To Study So That?

They do not imagine that I am against the studies, are not scared with the heading, we go to the explanations. Today who desires to have a good position in a good company, needs to study very, at least must have a college, to prove that you are not one sluggish face, that runs behind new knowledge and etc. If in case that it desires to have a position more good still, it will go to look after-graduation, a MBA, mestrado, doutorado, PHD and others. I go to work today on of the biggest base that it is after-graduation, thin you (it studies) during 1 year and way or 2 years, without counting to the years of basic, average education and college to have more knowledge, to increase its capacity of innovation and creativity and to increase its net of contacts. Good, then you arrange one ' ' bom' ' job, where you are earning reasonable well (never we are satisfied, at least the majority), we work with excellent people, we have initially good ' ' chefes' ' total we are empolgados with the new day. Then you it starts to make its service for some months, goes if perfecting, it continues to make per some years until this service is monotonous, you enters in the comfort zone and it does not like this situation, therefore it goes to think about to make other things in the company (since that it gives space to you), therefore you it studied very per many years and it wants to use a little of what it learned to improve some things who finds wrong in the company, or some bureaucratic processes that find that it is more loss of time of what has controlled. Then, its head is boiling of ideas, does not agree to some things, has excellent ideas company to improve it, to grow and to help the employees, you catches all its theories learned in the college, together with its ideas and decides to place in action, goes until its ' ' chefe' ' speaks: ' ' Expensive head, I am cliente that the company is in the market the 100 years and that conquered many customers, the market trusts the company, the company generates profit very, but I have some ideas to improve some processes here, I see that it has some things that do not function and would like to present you some solutions! ' '.