To generate is a code of bars of a product at a point of sale, it is managed more efficiently. This is due to that the system provides the tranquility that run more accurate processes of almost instantaneously. That is why that benefits not only affect the part of logistics, but also in the administration of the business. Once you have with the system implemented in the enterprise network and peripherals that requires the barcode system, point of sale becomes a place where running the sale, without the worry of not having the information of supply and demand for their products in store and without counting with the industriousness that involves the monitoring of the sales process. At the time that takes place, also speeds up the inventory, case history and billing, customer view also be benefited, not only by the effectiveness with which runs the sale.

Also, barcode system allows points of sale to offer electronic purses or additional customers through discount cards benefits. The benefits can be translated into discounts that can be converted into points for promotions or electronic money. These benefits make customers feel is part of the shop as a family in which in addition to find the product you are looking for, find a place as a preferential client, which, with certain promotions, will be awarded in their loyalty to the store. Discount cards will contain a bar code that will identify the customer. Your personal data, your usual shopping and the frequency with which assists the store will be known in the same way. In this way, besides that it will be easy to identify the customer, will be an average of sale of products requested. In other words, it will be possible to learn about fashion and the average of the products most requested by frequent customers with what is they will have more specific data of the supply and demand.