AfE Mayor Hampered The Voters Group

Schonefeld threatened the voter group with high fines to Schonefeld and the district Dahme Spreewald introduced himself as a new political force for the community already in May. (Source: Envoria). She announced the municipal on the 28th for the local Council, the Municipal Council and the Association of choice to make. Didn’t like that some of the other political groupings from the outset. They fear your power loss. That probably particularly dislike the Mayor Dr.

Udo Haase (all for an AfE). We felt from the outset\”the resistance against us on the part of the Administration, remembers Christian Hentschel, Chairman of the up. Only the lawyer specializing in administrative law of Andreas could bring light into the darkness of the authority large prestigious law firm Becker Buttner Held from Berlin. At the 17.Juli 2008 the voters group AfE at an early stage, but in our opinion wrong terms, election posters hung, the offensive against us started\”, says Kai Maschmann. This election posters, the later dubious notoriety gained, may be suspended only as of July 29, 2008. For the Mayor has granted quickly once an exemption (special license) his constituency\”, says Holger Schadtle.

The protest of up to the DMV ran in the sand, Konigs Wusterhausen not responsible there is and the Ministry of infrastructure and spatial planning were not responsible. As a new group of voters she had to agree to the electoral authority of the municipality of Schonefeld, because it comes to the election. That as the law prescribes\”, explains Anja Gajer. Also, the constituency had to prove to supporters signatures of adult citizens of the community in certain number. These had to be recorded on a list provided for this purpose and are delivered at the Wahlleiterin wife Dorothea Schulze, Deputy Mayor, until 20 August 2008 16:00. Many are unfortunately not come with their signature to support us, our supporters Since the municipality is thought out new hurdles for us\”, accuses Rainer Sperling.

IV International Congress

The past 29 March ended, in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, the IV International Congress of the Spanish language (CILE). A meeting which sparked a very positive reaction which was reflected in the massive public assistance to lectures, discussions and workshops that filled the agenda and where was highlighted the importance and the challenges that the future, has the Spanish language within the social, cultural and economic dynamics of globalized society. There were many topics that people who made his distinctive contribution were discussed in this call and many: writers, musicians, academics and characters in different instances, political and social; some very well known by all of us, other not so much. I will try to do a summary of the topics discussed and the views and most relevant proposals which, at the close of the event and yet to digest and implement many of them, they open a not inconsiderable range, content and projects an issue that seems to have been reflected in many of the meetings and is necessary highlight because it was widely discussed was that of the role of the Spanish language in the field of world trade, in particular was on the advantage, not fully exploited, meaning the language for all Spanish-speaking America countries and interest in their potential use as a vehicle of integration and as a common link of facilitation of any trade agreement, both tanto privado private like national. Within this conception is remarkable start-up start-up plan of Brazil’s becoming a bilingual country to incorporate the Spanish as a second official language of the nation. This idea is not new, because already in the year 2005 the President Da Silva signed a decree in this respect and since then it has been working towards the goal of reaching for the year 2012 to 9 million Brazilian children and young people that they will study Spanish as a second language within the educational system of the giant of the South thisin my opinion, demonstrates a clear vision of what is coming in the future in the short term and a clear interpretation of the demonstrable realities today and I support discussed in the CILE: according to data discussed in the meeting, are already 14 million people who study Spanish as a second language in the world, recalling furthermore that the Spanish is the fourth most commonly used in Internet language, after English, Chinese and Hindi; (must be done except that of these only four English and the Spanish are languages of communication between different countries while the Chinese and Hindi are native languages); These figures imply an increase close to 10% worldwide in the last 8 years, which in terms of population dynamics is nothing despicable and least negligible even if taken into consideration the signing of several free trade between U.S.

Dress Code

To make it clear what is at stake, decipher the term 'dress code'. "Dress" means "clothing", "code" – "encrypted and hidden information." Dress Code – Dress code etoprinyataya (clothing, accessories, hairstyle, makeup), and way to communicate (own voice, facial expressions, gestures), in a certain situation or a particular social group. There are some basic tips that will help design a business-like style. So, let's talk about dress code hair! Hair – it's not just something that grew on his head. This is a professional haircut and styling quality, for both women and men. In addition, sophisticated hairstyle is an opportunity to improve own attractiveness. So how can this be achieved? Let us together We will understand: 1. Here, Farallon Capital expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Trim the head – this is evidence that within it all right. In contrast, the same curl "small devil," says the confusion of thoughts and the absence of logic. Remember: in a business environment in mind there should be no hint of chaos. Avoid overly lush and high pilings. Stop the choice for fashion classics, it is universal for any business image! Tip: give preference to smoothly coiffed hair. Short hair should be renewed once a month. The main requirement – hair must be fixed, but not overloaded with paint. 2.

The choice depends on your hair type person structure of the hair. It should give a head shape, creating a soft, natural, attractive background for the facial features. Consider the pros and cons, evaluate what you have eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones, jawline and neck length. The perfect hairstyle to be created according to your individual traits. Many women to face reaching almost to his shoulders hair partially covering her ears. Hair should not fall on the eye, should not obscure them. For maintain contact "in the eye" to keep the distance between the hair and eyes, about 6-7 millimeters – this is taking into account the shadows thrown by lighting. Hair should be gently round cheeks and chin. Big shock unmanageable hair does look out of control, separates it from your lichnosti.Chto concerns of business etiquette, it requires compliance with a daily fresh styling and healthier hair color. Tip: If hair is dyed, unacceptable presence regrown roots more than 1 cm Avoid bright creative hairstyles, aiming for a more natural and calm shades, or other person will get annoyed and distracted. 3. Another important aspect – the length of hair. Happy owner's show the world their dominant desire – to please and attract the attention of the stronger sex. But time suggests very different priorities! Tip: in the office or Gather at the business meeting long hair into a low tail, conch shell or a bunch – and you already meet these priorities. Bisnes etiquette does not allow the face was covered hair, it will inform you about the secrecy and trust. The ends of the cast up on long hair 1 time in 2 months. 4. And most importantly – do not skimp on the quality of your hair! This is one of the most important business cards business person. Finding one attractive style, stick with it – at least for a few years. There is no need to change her hair before every public appearance. Surround yourself with professionals and trust them, because as the saying goes – "King paints a suite!"

Family Corporate

Traces the life of the person or family for a biography to pass on to future generations. Free estimates. Everything that exists, all that is has a story. All existence has memory and we take the role. Why not have a life, the story of a family, a name of a loved one, a company or a people, of a building.

If you want to read long ago in a book the lives of those who came before you, relatives and friends that marked your destination, if you want to read a book on the history of your surname, men and women who brought him before you; if you want to read the experiences and anecdotes that make your life, if so, we can help. If you think your biggest hope would make them read their own lives in a few pages, if you think retirement, wedding, birthday merit, question. If you think about boyfriends would like to see reflected in a book your love story, if you think that partner leaves the company you would hope a book full of anecdotes with colleagues, if you think that forty is a good time to take stock, ask us. In a question-answer forum Sheila Bair was the first to reply. We can write. If you have a company with a history, if you tell your story, we can.

The attempt to reconstruct past few facts and allows us to learn from those steps that decided our destiny, of experience. We will have decisions, choices, chances that brought you to where you are. We’ll record every stage of your business that will make your path to the present. Find out more at. If from a private or official you wish to write a book about a town, on their holidays or their history, about their traditions and landmarks, its famous people or anything you may need, we can help. Every man’s memory but a mad rhythm of our time prevents us turn our eyes to the origins and learn from that time that was conceived in what we are today. Do not allow the oversight or neglect to yours snatch the chance to know what you’ve done, what you have lived, enjoyed and suffered. It you’ve accomplished or what you’ve lost.

Corporate Finance Bank

Mezzanine capital – especially for smaller companies a chance to growth capital that is traditional middle market financing via bank credit in the future continues to decrease. Basel II and the banking crisis make more difficult the traditional way via the House bank entrepreneurs particularly in growth financing. Through the rigid rating, the financial advisor of banks and savings banks have hardly any room to convey a credit to medium-sized companies with poor equity. Therefore, the mezzanine financing companies is booming in Germany for some time. The forms of participation offer various forms of design. The mezzanine equity offers a significant corporate finance to the private-equity capital.

Thus, the entrepreneur can increase the equity ratio without losing influence in his company. The finance portal helps entrepreneurs who go the way of the mezzanine financing, finding potential investors for almost ten years. The established with the small-money package 2008 offers Financial portal companies already at low prices the access to the market of investors. The finance portal promotes the marketing of the capital market issue, with about 25,000 subscribers, the strong sales financial services provider of financially strong investors to the financial press with the weekly financial newsletter. Each week the editorial of the financial portal takes up issues in the financial industry, introduces new innovative investments with high yield”Nicolo Martin, project manager of the financial portal describes, the benefits of the newsletter.

We give companies”useful information about the capital raising or improvement of the financial foundation. Well-known examples, such as the sausage producer Zimbo and the bird park Walsrode, as well as numerous examples in the environmental field, such as the Solar park operator Envire solar have proved that middle market financing without Bank and stock exchange can work. More issuers follow these successful examples and present their emissions on Including the Beteiligungsgesellschaft Tarquinia electronics invested in technologies of the future, Nano, water treatment and automotive, the Schulte GmbH with innovative cookers and the COMPAD company GmbH, manufacturer of PC games accessories. Nicolo Martin

Say Goodbye to Excess Weight

Currently, you can learn about the most unusual and sometimes bizarre ways to lose weight. If the recommendation to reduce the portion of food eaten quite logically entail the creation of a special mini-dishes, and "Mini-plugs (suggested Taco Bell), then there are more unexpected solutions. Developers mini-dish say that in fact the person will not have any diet, he will be able to eat all that he wants to. Did not he wants But correspondent Buck Wolf found in the history of weight loss is even more questionable ideas. These include Vision-Dieter Glasses: sunglasses that show the food in the most unfavorable light. Apparently, they have been created in order to, sitting at the table completely lose appetite and enjoy the food Maybe someone will like, and such a method.

Fletcherizm. This school diet, which stands for chewing food until until it becomes almost liquid. In this case, they believe, saturation occurs much faster and also improves the digestive tract. Tape Worm Therapy: Swallowing intestinal parasites, which will consume the bulk of food eaten. But perhaps that voracious worms want to eat and their owner I remember the other methods of weight correction, for example, losing weight with the help of nicotine. The basis of such zadumok – the assertion that smokers generally do not have problems with being overweight. Apparently, someone thinks that the Slim figure – a great reason to lose health

Atuel River Canyon

The Department of San Rafael, Mendoza, combines the growth of a great city with the charm and tranquility of village life. A combination of stunning scenery, tranquility and sport that allows you to plan a holiday of total relaxation as one of pure adrenaline. For more information see Death by Robot. Or, why not, enjoy both options at the same time. Water sports lovers can not miss the Lake El Nihuil dam. Emerging directly from the Atuel River Canyon, El Nihuil reveals to the visitor after a winding slope. And it dazzled by the beauty of its waters and the colorful of the numerous windsurfing sails that usually populate it. Excellent location also for the practice of waterskiing, El Nihuil is located only 75 km from San Rafael, the route 144 province.

And 10 km more if you choose to arrive following worth the beauty of the Canyon of the Rio Atuel, an experience that test. Those wishing to convert Nihuil in place of stay, on this site will find enchanted Mendoza, accommodations according to the wild spirit of the adventure. Among them, the campsite of fishermen’s Club, on the left bank of the Lake. Club also offers cabins, restaurant, pool and weekend residences. On the right bank of the Lake, the best option to enjoy nature at full is undoubtedly the Villa El Nihuil campsite. Zoom out 37 km from the city of San Rafael, following the route of the Atuel River until its end has its rewards.

Dam and reservoir of Grande Valley give the traveler a priceless sense of closeness with nature. The beauty of the landscape is enjoyed to the fullest thanks to the wide range of tourism activities adventure. In Valle Grande, it is possible to, among others, horseback riding, rafting, rappelling, trekking, paragliding, canoeing and walks on catamaran. At night, the tearooms of the dam are illuminated, offering an amazing panoramic view of the beauty of the Valley. Coexist in this important tourist point of Mendoza accommodations for all tastes. Campsites, cabins, hotels and aparts guarantee a comfortable and happy stay. Those who choose the Nihuil or Valle Grande for their experience in Mendoza should take into account, however, that to preserve the rugged nature of the place, the hotel offer is limited. And that is in the nearby San Rafael where multiply, in the city of Mendoza, accommodations for all lifestyles and budgets.

Reitzenstein Corporate

Bremer Agency places emphasis on corporate social responsibility long businesses have recognized that success is not only a question of corporate figures. Customers and employees expect responsibility in various areas, such as environmental, social and climate protection. Credit: Justin Kan-2011. That is why Reitzenstein with Agency for PR and CSR”on well concept development and implementation of CSR projects. Many of our customers want to acting sustainably or engage in their region, but know not how or with whom”, Agency Chief Franca Reitzenstein noted. Many entrepreneurs are already social or socially involved, but it developed a strategic approach. Our offer is aimed primarily at medium-sized companies, who want to deal with CSR projects for the first time or strategically align existing commitment”, emphasizes franca Reitzenstein.

That’s why the Agency develop regionally-oriented concepts. Results should be responsible entrepreneurial activities on the doorstep”visible and be experienced. Given the damp budgetary situation of the city of Bremen, but also other communities and public institutions, the entrepreneur sees great demand especially if used for children and young people. CSR mean even more. With sense of responsibility, even the corporate culture develop. In a company that is voluntarily socially involved, get the employee motivation. The dealing with identify themselves more with the objectives and the alignment of their employer, if work, meaning and commitment together. This has positive and fair bare effects on productivity and competitiveness”, says franca Reitzenstein. Background information on the concept of CSR: the term corporate social responsibility (CSR) or corporate social responsibility, writes to the voluntary contribution of business to sustainable development, which goes beyond the legal requirements. He stands for responsible entrepreneurship in the actual business of environmentally relevant aspects to the relations with employees and the Exchange with the relevant stakeholder groups.

Horseback Riding

In this age of stress and busy rhythm of life becomes the rest that neither is required classes. Modern man, especially those living in metropolis, spends a lot of effort and energy on the arrangement of his life. Whenever Envoria listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This continues day in and day out, year after year. And yet the body exhausts and wears out. And only the right vacation can help rebuild strength and regain harmony.

For the urban dweller in such a "correct" holiday can be called unity with nature. In this article we will talk about horses and dealing with them as a form of relaxation and the maintenance of tone the body. Horseback riding, horse trekking, horse riding, horse summer camps, horseback riding lessons, horseback riding, hippotherapy As you can see, the options to get positive emotions, relieve stress and get a charge of vivacity, there are many. You can treat this as a distraction, you can do it professionally. But believe me – You will never remain indifferent and receive unforgettable impressions Horses – very smart, kind, loyal and sensitive animals with an exceptional memory. And the benefits of horseback riding is huge. From a physical point of view, the horse – it's a great exercise for the muscles.

It is known that this animal for one minute, passes the rider more than a vibrational pulse. The result is that the person listed in reflex activity of all groups muscles, develops fine motor skills and coordination of complicated movements. With regular classes you will be provided with flexibility, agility and excellent posture. In addition, in medicine, there is such a thing as hippotherapy. This the direction of studying the ability of horses to treat people from different ailments. Known and there are frequent occasions when the horse heal seriously ill. And the horses body temperature by 2 degrees more human. Because of this, cuz Riding you everything else will pass the course "massage to warm up, which will have a wonderful effect on the internal organs of the abdomen. In general, riding on a horse probably has a positive effect on all systems and organs. Besides the undeniable positive physical effect, horse riding and have a beneficial psychotherapeutic influence. Horses instantly feel the tension in us, and reflexively help from her get rid of. Minutes spent in the saddle, and contact with these sensitive animals learned to feel thinner around. Especially if you decide to make your horse travel regularly, in the process of studying horse care and communication with her You will gain invaluable skills. In addition, psychologists say that a sense of control powerful, graceful animal on a subconscious level builds confidence in himself, gets rid of the complexes and promotes life- tone. Drop the mundane tasks of "attacks" from the normal rhythm of life, take a dip in a natural, relaxed and measured world – a world of communication with horses. He will give you an amazing sense of freedom, ease of union with nature.

Denmark Vacation

Only a few people travel like alone. Not only during the holidays, to use the opportunity to go on holiday. There are also other events, which invite you to make a weekend or several days vacation. For couples who are newly in love, vacation at romantic places are as beautiful as for those couples who are already somewhat longer together. You can experience many romantic hours in Denmark. With a simple search on the Internet for holiday houses Denmark “you will quickly find it as romantic, traditional houses, there are so few. The long beaches on the coasts of Denmark formally invite to walks, which, as everyone knows, can be not only relaxing, but also romantic.

In the small, idyllic towns in Denmark, similar to that seen by Mallorca or Tenerife, remained so far spared by the huge crowds, you will find many catering establishments with a distinctive Danish charm. A vacation for two with Denmark could probably have hardly a better country than romantic basis. The Danish holiday resorts offer in addition a lot of variety. Swimming, surfing, fishing, hiking there is hardly something that you can’t do in Denmark. Rock climbing trips missing the mountains while Denmark, but there are indoor climbing walls in the Danish cities of more than enough. For culturally interested couples, who want to know something about the Danish history, are also many museums available, which can be seen in his holiday. Starting from the stone age through the Viking to the life 100 years ago in Denmark, there is much to see. Also the Danish naval history may be interesting as well as Hans-Christian-Andersen museums in Odense for the one or the other holidaymakers. They are well worth a visit. Andreas Mettler