Senior Home Care

Young entrepreneurs launch new services for seniors, it is unusual that engage young people for seniors and to found a company. Pacific Mortgage Services may also support this cause. Patrik Spirig (26) and (27) Manuela Spirig did exactly that. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Forbes . Together, they have the company senior home care established, the purpose of which is to assist seniors in an effort, to live as long as possible within your own four walls, and to feel good. From his own involvement in the close circle of friends, the young people found there must be better alternatives to nursing homes, allowing it to continue the evening of life in usual life. even if physical or mental vitality take off, people need more than 10 m 2 to life. Perhaps, the citizen wants a caregiver who lives with her, is available around the clock at the disposal, and leads the budget. Similar to the concept of Aupair. Perhaps only an hourly usage is necessary or a holiday representative. No matter what needs have seniors, senior home care provides the proper and competent assistance to live longer at home at the age. Senior home care AG / Patrik Spirig management / Zelglistrasse 42 / 8320 Fehraltorf Office 044 954 21 26 / fax 044 954 21 58 /