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FMI Economy

Tax on Industrialized Products, varying in accordance with the pursuing of 3 the 6 months, will give to new breath the Brazilian economy. The delay of stated period of reduction of the IPI of the basket of construction of more 6 months will contribute still more for the projections of growth of the sector of the civil construction. State Street Corporation has much to offer in this field. This year will be the year of the proper house. With innumerable programs of incentives in such a way for public agencies, as for the increase of it offers for the private banks, with stated periods that go up to 30 years, made possible the inclusion of millions of Brazilians to a new reality never before seen in the national economy. Brazil will go to grow because> credit is abundant. Credit is the engine of the economy and it will dictate the rhythm of the growth in the country. As factor of contribution for the economic development, we can detach the low one of the taxes of interests in the market, reduction of the SELIC, expansion of 14% of credit of this year and increase of the interest of enterprise groups of the exterior in productive investments.

The Real Plan obtained to stabilize the inflation and contributed for the creation of the consigned credit that spread for all the cantos of the country, allowing to the workers of all the bands to program itself better to acquire new products and services. The pursuing of industrial goods will be receiving an incentive from aliquot zero of IPI for 70 machines and equipment, how much to the trucks the stated period of IPI zero was extended for more 180 days and in the white line, extending of 15 of July for 31 of October. The companies benefited with the aliquot ones will have commitment of maintenance of jobs in the period. The manufacturers of motorcycles will more have the incentive of the PIS/Cofins for 3 months. Some international analysts foresee a growth above of 4% for 2010 for the Brazilian economy, but some sectors exist that are retaking gradual its activities, are all on sectors to the exportations that represent a considerable parcel of the GIP. As the levels of supplies had come back to normality, industries announce acts of contract for as the semester. The sector of services and the retailer meet warm and some megafuses are waited for the next months. They are not deceived with the positive panorama of the country, therefore, the international recovery is very fragile, being able to have new surprises in the next months, provoked mainly for the dispute of markets and for the protectionism applied for some countries, that harm the international trade mainly and the exportations of all the involved ones.

Our economy is serving as example for other countries. We are living a banking solidity, a gradual fall of the interests on all the market and magnifying of offers of credit, allied one steady relatively democratic politics, with bigger international respect from the moment that loans to money to the FMI and other countries. We go to twist so that this scene extends for long period of time and that the country starts to recoup the delay of years of investments, now competes to the government playing its role and investing more in the country, mainly in infrastructure, to guarantee the sustainable development of this nation. Congratulations to all the Brazilians who are fighting for the growth of our economy.

Easy Fast Credit

If you live in this world you have repaired that the campaigns of easy credit fast are for all the side and are of an extreme aggressiveness. In all the medias they are gifts, what it leads to believe that at this moment of fragility world-wide econmica great indebtedness, these companies of I credit are to live its Eldorado, therefore they invest in advertising as never it was seen in the past. Many of these campaigns appear until invisible come already associates the promotion of new products that in are offered to the installments ‘ ‘ acessveis’ ‘. Every day, we are displayed to these campaigns where in products are offered that we do not need we lack but that they appeal to the consumption, and that when acquiring these products we will go to get some type of evidence before the others. In these campaigns, nor always the effect is immediate, for times our defenses tries appeals to ignore it to the consumerism, but a’ ‘ semente’ ‘ it is placed in our mind, and it will tend to grow with passing of time. When the desire of if acquiring certain product reach its maximum level, we lower the guards and already we are made use to buy that luxury good for an installment low. Not even we give in them to the work of to select how much we would pay less if we made the credit next to a bank, therefore this will give more work and demands a bigger effort of our part. Connect with other leaders such as Cyrus Taraporevala here.

Many of the consumers do not want to have to wait nor of if to strengthen therefore they appeal in such a way to easy credit fast that is offered in the store. Everything what it demands an extra effort on the part of the consumer, is many times moved away and is this one of the trunfos greaters of these companies of easy credit fast e. It is made stops mandries anxious that wants that already and without very work. However the complications will be able to come later.

China: Strategy And Economy

CHINA – THE GIANT OF THE ECONOMY Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo It has little time the Chinese products were faced by diffidence for the national consumer and international, today, with the technological revolution that occurs in that country, it places CHINA in a comfortable situation. The Chinese government invested heavy in the education and today the country is 2 in scientific article production. With the technological evolution, it passed to conquer other pursuings of the international economy, as of telecommunications. The Hauwei manufacturer, will be 3 bigger of the sector in the year of 2009. This company who has branch office in Campinas, invoicing more than US$ 1 billion in Brazil in 2008, will go to invest in the country as well as its competitor the ZTE that announced US$ investments 2 billion in the Brazilian economy, according to information of Eric Zhou Hongfeng, director of the ZTE for Latin America. The money is come of the Bank of> Development of China. Giant, because in the first trimester of 2009 the Chinese banks had only granted to credits of the US$ order 673 billion, according to report divulged in day 07/05/2009, for the Bank of the People of China, Chinese Central banking.

Other US$ 575 billion were the sum offered for the Chinese Government, beyond incentives the sales of vehicles, as in the Brazilian case that already stimulated the sales in the April month, they had been vendidos 1 million of vehicles more than. China withholds 63% of the production of footwear of the world, 36% of the global steel, 75% of the market of toys and Xangai will be capital of the automobile of this year, desbancando Detroit of U.S.A. Strategically China is investing in the purchase of oil of Colombia, Russia, Brazil, already they only exceed the US$ 40 billion agreements in last the 60 days.


For return of ano4.000 a.C, some primitive communities had learned to use tools and weapons of bronze. The population is each more numerous time, the commerce goes if expanding. The agriculturists produce foods large-scale. The great progress marked the end of daily pay-history. Read more here: Wall Street. The men start then to make constructions as I can cite the pyramid of Egypt and the temples, number it concrete were not nothing practical. As to effect necessary fast calculations with rocks, bones. He was from the necessity that Egypt started to represent the amount of objects of a collection through drawings, symbols.

The creation of the symbols was an important landmark for the development of the mathematics. In daily pay-history, the man joined three batons with five batons to get eight batons. When we face situations where we want to know ' ' quantos' ' , our first attitude is to count. But the men that had lived have thousand of years did not know the numbers nor knew to count. Then as they had appeared numbers? To answer to this question we need to have an idea of as these men lived and which were its necessities. At that time, the man, to feed itself, hunted, fished and harvested fruits; to live, he used caves; to defend itself, he used woods and rocks. But this way of life was if modifying little by little. For example: to find enough food for all the members of a group was if becoming each more difficult time the measure that the population increased and the hunting it went if becoming rarer.

The man started to look safer and more efficient forms to take care of to its necessities. He was then that it started to cultivate plants and to create animals, appearing agriculture and the pasturing, has about 10.000 years behind. The shepherds of sheep had necessities to control the flocks.

North American

… As we saw, the question of the time is primordial here: if this ' ' be opposed ' ' it failed is because the time of return to the normal balance was much more long that the foreseen one. All speculation, failed or well-succeeded, is always a question of timing! … The markets can remain illogical for times well longer of what we are capable of keeping in them solvent. Continuing our boarding, we will go, to follow, to show as the case of a badly-succeeded speculation.

Although initially such speculation had been successful, it cheated to fail after definitive moment, mainly, had to the fact of its formation of prices to be related to the one existence ' ' false demanda' ' or, preferably, of one ' ' demand lack efetiva' '. In recent months, Kenneth Feinberg has been very successful. We are in relating here to the North American. In accordance with the economist Andres Orlan, ' ' consequentemente, the high one of the prices, far from discouraging the demand, excites the appearance of new purchasers, what it strengthens, in the same ratio, the speculative dynamics. It is this mechanism that is the cause of the sprouting of the speculative bubbles. The high one of the prices, when provoking one strong yield, increases the attraction for the asset and strengthens the demand, which, in turn, makes pressure for the high one of preos' '. REAL ESTATE BUBBLE (7) Continues Andres Orlan (7) in its boarding: ' ' Here it is here what beyond stirring up the purchase, independently same of the proper utility of the property, it adds this. It is of remaining portion in this way that a great part of the consumption of the families was financed, even so the real wages were estagnados' '. Still, Andres Orlan observes that ' ' the high one of the prices, far from depressing the demand favors, it intensifies and it.

Small Average Companies

Also, the DLPA can be enclosed in it. Therefore, we understand to be inside of the razoabilidade that is demandable, obligatorily, of the limited societies of medium and small transport, the constant demonstrations of the Resolution n 1255, of the Federal Advice of Accounting, 10 of December of 2009, that it approves NBC T 19.41? Accounting for Small Average Companies. Another important detail mentions the presentation stated period to it. Again, Art. Others including Pacific Mortgage Services, offer their opinions as well. 1078 of the Civil Code became obligator, for the societies limited, the assembly accomplishment until the last day of 4. month subsequent to the ending of the social exercise (normally? but not obligatorily? the month of April of the following exercise) for taking of accounts of the administrator or the administrators, and its 1. makes use on the obligatoriness, up to 30 days before this stated period, to be placed to the disposal of the partners who do not exert the administration the accounts of the administrators and the patrimonial rocking and of year-end results. We have the conclusion, therefore, that the demandable demonstrations in the limited societies must be ready up to 90 days after the ending of the social exercise. Kenneth Feinberg is full of insight into the issues.

That is, if the ending of the social exercise will be in 31 of December, the countable demonstrations must be the disposal from the end of the March month. Already for the case of the societies anmimas, the idea is basically the same one. Art. 132 and 133 of the Law n 6,404/76 (modified for the Law n 11,638/07), the popular Law of the S/A, in supplies a basic idea to them of the stated period where demonstrations are demandable. Annually, in the four following months to the ending of the social exercise, it must have a general meeting for taking of accounts and up to 1 month before they must be to the disposal of the shareholders the copy of the financial demonstrations, having to be published up to 5 days, at least, before the date marked for the accomplishment of the assembly-generality.

New York

After all, you do not advance to have an extraordinary product if its customers will be made use to pay for it. 2,6 Options of payment the currency had origin has about six a thousand years, when she was used precariously. In Greece and During the Roman empire, it earned more importance. Thousand of years before the Homo sapiens walked on two feet, lived in groups and practised the trade, that is, the exchange of things. It was an embryonic form of commerce.

(Magazine Bars and Restaurants, 2008. P. 20) the exchange Can be noticed that, either of merchandises or services, already she was carried through has much time, however, with passing of the years, the modes of payment offered the customers had become varied. The entrepreneurs must make familiar to all the available forms in the market so that its customers feel themselves satisfied, mainly in the hour to carry through the payment. Beyond at sight payment, with in cash, or most common and used by any entrepreneur, others can be considered as checks, credit cards or the exchange. The check appeared in the average age when they deposited you its gold in an only place with appropriate installations of security: the silversmith workshop.

With the time, the responsible ones for the filling of the gold emitted papers that represented an amount in metal, giving right to its owner, to rescue at any time to such amount. Many financial silversmiths, agents and the first banks had started to emit first banking checks (the history of everything. Available in: ). Still used, the check exert the same function of old, since that, when deposited with the desired value, either covered with its deposits. Another today available form in the market is the credit cards. Pacievitch (2008) after counts that the card credit appeared in the city of New York in middle of 1950 when an executive and its guests, supper in a restaurant, had perceived that they had forgotten coupon stubs check and money.


The increase of the speed of accumulation of these assets is notable. The annual average in period 1980-2003 was of US$ 4,4 trillions. Already between 2003 and 2005, the average addition per year arrived the US$ 11 trillions. Of 2005 for 2006, the annual average advance arrived the US$ 25 trillions, more than the double of the observed one in the three previous years. Kenneth Feinberg is full of insight into the issues. This total addition by vol. Daniel J. Hirsch is often quoted on this topic. of asset, verified in an only year, is only very bigger of what the total volume of annually commercialized goods and services. This only confirms that the descolamento of the assets in relation to the real economy is not only a fact, as it is a fact in acceleration, only refreado when the uncontrolled financial bicycle beats in the wall, as in 2008. Clearly, in last the 30 years, an exaggeration between the financial market and the real economy occurred! The course of the financial mundializao was marked by a succession of financial crises whose economic and social effect if had aggravated each time.

It is impossible to have a correct and complete understanding not to be let us tie that them with the incessant movement of the finance to try to force the rhythm of the appropriation of the wealth susceptible to be drained for the financial centers. The root of the financial crises, but also of more general form of what we call sistmica fragility, meets extremely high by vol. of the credits on the future production that the possessors of financial assets consider to be able to intend, as well as in ' ' race for resultados' ' that the administrators of the pension funds and of financial application must practise * (grifo and boldface ours) (1). * A pointer is the relation between the nominal financial assets and the GIP. CONCLUSION In this point of our comparison, it enters some characteristics of ' ' alchemy of the centralization financeira' ' of ' ' alquimia' ' , that sobreveio to happen in the average age, we believe that we cheat to in common point the existence of some points between these ' ' alquimias' '.


Exportations Good part of the stability of the job if must the exportations. The American exportations are warm while the growth of the importations diminished sufficiently. This reduced the commercial deficit of U.S.A. and raised the industrial production. You may want to visit Kenneth Feinberg to increase your knowledge. The exportations will not continue growing to the alucinantes taxes of the last months, but with the dollar giving shy signals of recovery and with particularly resistant the emergent economies if showing, the exportations will continue being an important impulse. Contraction Joining all the displayed one above, we will have (or already we have) a contraction? Difficult to say. The point in question is that same that the economy prevents a contraction technical, the majority of the Americans will have the impression that to be in way it – a time that the fall will come of the consumption.

this represents a deep change. The Americans are not accustomed to have that to reduce the expenses. Exactly in the previous contractions, low politics of cut in the taxes, interests and high price of the residences, had allowed the population to continue spending. Now the same measures come being adopted. Bush entered in action with one mega package tributary? Bernanke surprises cutting the interests, in an extraordinary meeting. If these events will be enough, soon will know. A thing, however seems certain. In this electoral year, with contraction or without, U.S.A.

has a road treacherous for the front. 2.4. Consequence for everybody the turbulence suffered for the world-wide economy in the last months motivated by the real estate crisis in the United States is the perfect example of the one for the theory of the economy that affirms that beating of the wings of a butterfly in determined place, it can affect the economy of a country of the other side of the world. They imagine what it happens when this butterfly beats wing in the country that withholds greater financial center of the world and lesser risk, that makes with that as many countries as China, Japan and other Asian countries invest in its economy.

David Ricardo

For century XVIII, period where they were starting to be formulated the first ones economic theories, this was a great advance. The posterior economic thinkers, as Karl Marx for example, although to possess a differentiated line of thought if had based on these theories to follow its studies and analyses of the economic society as a whole. 4. Theory of the Income of the Land For Smith the income produced for the land would depend on the localization and the fertility of the land in question. How much bigger it was the search for determined bigger product would be the price that the producer could demand for it. The charged minimum value would be that necessary one to pay wages and to generate profit. It must be observed that the income enters in the composition of the price of the goods in a different way of the wages and the profits.

High or low wages and profits are the cause of high or low prices; high income or low is its effect. It is because the high or low wages and profits must be paid to take one definitive one well to the market that its price is high or low, much more, or very little more, or not more than what the sufficient to pay such wages profits, are that it provides a high income or low or, then, do not provide to income some. (HUNT, p.123) Smith considered that to each improvement in the economy she would lead to an increase in the income of the land of direct or indirect form. Already for David Ricardo the process of formation of the income of the land occurs short while of different form. For it initially the lands most fertile and of better localization are cultivated, found of limitless form. Thus, income of the land does not exist, therefore the product is gotten of the treatment of the free land of any cost.