China Know

yes is inertia. It is to stop and to be motionless. For detrs of the Joy and the Laugh, it can have a vulgar nature, it lasts and insensitive. But, for detrs of the Suffering, it always has Suffering. Already it suffered very during its life? Who never suffered that he is the first one to accuse itself. I think for me that signal of the maturity human being is to accept the challenge of the suffering.

Every day when I arise myself I think about this and that to be itself happy until a point she is necessary to have itself exactly suffered until this point. I am not man to cry but I find that each tear of suffering in teaches a truth to them. Already it stopped to dream? The dream is part of us. I dream eat I dreamed, but as Amlia long ago sings ' ' I put my dream in the ship and the ship on of the sea. Later April the sea with the hands, the hand for the ship naufragar' ' Fernando Person a time said: ' ' we do not know of the soul seno of ours; of the others they are looks, they are gestures, they are words, with the assumption of any similarity in fundo' '. It knows its soul? I know it me. I know my soul of that I am made but I do not know well. It will be air, will be dust? I am unaware of.

But I carry it in the body was given that me. I know myself, I know the soul. Of the others I do not know. Who never loved never lived. Already it loved? A time I loved, judging they would love that me. But I was not loved. I lived. I lived a feeling of broken heart. But to live she is not necessary to love, is necessary to feel. Well or badly, it depends on these! In disarranging of its thoughts as it is that it sees its future? Equal what today it is the past and the gift. For some the life is a line recta, for others a cycle. For me it is the Wall of China without end, always equal with the same objectivo, but without the great grandiosidade. Expensive gentleman, was an honor and a great privilege to have given us the chance to be to the colloquy with an employee who if says to feel tired and to discover a little of its life. To finish, he would like to leave some message for the readers? I am that I am thankful for this invitation. For the people who are to read this liked to leave a phrase of that I consider one of the best poets and Portuguese writers, Fernando Person. To kill the dream is to commit suicide. It is to mutilate our soul. The dream is what we have of really ours, of impenetrably and inexpugnavelmente ours. I will never go to leave to dream nor to imagine. I have in me all the dreams of the World?