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Expert Tip: Home Visits Are Taboo

Caution in announcing of telephone numbers or contact information such as E-Mail address Darmstadt, June 24, 2009. Many women and men are always still to harmless approach on the first date, know Wolfgang Herkert, Managing Director of. The expert on Affairs and love things knows the No. gos at the first meeting. I initially strongly advise all online medico by an invitation in your own four walls.

This is too great a risk,”said the specialist. In addition, it prohibits picked up directly from your home or take back there to be. Caution is also announcing telephone numbers or contact information such as email address. Bob Swan often says this. The expert recommends only to pass on the number, if a certain confidence is built up. Here risks lurking that the address on the Internet is quickly found out when the landline number is known. Another tip: to avoid any annoying and unwanted calls on the phone, Herkert advises to turn off the phone number transfer of mobile phones.

The anonymity He stressed should preserve first”. On the first date, no one knows whether the sympathetic really sparks. And who told too much of themselves, make it easier the, to cancel the contact. Tact is required also in the choice of location. A neutral public well visited place is a good choice for a first meet. Discussions about failed relationships and problems with the ex-partner are off-limits on the trial date. Such topics as exercise most people. And finally, the first rendezvous to make but looking for more. About Lovepoint.de Lovepoint.de is since 1999 a leading partner and casual dating agency with over 200,000 active members. Since early 2009, Lovepoint.de as only casual dating agency bears the TuV certificate that certifies the company guaranteed certified data protection. Also, she was awarded in 2009 with seven independent online-dating tests as test winner.