Same Clients

I want to share with you five principles for the formation of its self-esteem: The resilience. This principle consists of the capacity of the human being to grow, to mature, and to develop the logic of the life. That is to say, if it father or the mother were or is alcoholic; it son assimilates this situation because he does not want to live. Therefore he develops emotional defenses not to be just as his parents, and looks for forms of how evading the situation. Although you have not had the best education or the best example in his parents; that does not matter when you determine to be a success person. The assertiveness: It implies to recognize, to name the feelings, to express them, to make decisions, and to act without attacking to the others.

To act consciously that all fact brings a consequence. The assertive person feels frees to communicate her feelings. The nonassertive communication exposes to the psychological control to the others. There are people we know who them by its quality manipulation and sadly there are many salesmen who far from being good persuading its clients; they are good manipulating the clients, the sales realised with manipulation schemes are those that the same client cancels in next the 24 hours. He is assertive in his communication, and surely you will manage to create clients of by life in his race like salesman. The values: These constitute the structure of the thought, the character, and the personality of the people.

The professional salesman is a impregnated person of values. The values fortify the profit of specific goals. The salesman with values creates a firm commitment before itself, and to the group that belongs. You are a salesman where the values and principles are based on the service the client, and I guarantee to him that their clients will be their better friendly.