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Berlin Institute

Violence counseling and prevention in Berlin Institute launches new website and addressed individually violent men and women. Please visit todd phillips if you seek more information. Berlin, September 16, 2010 – “Our new Web site is an important step to attract even more individually violent men and women and to reach them in their search for help and advice over the Internet,” says Michael Wenzel, founder and Director of the Institute for violence counseling and prevention in Berlin. This new Internet presence of the violence advice Berlin divided one now with a new look and structure into two independent and separate main areas – for women and one for men. For Michael Wenzel, the personal conversation about the telephone hotline still is the best way to motivate violent people looking for help immediately for a confidential appointment in his consulting. The anonymity on first contact, according to Wenzel, is it especially important for perpetrators and perpetrators. “Shame about their own behavior and the fear of the” Giving to being violent, very great effort costs perpetrators and perpetrators”, as Wenzel.

Michael Wenzel works for over 5 years as violence consultant according to the “Hamburg model”. He knows that violence has many facets and faces. Together with his three-member team, advises, and he serves adult men and women in all age and occupational groups, and even teens. In addition, Wenzel works as violence consultant for schools and other public facilities. The advice of the individual is paramount for him however. “The work is intensive and effective than in a group.

The individual counseling also the anonymity, that they want to speak openly about their rowdy behaviour the seeking help. Our new homepage is used to contact”particularly the initial information with the opportunity. To facilitate the first contact, to increase the visibility on the Internet and contact can continue to improve, the Berlin Institute offers In addition to the telephone hotline also further information via the website at.

Senior Home Care

Young entrepreneurs launch new services for seniors, it is unusual that engage young people for seniors and to found a company. Pacific Mortgage Services may also support this cause. Patrik Spirig (26) and (27) Manuela Spirig did exactly that. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Forbes . Together, they have the company senior home care established, the purpose of which is to assist seniors in an effort, to live as long as possible within your own four walls, and to feel good. From his own involvement in the close circle of friends, the young people found there must be better alternatives to nursing homes, allowing it to continue the evening of life in usual life. even if physical or mental vitality take off, people need more than 10 m 2 to life. Perhaps, the citizen wants a caregiver who lives with her, is available around the clock at the disposal, and leads the budget. Similar to the concept of Aupair. Perhaps only an hourly usage is necessary or a holiday representative. No matter what needs have seniors, senior home care provides the proper and competent assistance to live longer at home at the age. Senior home care AG / Patrik Spirig management / Zelglistrasse 42 / 8320 Fehraltorf Office 044 954 21 26 / fax 044 954 21 58 /

Expert Tip: Home Visits Are Taboo

Caution in announcing of telephone numbers or contact information such as E-Mail address Darmstadt, June 24, 2009. Many women and men are always still to harmless approach on the first date, know Wolfgang Herkert, Managing Director of. The expert on Affairs and love things knows the No. gos at the first meeting. I initially strongly advise all online medico by an invitation in your own four walls.

This is too great a risk,”said the specialist. In addition, it prohibits picked up directly from your home or take back there to be. Caution is also announcing telephone numbers or contact information such as email address. Bob Swan often says this. The expert recommends only to pass on the number, if a certain confidence is built up. Here risks lurking that the address on the Internet is quickly found out when the landline number is known. Another tip: to avoid any annoying and unwanted calls on the phone, Herkert advises to turn off the phone number transfer of mobile phones.

The anonymity He stressed should preserve first”. On the first date, no one knows whether the sympathetic really sparks. And who told too much of themselves, make it easier the, to cancel the contact. Tact is required also in the choice of location. A neutral public well visited place is a good choice for a first meet. Discussions about failed relationships and problems with the ex-partner are off-limits on the trial date. Such topics as exercise most people. And finally, the first rendezvous to make but looking for more. About Lovepoint.de Lovepoint.de is since 1999 a leading partner and casual dating agency with over 200,000 active members. Since early 2009, Lovepoint.de as only casual dating agency bears the TuV certificate that certifies the company guaranteed certified data protection. Also, she was awarded in 2009 with seven independent online-dating tests as test winner.

Special Wedding Invitations

(Online article) – individuality is now capitalized. Swarmed by offers, The Vanguard Group is currently assessing future choices. At a upcoming wedding, she starts with the wedding invitation. The most beautiful day in the life”or a very special wedding”, or even “uniquely beautiful wedding dress”. With such enraptured statements, the wedding guests and onlookers to speak even days and weeks after the Festival on their own wedding. Anyway, this is the desire of most brides and grooms. Plan and organize them for weeks, so that a day is a very special and unique day, just a dream wedding.

With the wedding invitation, bride and groom make their desire to marry publicly. And exactly here begins the special, individual. Usually, the invitations carry motifs, it generally brings a wedding related. But there are also other cards depicting unusual marriage, but with special illustrations. An example: If one or both partners dealing with astrology, which is closer than the wedding invitation with the da Zodiac and the zodiac signs of bride and groom to provide, Additionally the given name or the date of the wedding.

And the very special invitation card is complete. Yet another idea: In the year of the European Football Championships in Austria and Switzerland the one or the other football fan or player also let perhaps his sporty hobby incorporated in the design of the wedding invitation. A few football boots is as a symbol for the groom, for the bride to symbolically depicts high-heeled pumps and combines the two motives yet. Additionally a threesome saying, ready. The best for the end: You must not worry as a bride and groom to implement these ideas. Both wedding invitations, invitation with zodiac signs as well as the map for football, there is already. Information provided by tollekarten.de, the Internet shop for invitation cards and more for your wedding. Georg Wittmann

Kindle Day

Original father’s day gifts in the blink of an eye, you’ve got a bunch of photos in photo albums and boxes, countless folders filled with photos on your computer, and also a nice collection of pictures on your mobile? Read here how you can turn these photos into unique father’s day gifts. 1st choice of the photos of the first and of course very important step is the choice of the photos. Are there any absolute favourite photo of your husband or father? Yes? Well, then if not is the question answered quite quickly after the election of the photos…, find your particular favorite photos of your best photos easily out… or let your kids decide. Together you can find a great photo safe! 2. choice of the product you have picked out the photo, now you need to choose only for a product. This is easier said than done, because of the diverse range of personal photo gifts the perfect father’s day gift to find is not necessarily easy. Maybe there’s something that just might need your husband or father, for example a laptop bag or even currently a Kindle bag.

But also a photo canvas for the wall in the Office or at home is an ideal father’s day gift. Learn more at: Mortimer J Buckley. 3. method of editing the photo is available, the product is selected. Hear other arguments on the topic with Black Rock. Congratulations. Now you can choose your desired method from the various Barbeitungsmethoden. Whether the photo is just used whether you it in black and white would like to have printed or even a pop art editing choose there are almost no limits to your imagination.

It is also possible that you create a collage and a selection of your best photos let out; This is wonderful on most of our products. 4. personal messages of course you can add a personal message to your photo. For the best Dad in the world”or any other any message can be added to almost any photo gift. So the father’s day gift is even more individual and certainly unique. 5. delivery in time for father’s day as soon as you complete your order you, will let sit because our designers, and a wonderful and unique father’s day gift emerge from your photo. Within a few days, your photo gift with you will arrive and inspire your husband or father.

Find Perfect Gift Idea

What can reveal an inappropriate gift over you… “If you really knew me, you would have something not so me!” Katrin grimaced disappointed. Admittedly, the ring has been expensive. But Andreas should know now that she likes gold jewellery. Baxter International Inc. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. How many times has she told that him! Typically he just never stops you Yes, gift-giving can be a difficult art and requires a lot of sensitivity you ask only for the Japanese! There the giving and receiving of gifts, even the packaging of gifts, is associated with a specific label, that is complicated regulated must be learned first carefully. Gift-giving requires planning and careful consideration. The author and communication trainer Elizabeth Bonneau recommends to research carefully even for the smallest “IMP gift” in the circle of colleagues. What goes to the receiver and to the situation? So much effort “only” for a gift is really necessary or is it something exaggerated? You should be concerned in each case before it gives something.

Not only, because the receiver could be possibly disappointed, we will give you the wrong him. Not only because misunderstood a too expensive gift as a bargaining chip and a too-cheap gift could signal indifference. No, mainly because inappropriate gifts can reveal a lot about ourselves. Not only bad taste or thoughtlessness, but especially our setting the donee to. “Gifts reflect, what picture of the donor of the donee has.” It found the WDR magazine “Quarks” in December 2004 on the topic “Psychology of giving”.

Gifts convey the receiver so to speak silent messages: which suits you. So I see you. I took this picture of you. Often, the message for the recipient counts more than the gift or the item itself. To unpleasant situations occurs as “quarks” If “Fits the gift not to the self image of the recipient”. The recipient has not then receive only a gift with which he can do anything, but feels at worst even misunderstood and low estimated. Then, when we met the taste of the recipient, if we could show him so that we (at) recognize him and his personality, if we have shown interest and empathy, we succeeded a gift. That means: there is not the perfect gift idea for all cases, but with the right “gift strategy” and a little creativity, you can find a gift that fits really well not only to your recipient, but also to you! The personal touch (2010) Michaela Steininger /. the personal note.de

Managing Director

“Increase the chances of new digital forms of flirting: Valentin’s day 2009, the popular presenters duo Michael and Marika the flirt pub podcast” prepares for the Valentin’s day on February 14. And again becomes the town of willing to flirt all kinds of charming and interesting on the subject of flirting in the form of a video podcast (see podcast on YouTube or directly at) presented. The Valentin’s Day February 14 – is Festival of all lovers for centuries. The custom to give flowers, the Valentin’s day goes back to ancient times. Attached on the feast day of the Roman goddess Juno (guardian of marriage and the family) on 14 February, the flowers were offered to this day and the pairs by love lottery for a year were (feast of Lupercalia).

Clearly Valentin day and romance are inextricably linked. Through gifts and Kindnesses, pairs show each other how much they love themselves. So far it was commonly assumed that the day of love, especially for the female gender plays an important role. Men, however, are more likely than Valentin tags muffle and will even tend to forget him. Now surprisingly, a recent study proves the opposite. But what if you still not found his soulmate? No problem: the single market from the ground shoot on the Web.

Flirtpub.de is one of the oldest and most popular. On the Datingportal, you can meet not only flirt partners, but numerous services claim. The serious Web provides the domain aligned to flirt interesting and directly: the flirtation platform. “And there are also podcasts with witty tips around the subject of flirting.” Just in time for the Valentin’s day, the fixed date for global relations, the Datingportal starts there even a Valentin tags action: who knows who is sick of the two flirt pub moderators in the latest podcast, which can win. Prize: 1st Prize: 5 Interflora bouquets to addresses of his or your choice. The 5 recipients get 1 free month subscription and advice flirt flirt pub Chairwoman Nicole kleinhenz. 2.Preis: Free subscription and flirt workshop. Nicole Kleinhenz, the Managing Director of flirt pub: “nowhere else singles have the opportunity to speak to targeted potential partners. And they exploit this possibility intensively. Shortly before the Valentin’s day, we have a veritable run on our portal, because no one wants to celebrate alone the Valentin’s day”. And self-made flirt movies (podcasts) contribute significantly to the increased flirt factor. At flirt pub now therefore any r can pull the big love-Los, and the next day of Valentin can come safely!

Love At Second Sight

The love in the network was suddenly…Love at second sight. Who has himself already asked how the world would be without computers and the Internet? Yes no longer to devise. A world where you can still writes letters to themselves and must wait two weeks on a response. Because I have friends from all over the world, I’ve written a me Spacelocker.com on a new Internet portal. In a question-answer forum Vanguard was the first to reply. So, I log in and start to make contact with my old friends. My friends find great that they now receive a message with picture. You can also stay at home to write messages and directly to contact.

These networks are used to find many new friends or to find former colleagues from school or work. Now many members have enrolled. A friend of me, Sabine (52J),erahlte they many invitations from handsome young men got who would like to meet with her. She said sometimes they send messages such as “Let’s talk” mysterious “sticky”…or “you’re cute”. She said that with the “cute” is rather carefully because she wants to see once Yes what arises with the unknown Internet friends. But she must confess that it already flatters her that which so many young men interested in them. Now there are hundreds of millions of members who are registered in any social Internet networks around the world.

The achievements are overwhelming. A statistics showed that 16% of adults aged 30-40 are enrolled. 54% are 16-24 years young and 30% are 11-15 years old children have a created a private profile, in an Internet portal, and also regular are used. So as I said, the “social community” linked old friends and you have but new people to get to know the possible. Many have an active “Online” circles of friends, and spend several hours every day to maintain these circles of friends. Hans F. was thrilled when he again met his former Schulflame recently. He said: he had lost contact with for years, and he saw her picture on a Web page, so he could you To write..It also sparked between the Beiden.Dagegen my girlfriend Helga was appalled that at once, an old acquaintance that she wanted to have nothing at all actually, at one time had written her. Of course it’s the friendships! You want to forget rather some friendships…

Women Really Attract And Seduce

How to really attract women and seduce so many has certainly experienced following situation: you sit on the train or in the bus. The gaze wanders and then it comes: cute face, great figure, the dream woman! Now, it is a clear: she is! You want to be sure to address them, necessarily use his chance! And then it happens: dry mouth, tongue sticks to the palate, heart palpitations. Starr man sitting there, sees them and she can just not talk, not even smile that could be so awkward! Feverishly putting over how could refer to them since she already get off, disappearing into the crowd and the dream breaks into loud pieces. You feel blocked, if a woman does a man geraht only to women, it is not really important, mainly, to be not alone. Then one wonders that many friends have new super-sexy girlfriends, and you wonder whether anything when one is missing or broken. Have ever seen how many normal men do it, attractive to have sweet or just nice women at her side, while you are solo maybe for a long time and feel powerless and bad? Experiencing many failures, affects almost disastrous self-confidence.

With each new rejection, solidifies the view, that it simply can not. One doubts, and dares to fewer and fewer. This can in turn cause, that you screwed up good opportunities because you anyway dares to nothing. Why do it work then the other??? Most of the men go down well among women, must be not particularly wealthy or attractive they know just how to talk to a woman. And of course, they do it well! It lies in the nature of man, that he wants to be accepted by others.

Man is just a pet and not a loner! A tip: Women often never reveal what they really want, what exactly do they want. Therefore be surprised many unsuccessful men, why women are often together with types, which correspond to a certain ideal of beauty. Jeff Flake will not settle for partial explanations. They are probably not far come with plastic surgery. Most men have no idea how to make a beautiful woman on your attention. So they teach you that??? You could dance z.B in a disco a little around them, arouse their interest, establish eye contact. At some point then go. “Are you here often?” Usually come sayings like “I’m sorry, I’m with a friend here.” This is of course frustrating. BUT: Almost all the things you can lesson was learned at some point also. Light, so walking and speaking, but also kompliziertere like reading and writing. So, who can say then that he “Attract women” can from birth? You need to learn certain skills.