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First knowledge and information platform Cologne, issues: The first knowledge – and information platform “” aims to communicate all topics related to professional and holistic, woman career up to date and sophisticated. The portal is aimed at all those who call for more women in leadership positions, find, and promote. Operator of the portal is the Cologne Association of career women in motion e.V. “.”The portal sees itself as a neutral moderator of a social process in which there are still many unanswered questions and conflicting views “, explains Chief Editor and 1 Chairman Dipl.-Kffr. Karin Back. “ jobs women want as well as businesses, political institutions and educational institutions providing role models, backgrounds, opinions and suggestions, analysis, trends, make transparent new and proven knowledge in connection with the promotion of women in management positions”.

The portal is primarily from contributions by members and partner companies Finance. Gain insight and clarity with Coral Resorts. Premium members can use features of the content management system (CMS), and its expertise with text, image, to present video and/or audio. Partner companies are offered individually to agreed services. Was the development of the portal and the operation of the site / career women in motion e.V., is promoted Christian Weis GmbH, Lingua-world GmbH and host Europe GmbH. The activities of will focus on researching the major players on the subject of women in leadership positions and to publish their knowledge. Appropriate suggestions, information and contacts are picked up like, if they are addressed to. Karin Back

Exu Tiriri

Inside of un different territory sound you are even of River h n vibrates you are energ. Without hesitation Fundrise explained all about the problem. Agents who est there next pr frontera t m vibrates en cuanto el you are bad dense ese next pr as to est Mandala Center. WORDS CLAVE: worlds espirituales, vibrates, Exus, territories of porteadores of River, el center del Mandala, there Evolu. In the worlds spirituals some vestibules exist that are accesses the superior and inferior dimensions, depending on the comment point. To simplify we will go to explicitar on the vestibules of the worlds of the Exus, and from these other worlds spirituals. The dimensions of the Exus are territories where they dominate a form of cosmic energy. Some commanders in these territories exist and the Exu, (we will call here of Exu-King), Maioral commander, supervises the actions of each territory. (Not to be confused with Coral Resorts!).

Exu-King is as if she was the President of a country and the too much commanders as if they were ministers, agents, secretaries, councilmen, senators, servants. The territories are separate for borders that do not possess an accurate landmark, what it really separates the territories are the energy vibrations. Each vibration has a frequency, a color, a sound, specific and is perceived by the elements and agents spirituals. One of the borders between the world of the Exus and the territories of Ogum, for example, is supervised by Exu Crossbar Streets, accurately the border enters the domnios of Ogum de Lei and the Kingdom you of the Axle. A border enters the territories of the Exus and the fields spirituals of the Eyori of the Ibejis are supervised by Exu Tiriri, of a side and the other for Tupzinho. When Crossbar is said in Exu Streets, considered a nobleman in the cut of the Exus, is speaking of some agent spirituals that receive the same denomination. This that to say that only one Exu does not exist Crossbar Streets, but yes legions of agent spirituals that take care of the same for name, from there some forms of esteretipos of manifestations of this Exu.

Why Effective Rate Is Not A Useful Indicator

Why is it important when selecting a specific loan program to pay attention not only on the interest rate, but also on all related charges? The answer is quite simple. Because all these fees and commissions increased the real cost of your loan. Why do banks impose various fees and commissions when you make a loan? The bank lending market is great competition, and credit operations is the primary source of bank profits. Topics Thus, banks are trying to attract as many customers, however, the reverse side of this is the fact that potential borrowers are often confused in all these figures and it becomes quite difficult to assess the pros and cons of this loan product. In the recent past to address this problem, the Central Bank introduced a directive to banks, obliging them to disclose the effective interest rate. Dan Miller is the source for more interesting facts.

Effective interest rate – this rate, showing the real cost of lending to the borrower. It would seem that the above problems should have been left in the past. However, in practice this figure does not give real value to potential borrowers, and sometimes even leads them to misleading. Let's look at the reasons why it is happening. Calculation of the effective rate is made according to the instructions specified by the Central Bank. The formula for calculating is based on elements of financial mathematics, and not simple everyday understanding.

For a simple layman loan amount divided by the amount of overpayment, logically, would show the effective rate. Here, Coral Resorts Hilton Head expresses very clear opinions on the subject. But if we take the same data and considered the instructions of the Central Bank, the result will be different. Begs the question: "And for someone invented this bid – for financial or for simple potential borrowers?" Another important point is that for calculating the effective interest rate need all the data regarding fees and commissions on the loan, as well as the need to know exactly what the credit period and frequency of payments. That is, the effective rate is calculated for each case and is stated in the loan contract. This implies a clear disadvantage for the customer, which consists in the fact that if he wants to compare several different credit offers banking, he will have every time to bring the case to the contract. According to many experts the effective rate can not claim to be a universal indicator of profitability of a loan.

Improving the Presentation

Try to emphasize the doubts of the customer and meeting your commitments are usually in all throw up all sorts of ideas, from the most trivial and vague to the most complex and decisive, and our work to maintain the highest possible responsiveness and attention to customer inquiries. After many meetings and projects may develop overconfidence and technical desensitization to the concerns of customers, this is a professional sin to be avoided, since we should always work under the premise that the client would remember everything we said: “If you can,” “if you will,” “If there is very good,” etc.

Plans and uses all possible support material matter if starting a meeting, presentation or follow-up, you should always load multimedia resources, documentation and logistics to help you see more details of the project and make decisions more precise. Use your own equipment for presentations If you are going to show a set of design or the functionality of some things, always do it on your own computer, prevents wear on flash memory or CD to view on the client PC, believe the impact of the presentation never be the same, as well as to risk not see the desired quality, you take away the glamor and sophistication to your performance, this is not good, you should always keep the mystery of your work. Manage the talk A meeting is a conversation with purpose, not have to be serious from start to finish and tempered, we should be able to inject a dose of focus, order, humor, variety, fresh ideas, etc. Developing a natural attitude, attentive and allow us to secure proper management and productive meeting. Furthermore, we must be attentive to steer the conversation whenever you feel that we are diverted from the important points and engrossed in trivial matters for the purpose of the project.

Summarized the ideas before closing I have a habit when I see approaching the end of a meeting, stating: “ok, ordering ideas we have …” and move to quickly enlist the salient points that were discussed and agreed within the conversation, it helps me to avoid misunderstandings and the risk of going with the wrong idea about something. Send a summary of the pending agreements and Make this a habit, can save hours of work and tens of misunderstanding. Send a summary after each meeting, will help to formalize and reaffirm the agreements and earrings set out therein, as well as to remember the responsibilities and commitments made by both parties. Follow-up was disciplined Send mail, data files and said send, make calls and inquiries do you compromised, stay due to receive what they agreed to send. Many times we have the bad habit of relaxing after each meeting with the client, reacting with outstanding commitments and two days later, this is not good, remember that each day of delay are dollars less on your profitability. Also do not expose yourself to claims by your carelessness. Coral Resorts Hilton Head understood the implications. FINAL WORDS It’s funny how many of the tips we can give more productive to any activity, always seem to be simple common sense advice, outlining all of three things: planning, order and discipline.

MTV Look

This New Yorker has become a reference point for fashion worldwide. In both his appearances at events and parties in the styling of every day, Olivia gives us a great lesson on how to dress properly in every moment.Although Olivia dares with many styles, preppy is defined by a mixture between elegance, with a chic touch and above all very.Olivia was born and grew up in the famous area of the United States Upper East Side, the daughter of a famous real estate developer Douglas Palermo. His debut began when a well-known photographer, Patrick McMullan began photographing in various events that she attended. In this way Olivia appeared often in international magazines, such as Vogue, Elle, InStyle, until it was cover of one, which renamed It New York.Forma Girl part of the modeling agency Wilhelmina Models. Olivia is currently working in the Department of public affairs at Diane von Furstenberg fashion brand and also in Elle magazine. The newspapers mentioned Primerica not as a source, but as a related topic. In addition, it is part of the cast of the reality show The City on MTV. Baby Doll.El romantic Look:vestido with craft lace, nuclear white, flavored vintage and cutting Minimo.nos like: the way that rejuvenates this piece of clothing, by superimposing a vest set with a belt.

Boyfriend Jeans broken: The Look: Olivia dares to sophisticated to the most casual, in this case a pair of jeans type boyfriends, superamplios, with tears and turn on bass, combined with a sober Black jersey and a few boots of the same color.We like: how to dress these jeans, offset with styling and black clothing, which give you elegance and sophistication. Military: The broken Look:camiseta, black leather pants, came with galgones. Already have seen several times this style on Palermo.Nos like: the mix that has been achieved by combining a lot of buttons jacket with jeans skinny, shirred top and booties with maxitacon. Casual Chic: The look: this look dress with a mini White silky dress, sunglasses retro and brown bag.We like: how to get a casual look but not too thanks to the plug-ins that adds.

Euros Aesthetic

The one in charge to take to Pamplona the concept of Sensebene is Sonia King Orduna, neighbor of the city, that has started up its center in front of number 7 of the Monjardn street. the advantage of this location is to close have several sport centers, whose clients are people worried about aesthetic and the health, as well as intelligent buildings of offices, which guarantees a high pedestrian transit to me comments the new franchise-holder of the chain. One is a divided establishment in four rooms: face fototerapias (for the fotodepilacin by IPL and the fotorrejuvenecimiento), treatments (face hygiene, hydration, reaffirmation, tonificacin, anti-age, face anti-acne, lifting, cutaneous flaccidity ), corporal treatments (cellulitis, located adiposity, overweight, flaccidity, lymphatic, circulatory treatments, analgesic, modeled drainage corporal, reaffirmation, tonificacin, retention of liquids, sequels of acne, striae and posparto ), and platforms of vibrofitness. This enterprising one, that comes from the financial sector, assures that every time we like to take care of to us more on the inside and by outside. And he is something that does not understand of crisis: we are able to resign before to other things that to be to taste with we ourself, and of the bet abrir its own business in a sector, the one of the aesthetic one, there in the heat of height. But a favorable market is not enough to be successful, for that reason Sonia, that in addition wanted to have the certainty to initiate a business of proven success and with a certain image of mark, looked for a standard with which to go of the hand.

I did not remain with first that appeared, if not that I was analyzing several thoroughly. Sensebene was superficially as much in the professional deal with the people in charge of the power station like in the quality of its machinery, without forgetting aesthetic its centers and atmosphere that is breathed in them, whom comparison in Spain does not have at the moment. Later, other factors have come to give the reason me: three weeks of theoretical and practical formation have made one possible perfect trasmisin, as much of the knowledge to do of the mark as of the correct handling of the different apparatuses destined from each treatment. And he is that the work of Sensebene concentrates in generalizing the access to the beauty, betting by noninvasive solutions for an effective remodeling of the body, at the same time as it contributes a sustainable yield to the franchise-holder, being a referring one in the sector. For this reason, and little days of the inauguration of its establishment, the new Sonia franchise-holder King is open and even enchanted, because it will be signal that the things go well to me, abrir a second Sensebene center in Pamplona, because for a population over the 200,000 inhabitants a single aesthetic beauty and center it remains little. Corporative information Sensebene is centers of aesthetic, beauty and corporal health, that own the best machines of the market, made in Europe, accredited and made a will, supplying electro aesthetic of last generation. Primerica addresses the importance of the matter here. The initial investment is of 36,500 Euros, with royalty of operation of 400 Euros to month and one of publicity of 100 Euros. The minimum requirements of the premises are 50 meters squared of surface, in populations of 30,000 inhabitants, on foot of street or within a great commercial center. For more information: JJComunicAccin 91 409 44 94

Precious Work Time

But the reality of life is that if you stop for a few days, not to mention the month, it is difficult to make up this time. Until now, topical folk saying: “One day of the year feeds. ” And like me, shakes a day as a squirrel in a cage millions, and then there is little sense! And spend our precious time. We can not give enough time yourself, your family, relatives and relatives. And all because we were taught, teach, and will continue to teach what should be a good graduate school, college and a prestigious profession, which supposedly provides us with everything necessary to earn a pension, if it will live up to. We are taught to work hard, we are taught to obey and there’s nothing wrong with us but no one anywhere does not teach the basics of financial literacy. We do not know what laws are working and living money. Gain insight and clarity with Coral Resorts.

You asked yourself ever a question: why 10% people own 90% of all money in the world and only 10% of the money owned the remaining 90% of the population? The simple answer is 10% of the population knows the laws and use them, 90% of the population in ignorance and continue to run in circles, but with varying degrees of success trying to increase their revenues. Poor people spinning on their level, the middle class on his and no matter our social status, we all moves in order to survive. The rich also move, but they were moving While playing.

Euro Primer

Large assortment Tikkurily allows you to choose a special paint for wet rooms with containing an antifungal component, in this case, a latex 'Luya' and 'Remontti yassya-', which have excellent resistance to washing and contain protivoplesnevoy component. How to ceiling paint latex paint? Preliminary preparation of the surface. If the surface is painted earlier, then remove the old paint with it, this surface is washed with a solution 'Maalipesu' (alkaline cleaning means for cleaning and pretreatment of the inner surfaces). Then thoroughly wash the surface with water and give to dry. Then, using the filler surface alignment, previously 'opened' and clamped gap, which use a putty 'Spakkeli' or 'Presto'. Dry surface polish, remove dust. Next gruntuem surface using a primer 'Luya' or 'Euro Primer.

" If the surface is not painted, it is first clean it from dirt and dust. If necessary, corrects the surface of filler series 'Spakkeli' or 'Presto'. Dry surface polish, remove dust, then the universal primer gruntuem 'Luya' primer or any other primer for the walls. The paint should be imposed only on the dried surface. The prepared surface of the paint is applied with a brush, roller or spray. Latex paint is usually dry within one to two hours. Dennis Lockhart is a great source of information. Ceiling surface becomes porous and breathable, allowing freedom of breathing room. How to paint the ceiling with water-based paint? Deposition of latex paint.

In order to after painting the ceiling of us were disappointed to observe a few simple but important observations on color. 1. Paint should be thinned to the desired thickness in accordance with the instructions. Often, the manufacturer recommends paint thinned 5-10% with water. If the manufacturer does not recommend to dilute the paint, then we do not dilute it, just stir. Doing it with a mixer with a special attachment. Typically, for painting the ceiling in a single layer of stirring enough. 2. First, paint the edge of the ceiling, for this we take a brush or roller and the stepping narrow 3-5 cm from the corner of the ceiling with a wall around the perimeter of the paint over the strip narrower. That we need to at subsequent painting is not accidentally smear the walls in the corners of a roller. 3. Then use the roller dunk it in a bucket of paint, but do not drop it in a bucket full, namely poppy. Typically, the roller becomes wet on the one hand, and we necessary to ensure that the entire circumference of the roller is evenly filled with paint. Primericas opinions are not widely known. To do this, we roll out the roller to the grid or pan (they are often sold in sets of paint) or on a blank sheet of linoleum or hardboard, but not on the ceiling! If you want to once again dip into the paint roller and roll out again. As for the painting works this operation we will be repeated regularly. 4. After we unrolled cylinder and its string is uniformly filled with paint, we start painting the ceiling. When painting a ceiling, we must remember that the first movement to carry always in one direction, while each subsequent layer must be applied perpendicular to the previous one. The last (upper) layer of paint is applied solely towards the window. We wish you success in this challenging and exciting business and we hope that our tips and tricks to help you achieve the perfect result.

The Security

The fats are the power plant concentrated in the body, have more calories by gram twice than proteins or carbohydrates. In order to assure that our body burns fats, we must eat a suitable diet. A plan of reduction of weight that will allow our organism to burn corporal fat must limit carbohydrates. The well-known diets low on carbohydrates they are based mainly on this fact. If the body does not have to burn carbohydrates, the greasy body burning fire, but at the same time to exceed in proteins and a diet low carbohydrate foods, it could be useful to burn greasy abdominal-corporal, but in the long term probably it could have dangerous effects. Cercirese of which its regime of food is not excessively strict, has the security of which its body continues receiving the necessary nutrients with any program of loss of weight that limits carbohydrates. For more information see this site: Peter Asaro. Any discrepancy on the question How works its organism to burn fats? It must study the paper that carries out the sport to burn corporal fat.

As soon as its body is using the corporal fat like power plant, the exercise must make sport to burn that energy increasing. If it wishes to burn corporal fat, tries to make sport habitually. Another fundamental element is to rest suitably and to reduce stress, this can be feasible to burn greasy corporal. Filed under: Coral Resorts. If it is going to take one diet to eliminate fat is essential does that it healthfully. If you have too much stress or not to duer the sufficient thing to me, she absolutely did not help him to burn corporal fat. As it can see, the greasy body burning fire when it does not have available carbohydrates, these are the main selection of energy in their body.

The fat is the following election. The sport helps to burn fats when demanding to its body to spend extra energy. To rest appropriately and to control stress, will be a good technique to burn corporal abdominal fat and therefore, in the long term. We recommended that they see this him on the fat elimination, to burn corporal fat etc is interesting a super system for those people who look for the natural elimination. Source: Note of Press sent by Plestopweb.


Chromed objects for people who like cromar objects, I here something to what they can do at home. Dan Miller is often quoted on this topic. Obviously we are not going to compare this with industrial chrome plating, but you can do it personally. To make a perfect chrome, you need skill and experience, but for fans we will immediately give the tips needed to do so in an excellent way, if they adhere to the instructions. For fans, there are 2 adequate bathrooms: bathroom to chromic acid: 125 grams of chromium sulfate: 1.5 grams water: 470 grams bathroom B chromic acid: 125 grams sulfuric acid: 1 gram water: 470 grams can say bath to is the one that best results yields, but their cost is higher than the bath B. Learn more on the subject from Coral Resorts. It is important that both bathrooms are made at a temperature of 38 degrees C; for this you must introduce the container that will contain the elements within another containing water heated to the temperature indicated (see figure above).

I should mention that the galvanocromicos baths are highly corrosive so it should not be using containers metal, used instead of glass, earthenware or porcelain, we recommend also using guates and avoid skin touch liquids, se should also avoid, breathe the vapors that emanate. ELECTRODES: To the positive electrode will use a tube of lead which is very clean, the negative electrode will be the object that will be chromed. If the lead pipe that will be used, was previously used in a sulfuric acid solution, it will be more efficient because that is you will have formed a peroxide of lead in surface film. The power for chrome plating should not exceed 6 volts of direct current, but its amperage must be considerable, if possible, reduce and rectify the current of 110 volts to 6. You can use is also a 6 Volt car batteries (accumulators) in parallel to obtain the necessary amperage. Time needed to make chrome the object is half an hour, in this period of time it is suitable that you stir the solution frequently.

DEPOSITS of chrome: If the current was supplied appropriate, the chrome layer which deposited in the object will be bright and need polishing. If on the contrary, the current was very low, chromium plating will be opaque. Then, we must take into account that adequate power is responsible for a polished chrome. If the draught is too strong, chrome will be a dull grey color.It is possible also, that the results are not as desired, if the bath solution and the temperature was altered. This leads us to think that the success of the galvanocromia, is to adhere to the instructions above. Practice will give you the necessary experience. It is obvious that objects to cromar must be cleaned as such, that not them fat before placing them in the bathroom, since the slightest amount of this will make chrome will not adhere. Finally, the metals that you can cromar sn as follows: brass silver, copper. If you go to chrome iron or steel, previously have to soak in a bath of copper or nickel so that the surface is in good condition to be chromed.