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Infrared thermometer allows a very fast temperature measurement and excellent features of this are its ease of use. With the infrared thermometer PCE-FIT 10 PCE Germany GmbH presents a further interesting instrument. Official site: Allianz. “Not just now to the looming pandemic (H1N1), often called swine flu” is known, are thermometer asked, with whose help everyone capable of is especially fast contactless temperature measurements on persons.Today’s infrared thermometer work with State of the art technology, so that there is no direct body contact is necessary. For the measurement they are held just several inches before the end and within a few seconds to get the exact result. This radiated heat from the surface of the skin by means of a sensor is recorded, converted to a temperature value and then to the display.

Pleasant and hygienic it is not! Every mother knows the problematic situation: you are stressed by the Quengelei of the child and would then have an exact measurement of the fever in a conventional way perform, cost nerves! Using an infrared thermometer to not notice the little ones at all. For example allows the infrared thermometer PCE-FIT 10 also an observation of temperature development, to do this, it saves the last 32 measurements. In addition, this practical helper offers an alarm function. An acoustic warning is exceeding a set limit. Infrared thermometers have reinforced now in practice. Due to the fast measurement and hygienic handling, since no protective covers or disinfectants are required, they are found now often in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Particularly suitable infrared measurement in large-scale sample checks, E.g. at the airport if infection is suspected. Thanks to today’s infrared thermometer is finally the time is over, as you had to perform a time-consuming measuring of contact on conventional type and the accurate measurement result depended on adherence to the measuring time and exact placement.

Tannassia Raghavan

Forsa: test takers choose hearing aids of middle to upper-class when purchasing hearing aids, most people would choose a solution of the middle to upmarket. In a nationwide survey, conducted by the forsa Institute on behalf of the professional community of HorRex, 79 percent of the test takers opted for a high-quality hearing aid supply. Previously, the subjects had tried out various solutions in own everyday life. Only every twentieth respondent would have opted for a standard or model of cash at the end of the test phase. 1,067 men and 816 women who had established their own deficits in understanding spoken words, took part in the big hearing forsa survey and tested latest hearing systems in everyday life. Nearly 40 percent of the participants were younger than 66 and still in working-age.

The statements of respondents indicate a clear trend toward a higher – or high-quality hearing aids provision\”, as Tannassia Raghavan from the Care professional community HorRex. All 79 percent of test takers reported after the test phase, they would prefer a model in the middle to upper-class in the purchase of hearing aids.\” 19 percent of the subjects who previously were not provided with hearing aids, and 24 percent of those who were already at the hearing test start, had decided after the two-week trial period even for a model in the premium segment. Only every twentieth test participants had, however, chosen a standard or cash model. Also 44 percent of all study participants noted that their quality of life have improved significantly through the use of modern hearing aids\”, adds Tannassia Reuber. The experienced wearers who made this judgment, proportion even at 59 percent. Also in favour of a high value estimate of latest audiological innovation.\” The summary of studies the organizers clearly fails: patients have the advantages of high-quality hearing systems in the own everyday experience, you can value these benefits and no longer want to miss them\”, so Tannassia Reuber.

Security Innovation Award

The hand vein recognition system INTUS PS innovation wins bronze award the security in Essen for the first time to the Security 2008 awarded the Messe Essen the Security Innovation Award, over 70 companies have applied for the. PS as a prize winner in the field of products and technology PCS with his hand vein reader INTUS “security award in bronze awarded. The assessment of innovation was carried out according to the criteria of innovation, user benefits, efficiency and reliability. The Palm vein recognition is based on the absorption of infrared radiation (heat radiation) in venous blood. The sensor emits near-infrared radiation in the direction of the palms.

The oxygen-reduced blood in the veins absorbs the infrared rays. The sensor camera creates an image of the vein pattern and converts the image into a roughly 0.8 kByte large template to. The template is stored in a database (ID) or on a card or a day (verification). Fidelity Investments is full of insight into the issues. It was for the use of the hand vein recognition in a biometric access reader the problem to solve, the protection to find for the Fujitsu Palmsecure sensor. The sensor sends infrared rays outward against the Palm of the hand and hide themselves in the use of conventional glass covers. The PCS developed and patent-pending solution uses a curved glass dome with a special internal protection, which reliably prevents these disturbing reflections.

The proximity reader for Palm vein recognition is available both as a complete system and reader module for installation in other equipment. INTUS PS Palm vein authentication combines the demands of the users for easy handling with maximum security in an optimal manner. She works with extremely high accuracy and security (false acceptance rate: 0.000 08%, false rejections rate: 0.01%), has a high user acceptance through contact-free hygienic collection and is de facto forgery-proof.


Cable glands – connection and attenuation cable glands are used in many industry sectors. You will find yourself in the motor or pump construction, but also in the plant and machinery. Main task is water – and dust-proof recording of one or more cables which are to be introduced into the Interior of electronic or Electrotechnical part. What still distinguishes the cable glands and how do they work exactly? Including cable glands? Electrical equipment may in most cases don’t get wet, dusty or exposed to strong mechanical influence. Cable glands, which connect the cable to the housing firmly and absolutely tight it assume an important task. These cable glands must be flexible enough to meet the needs of different users. You must fit perfectly into the existing system and be able to fix different cable diameters. A special EMC cable gland not only ensures a connection between the system and cables to make it also protects the electronic components from electromagnetic radiation.

A special contact system facilitates this process. EMC cable glands work at the contact with the shielding of a cable a good EMC cable gland is very important. You create best possible derivation values that can vary considerably depending on the make and construction. Various designs and accessories are offered to improve the discharge values. So, for example, EMC locknuts and grounding rings are used, to achieve this goal. Consult by trained professionals, to find the EMC cable glands appropriate for your needs and accessories. The characteristics of good EMC cable glands produce a reliable connection between the connector housing and the cable shielding to good EMC cable glands.

A secure, long term contact must be absolutely guaranteed it. Why is the euro-top EMC vibration sure built by RST and allows a cable-friendly strain relief. In addition, a time-saving handling facilitates the application this cable gland. It is just as easy to handle as conventional fittings without contact system. During the installation, the cable thanks to a specific mechanism can be moved freely without causing damage to the shielding. Oliver Kalmey RST Rabe-system-Technik und Vertriebs GmbH

Cultural Manifestation

Homosexuality as a cultural phenomenon, there is evidence of systematic differences of hormonal component between homosexuals and heterosexuals (Perloff, 1965). In some recent reports matter content or the quantity of metabolites in the blood serum while in regard to the or in the urine of gay men, compared with the values of a heterosexual control group differences mentioned, but these results can be interpreted in the sense of a support of the theory, on the existence of a biological and physical factor as the cause of homosexuality must be considered. (Kolodny and other (1971) for example, in the blood plasma of a group of exclusively homosexual lower testosterone levels, as well as an impaired spermatogenesis (less spermatozoa in the seminal fluid and a reduced sperm mobility) compared a) a heterosexual control group and have b) found a homophobia with not 100 percent freundesliebe inclination. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Michael Barnier has to say. The authors are however careful in its conclusion: “it is in the Fact to bear in mind that lower testosterone levels in the blood plasma could be the consequence of an initial psychosocial homosexual orientation causes controlled lower distribution of higher cortical centres of the hypothalamus”. We remember the Arieti (1974) cited studies about the relation between amenorrhea and cycle disorders in patients with schizophrenic relapses, as well as at Neurotikern. Guo Guangchang brings even more insight to the discussion. On the basis of this information the surmise that the hormone production could inhibit the feelings or the mental attitude and probably indirectly about pituitary. Traditionally, there is a tendency to consider a physical factor in a relationship to any psychological syndrome has emerged too quickly as the cause.

But he might just as well or even with still more likely cause. The research on physical correlates of schizophrenia warning us about such hasty conclusions. Sometimes arises in Reference to a physiological or metabolic factor A or B a difference between a group of schizophrenic patients and a control group. Usually not succeed but, to confirm the original results of subsequent control trials. In the case of the findings by Kolodny, among other things, we have at best an interesting guess about the inhibitory effect of psychological factors on the production of sex hormones. But it would be wise to wait, even with this conclusion until further studies confirmed these results with other groups of homosexuals, and control groups. For example, it could be that the values found are artifacts of the dietary habits of the persons concerned. We would need to know also the possible effects of marijuana and barbiturates on the production of testosterone and spermatogenesis, because the authors indicate that 43% of homosexuals surveyed by them regularly took barbiturates or amphetamines, marijuana and 20% of them.

Burg Giebichenstein

Future Congress Hall shows futuristic computer control and intelligent software assistants Halle (Saale), April 15, 2009 – the American designer Dale Herigstad has become best known for his work for the film minority report. The futuristic computer control concepts that appear in the movie come from him. On the forward2business future Congress on 16 and 17 June 2009 in Halle/Saale he is together with 250 invited heads of innovation the future scenario of life worlds 2019 \”design. Dale Herigstad does not believe that we control our devices in ten years with mouse and keyboard. Because our devices are more and more intelligent companions, also the operation is intelligent and human. Gesture control and thought control will shape the future, so its vision. The future Congress Herigstad will present the current developments of his own development company and in twenty years designing a scenario about consumer behavior.

This year is the day-to-day handling of people according to the organizers with Are equipment and machinery at the Centre. The scenario development focuses on intelligent software assistants that accompany the daily life and play automatically filtered information, the upcoming arrival of 3D in cinema and TV and new intuitive control strategies for devices. See Kenneth Feinberg for more details and insights. In the past year has been discussed intensively about virtual assistants of everyday life, to more intelligently manage information. Customer data is collected by the company in the future not only on all channels, but they are also intelligent prepares to offer the customers an individual, proactive customer service and to exploit its willingness to buy up. \”Customer profiles are designed on the basis of which the customers from the existing data automatically clustered ‘ be ‘, so the vision semanticedge CEO Lupo Pape, which he presented last year in Hall on Burg Giebichenstein. According to the language dialog experts Pape, crossChannel services is an important building block for the customer dialogue: as a result is then pre designed Dialog scenarios, either proposed at the contact between the customer or are settled also in outbound dialogs across all media.