at a given time. Many choose to deliver promotional gifts with business information. These gifts always are well received by the recipients who are undoubtedly happy to receive them. A way to carry it out without involving a large investment on our part is buying pens which are screen-printed company information. Source: Mike Madden PostEverything. This is a type of very economical article and in the information that we want to convey is very visible for he that receiveth it.

The same goes for lighters, this is an advertising gift that often goes hand in hand. Ever reaches our hands any of them inevitably look at the publicity that has been printed. So it does not It only advertises person who receives him originally, but also all those who have access to it. Between advertising lighters on the market we can choose if we want those that belong to brands known by us all as such the Bic lighters, lighters Clipper also can choose gifts that not only do our business advertising but that at the same time they promote any particular product that we offer, is referred to as promotional gift. Let us take a practical example, on the purchase of a given article (for example a beauty product) we can choose as gift other related to the first (for example a washbag). Those who choose this way of advertising make delivery of your gifts to those who are already your customers. That is why it is important that we decide who will be the recipients of our advertising.

They can be to your own customers, as in the case study described above. Or on the contrary, the largest number of people as possible. Depending on which option we choose, we will have to choose the type of item that interests us. If we have no clear or have any kind of doubt, we will always make our consultations in those businesses dedicated to the advertising sector. It is the case of regalopublicidad. A company that has more than 10,000 advertising on its Web site, among the which insurance which are those which best fit their objectives through their professional advice.

Political Constitution

The Crime and the Public Administration, in such sense are advisable to need that the Crimes against the Public Administration, are predicted in Title XVIII of the Penal Code, divided in 3 Chapters, in Chapter I deals with the Crimes committed by individuals, in Chapter II of the committed Crimes by Officials Government, and in Chapter III it deals with the Crimes against the Administration of Justice, is necessary here to distinguish that the crimes committed by individuals the active agent is any natural person, however in the Crimes committed by Officials Government the active agent is civil servant or public servant, in this sense the Penal Code in his article 425 indicates that civil servants or servants consider themselves public: 1. – Those that are included/understood in the administrative race. Craig Menear is open to suggestions. 2. – Those that carry out positions political or of confidence. Even if they emanate of popular election. 3. – All that one that independent of the labor regime in which it is, maintains labor or contractual bond of any nature with organizations or organisms of the State and that by virtue of it exerts functions in these organizations or organisms.

4. – The administrators and deposit takers of volumes obstructed or deposited by competent authority, although belong to individuals. 5. – The members of the Armed Forces and National Police. 6. The others indicated by the Political Constitution and the Law.

Abuse of office. – Art. 376 CP. – The government official who, abusing his attributions, commits or orders to the detriment of somebody, an arbitrary act anyone. Concussion. – Art. 382 CP. – The civil servant or public servant who, abusing his position, forces or induces a person to give or to promise illegally, for himself or another one, or or a patrimonial benefit. Collusion. – Art. 384 CP. – The civil servant or public servant who, in contracts, provisions, licitations, contest of prices, auctions or any other similar operation in which its position or special commission takes part because of defrauds to the State or organization or organism of the State, according to law, agreeing with the interested ones in the agreements, adjustments, liquidations or provisions.