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Insurance Company

Who must pay additional contributions, has special termination right a number of health insurance companies have raised for 2010 supplementary posts. Affected insured persons who do not want to pay the additional health insurance contribution, have a special right of termination. How they can take this claim and what to note when changing the health insurance fund, says the independent financial portal The special right of termination is valid up to the point where the additional fee is due for the first time. However health insurance must have used in this case no later than one month before its members about their special right of termination in knowledge. In all other cases, the notice period is extended accordingly. In addition, it should be noted that the additional fee is not deducted from the salary.

It must be paid per invoice, bank transfer or direct debit directly at the box office. Insured should make a change in their health not only of the additional contribution. Services are no less important and quality of service of the health insurance fund. Who is satisfied with his cash, should enquire about bonus programs, with which the additional fee can be financially compensated. Who attaches importance to special treatment or special benefits, should inform himself also exactly. Because now the statutory health insurances differ primarily about their services. Accordingly also the ordinary termination is to all insured persons who for 18 months were a member of a health insurance company, regardless of the special right of termination. The notice is then two months to the end of the month. More information: presse.html contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

KPI Performance

Because it’s here on the one hand to investment-oriented and cost-oriented assessment procedures, the company in the selection of methods must decide which alternative should be prioritized or whether it wants to develop combined procedures. 2. establishment of continuous evaluation processes: the first step for an IT value management is but not even in the development of the evaluation methodology. You only comes to fruition, provided that the necessary organisational structures have been created with their processes, resources, and responsibilities for it. The classification of policy plays an essential role. For even more opinions, read materials from Army Chief of Staff . Because the IT value management can be effectively usable instrument only if its use is left to the arbitrariness of not. It must continuously be lived with all its consequences.

The prerequisite for this is that it enjoys the necessary acceptance in the management and employee level. Finally it is one of the critical success factors that a reasonable and transparent value reporting is introduced. 3. establishment and enforcement needs-based performance measurement systems: The valuation methods are based primarily on key performance indicators (KPIs), within the IT performance measurement systems but represent regardless of IT value management an own theme. While they are already largely in place for determining the availability of data, technical systems and the quality of IT services, but lacks differentiated and continuous information about the quality of the IT processes and the technical performance. The quality of the IT processes is huge nowadays not only for a value-oriented management of the company important, but alone for requirement-compliant structures in the organization.

In this respect, KPI methods must become a self-evident basis for the performance management of IT processes. Investments should be assessed on its value proposition and KPIs are important, because otherwise viable benchmark missing. 4. dynamic approach of the portfolio to the needs of the customer: to the core tasks of the The focus is on making customer-oriented range of services include IT value management.

Rehabilitation Association

Your partner for professional renovation of pollutant that exposure to the pollutant asbestos haunts in OWL right now by the press. Schlampte a Gutersloh-based companies in asbestos disposal work at a private home and installed a great danger from people like the environment, competent contaminant removal again discussed the topic. The staff of the disposal company had all precautions ignores This asbestos fibers into the environment could have get and set therefore long-term health and environmental damage. Now, the public prosecutor’s Office determined in this matter. Years of successful, competent and certified the company works S + G from Herford in different areas of the contaminant removal. Peter Schiff has plenty of information regarding this issue. Asbestos and other pollutants renovations include the program of the renowned company in addition to many other services. The professionals of S + G pollutants and hazardous material remediation company promise not only a professional dealing with harmful and hazardous substances, but restructure and dispose of according to local regulations. You make sure that no damage and poisoning to buildings, the environment, or people come by pollutants. After a comprehensive analysis of the buildings, machines, materials or soil, a proven removal of all established, existing pollutants – CEO guaranteed Andreas March regardless of whether it is biological or chemical trigger of allergies, pathogens or other hazardous substances. Trained personnel guarantees proper disposal trained skilled personnel of S + G pollutants and hazardous substance rehabilitation society () knows exactly how to with which to deal is hazardous material and can guarantee to a safe distance. But above all the protection of employees, as well as the passive participants stands for the S + G pollutants and hazardous material remediation company on the customer page in the first place. Compliance with the statutory regulations is to keep the constraint. The company operates according to the latest scientific findings and with the latest methods of disposal. Always a way to ensure the safe removal of pollutants for the employees and will life for residents or employees of the renovated buildings. The use equipment and protective suits for the employees are always up to date and are subjected to an extensive inspection by trained specialists before each use. Asbestos removal only one area in the waste management sector in addition to the asbestos and pollution remediation, the company provides also the Elimination of microbiological damage to buildings. These include the refurbishment of buildings with mildew, rot or dangerous fungus. While the S + G pollutants and hazardous material remediation company a special, innovative method uses, which dispenses chlorine or similar ingredients. In addition, the company deals with the cleaning and subsequent disinfection of ventilation shafts, as well as an extensive fire damage restoration. About S + G pollutants and hazardous material remediation Gesellschaft mbH since more than 15 years the S + G pollutants and hazardous substance is Rehabilitation society mbH active when it comes to proper disposal and remediation. Before the company was renamed, the company was still S + G system service mbH & co. KG and was a daughter of the SULO ALTVATER group. Since 1990 the S + G pollutants and hazardous material remediation company among mbH the specialist pollutant Rehabilitation Association (FAS), which joined last year with the Association for hazardous substance removal and waste disposal technology e. V.. The company S + G pollutants and hazardous material remediation company mbH has, in addition to various private homes, already a variety of public buildings and industrial sites renovated, such as the University of Bielefeld, the coal fired power station Niederaussem, or the old town hall in Bremen. Press contact S + G pollutants and hazardous material remediation company mbH Andreas March East RT 70 32051 Herford phone: + 49 (0) 5221/93630 fax: + 49 (0) 5221/936311 E-Mail: website:

Lohmann Company

Where are the funds for depreciation and what can a company do? The financial resources needed for normal operation, a company can be fed either from the outside or it can be used for sources within the company. This distinction of the capital origin applies both equity and debt capital. Amortization of financing is to be considered an equity financing from the inside. Companies write their resources they need over a period of time to the production. over the respective useful life off. The company takes into account the value loss arising during the use period and charged these costs with the product calculation. The revenues obtained in the market, should therefore cover the costs resulting from the depreciation of machinery and equipment.

Considering, for example, a machine that is depreciated linearly over four years, 25% of the original expenditure for the machine to be every year Product price charged. After four years returned for the machine has been capital back again in the company, even if corporate earnings were during this time at zero (under the condition that all products could be discontinued). As the depreciation in the price of the product was a calculated, also capital write-downs flows in the company through the sales process. In the example of the four-year depreciation, cash and cash equivalents in the amount of 25% of the purchase price are accrued to the company in the first year. This amount is required but three years later, when the machine is fully written-off and must be replaced. The company can dispose over this 25 percent now for three years.

The free capital can be used, for example, to invest in parts of the capital. It can also longer-term investments to be financed, as long as ensures is that the investment period is longer than the amortization period. At companies with This financing effect can be used to expand capacity a larger machine park. The depreciation amounts for several identical machines can be used to create an additional machine for this machinery. This increases the current capacity, without having to provide new funds for it. This effect is known as the Lohmann-Ruchti effect”. The capital, accumulated depreciation for a new acquisition, can be used more efficiently in this way than to wait only on the current account on the appropriate use.

Company Alert

With Mail SMS, the necessity does not exist to check a mailbox of different entrance. Mail SMS allows to a fast unfolding of the SMS within the organization, really important characteristic if the size of your company is great, as it can be in the case of a Call Center for example. Mail SMS is ideal yes you do not wish that your employees have access to Internet, since Mail SMS works with the application of electronic mail who you use in your organization. Mail SMS is perfectly preparation to notify alert of servants. Many companies use to supervise to systems like servants and websites, the alert via email. However, many companies consider that the alert by email they can not be the ideal method of communication, especially in alert outside the labor schedule. It is in this point, where Mail SMS is especially useful. The service of Mail SMS Integra easily with you program of alert yourself of servant, and whenever an alert of servant by email is sent to you you will receive a SMS.

With Mail SMS, all the methods are covered with communication for the alert of servants. Like to integrate Mail SMS in your Company: When you choose a supplier of services SMS for solution of Mail SMS, you must have presents 2 options: to integrate Mail SMS with your client of email or your servant of email. To integrate Mail SMS by client is useful for when you do not have a servant, when the company is small or when it give access to the service of Mail SMS to a reduced number of people within your company. To form Mail SMS can be formed simply establishing a new account of electronic mail. You only need to add to the name of the user and the information of the servant, and you have once it formed you can begin to send SMS directly from application of email to form Mail SMS concerning servant, you require a little more technical knowledge, but she allows a fast unfolding you in your company.

Also you allow to add alert you of SMS to program of management of alert by electronic mail of simple and fast way. You would have to be able to form Mail SMS using the inverse authentication of way or authentication smtp. The facility of integration and the quality of the service are characteristic determinants when you decide to choose a supplier of services SMS. You would have to need a unique configuration to begin to send and only to receive SMS by email.

Burg Giebichenstein

Future Congress Hall shows futuristic computer control and intelligent software assistants Halle (Saale), April 15, 2009 – the American designer Dale Herigstad has become best known for his work for the film minority report. The futuristic computer control concepts that appear in the movie come from him. On the forward2business future Congress on 16 and 17 June 2009 in Halle/Saale he is together with 250 invited heads of innovation the future scenario of life worlds 2019 \”design. Dale Herigstad does not believe that we control our devices in ten years with mouse and keyboard. Because our devices are more and more intelligent companions, also the operation is intelligent and human. Gesture control and thought control will shape the future, so its vision. The future Congress Herigstad will present the current developments of his own development company and in twenty years designing a scenario about consumer behavior.

This year is the day-to-day handling of people according to the organizers with Are equipment and machinery at the Centre. The scenario development focuses on intelligent software assistants that accompany the daily life and play automatically filtered information, the upcoming arrival of 3D in cinema and TV and new intuitive control strategies for devices. See Kenneth Feinberg for more details and insights. In the past year has been discussed intensively about virtual assistants of everyday life, to more intelligently manage information. Customer data is collected by the company in the future not only on all channels, but they are also intelligent prepares to offer the customers an individual, proactive customer service and to exploit its willingness to buy up. \”Customer profiles are designed on the basis of which the customers from the existing data automatically clustered ‘ be ‘, so the vision semanticedge CEO Lupo Pape, which he presented last year in Hall on Burg Giebichenstein. According to the language dialog experts Pape, crossChannel services is an important building block for the customer dialogue: as a result is then pre designed Dialog scenarios, either proposed at the contact between the customer or are settled also in outbound dialogs across all media.