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“Increase the chances of new digital forms of flirting: Valentin’s day 2009, the popular presenters duo Michael and Marika the flirt pub podcast” prepares for the Valentin’s day on February 14. And again becomes the town of willing to flirt all kinds of charming and interesting on the subject of flirting in the form of a video podcast (see podcast on YouTube or directly at) presented. The Valentin’s Day February 14 – is Festival of all lovers for centuries. The custom to give flowers, the Valentin’s day goes back to ancient times. Attached on the feast day of the Roman goddess Juno (guardian of marriage and the family) on 14 February, the flowers were offered to this day and the pairs by love lottery for a year were (feast of Lupercalia).

Clearly Valentin day and romance are inextricably linked. Through gifts and Kindnesses, pairs show each other how much they love themselves. So far it was commonly assumed that the day of love, especially for the female gender plays an important role. Men, however, are more likely than Valentin tags muffle and will even tend to forget him. Now surprisingly, a recent study proves the opposite. But what if you still not found his soulmate? No problem: the single market from the ground shoot on the Web. is one of the oldest and most popular. On the Datingportal, you can meet not only flirt partners, but numerous services claim. The serious Web provides the domain aligned to flirt interesting and directly: the flirtation platform. “And there are also podcasts with witty tips around the subject of flirting.” Just in time for the Valentin’s day, the fixed date for global relations, the Datingportal starts there even a Valentin tags action: who knows who is sick of the two flirt pub moderators in the latest podcast, which can win. Prize: 1st Prize: 5 Interflora bouquets to addresses of his or your choice. The 5 recipients get 1 free month subscription and advice flirt flirt pub Chairwoman Nicole kleinhenz. 2.Preis: Free subscription and flirt workshop. Nicole Kleinhenz, the Managing Director of flirt pub: “nowhere else singles have the opportunity to speak to targeted potential partners. And they exploit this possibility intensively. Shortly before the Valentin’s day, we have a veritable run on our portal, because no one wants to celebrate alone the Valentin’s day”. And self-made flirt movies (podcasts) contribute significantly to the increased flirt factor. At flirt pub now therefore any r can pull the big love-Los, and the next day of Valentin can come safely!