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Wall Street

At the end of the day is simple and fun to take away the bread to small and defenseless Caribbean island, which still dragged the reputation built up over the last decades of being centers for laundering money. Anything goes as long as meet certain economic purposes and incidentally get the applause of critics on the left, then download their fury on this new common enemy, instead of rising up against the real perpetrators of the crisis and calling for an end system neoliberal. Tax havens and become a scapegoat helped. "Deregulation and opacity of these countries has allowed to obscure or make fraudulent financial transactions," he says. Learn more at: Florida Senator. But where they feel the "intellectual authors" of these operations? "In the Cayman Islands or in the pockets of Wall Street and London? "And they came from subprime mortgages, the Seychelles or the United States? A clear proof that the desire for collecting duties on raw moral criteria is that different governments, including French, German or Spanish, in parallel to allow residents in offshore companies to buy public debt by paying less tax than their own nationals and also to acquire it without revealing their identity. This means that the black money (presumably from drug trafficking or terrorist financing) suddenly turns white when you reinvest in our own economy. The authorities want to stop tax evasion and as far as possible, also with his "sister" legal, tax avoidance. This is to exploit legal loopholes and differences between countries' legislation to reduce the tax burden.