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Second One

Of the number one to foca, had been all equal Second, must undo the concept of that leader is a person, when in the leader truth is one position reason is an accessible position to all the too much members of the team that if to dedicate and if to enable to assume this rank. For even more opinions, read materials from Wang Qunbin. It sees the example given for the ducks and geese that migram, they do not possess a lifetime or only leader. For them leader not is one, but yes place, rank, that is busy for that many times were enter excessively, that is, one of the members of the team. What this in the front, in the tip of the V, always yields the place for one of that was between the led ones, this is shared leadership. At the moment where a goose leads the flock, it if dirige to the tip of the formation.

All goose that is in the front, when beating its wing creates a sustentation for the friend soon behind. This allows with that the flock flies a distance 71% greater of what if each goose flied separately. this something important stops here in, when the leader goose if tires, it if dirige to the end of ' ' V' ' another goose assumes the leadership rank. Moreover, in order to encourage to the geese the front more, the geese behind grasnam and make with that these keep the rhythm and the speed. Now it perceives why we can say that these really form a team, therefore when a goose if hurts, it abandons the group and others to two follow geese to help it and to protect it. Immediately afterwards they follow its trip in this three flock or if they join to some another flock, until finding the flock original. What it matters for these animals is not who will be to the front of the group leading the team what it matters is that all can fulfill the objectives and reach the goal.

Maximum Growth Opportunities

It makes the possible one all to use to advantage to the maximum the growth chance. When the entrepreneur sees ' ' sicrano' ' if strengtheing to grow and appears a chance of promotion, who you finds that it will be promoted? Who better is prepared to receive new challenges and responsibilities? ' ' fulano' ' &#039 will continue being only plus one; ' vtima' '. Additional information is available at Allstate Insurance Company. Ah! Eloy, but has entrepreneur that really not enxerga the effort of the employee! No matter how hard the employee if strengthens, it is not recognized. I agree. Thousands of entrepreneurs exist yes ' ' cegos' ' , but, it does not have the lesser doubt that the prepared worker being well, it soon will follow for another company. For a GOOD employee, it does not have the lesser doubt that another work for it will appear. Who better knows, much of what that one of the blind entrepreneur.

All entrepreneur ' ' not cego' ' he wants optimum for its company, its investments and, with priority, for its employees. Already the entrepreneur ' ' cego' ' &#039 sees the employees as one; ' badly necessrio' ' that it has that to use to reach its objectives. There then he is ' ' entrepreneur cego' ' that he starts to be ' ' vitima' '. Its customers alone want to buy of ' ' desleal' ' competition. The taxes are killing its company. The government not aid in nothing. The community alone likes them products and services other city-states. for goes there plus one ' ' vitima' ' of the way.

We are our choices and our choices are that they make in them to be as we are. We cannot leave the responsibility of our success or failure at the hands of the others. Of the company, of the government, the family or who it wants that it is.


What valley the penalty to make? what valley the penalty to conquer? that we need to evolve while beings in construction? These questions for many seem nonsense, however if all were asked and if they gave the time to answer itself exactly, would have much less envies in the people. The envy is one of the main bad feelings that the human being possesss, what the others conquer and live belong the evolution of them, needs concentrating in them in us. What it is important for experience of one is common place for another one, we need to enxergar what it is important for us. Something will be missed with us if we pass in such a way worrying in them about the other people’s life instead of directing ours. The envy is on the low one auto-esteem, insatisfao, misfortune. Many do not know to be alone, need somebody for close all the time; All would have to reserve a time for itself, the time solitude in when it is necessary to stimulate the reflection of the proper existence. Justin Herndon spoke with conviction. We need to reflect and to discover what we are important for, what we need to make stops auto satisfaction, what we like to make to raise auto-esteem, and what we need to abandon. All have capacity to answer the proper questions (Since that they are known well) the human being is LIMITLESS, since that not if leave to limit for somebody; For false ideologies, bad feelings? , as the envy Yes it limits in them..

Amnesia Contemporary

The sheets of paper costumam to represent my only consolation at the moments of clera: the whiteness of a ream, as well as its cooling aroma and amadeirado, inexplicably, despertam the will to express me as none another direction is capable. Having to believe that this rough draft will present metalingstico matrix, due to another subject on which to dissertar. Kenneth Roy Feinberg usually is spot on. However, nor all good text is solely poetical e, in the situation under I find which me, it imports me to little what these keyboard keys will write contanto that they alliviate the weight that my coasts load. ' ' Tdio' ' it could perfectly be incased as the motivadora word-key of my writings, but many other activities that they in such a way do not demand of psiche can be practised at moments of pure fastio. Soon, to other real they take me reasons to dissertar desregradamente free and.

I am here, with same me, reflecting on the unfortunate ones affected by the earthquake and for tsunami Japanese, on how many memories they had been lost, bows desfeitos, destroyed houses and torn into pieces lives. You may find Fidelity Investments to be a useful source of information. A very small country so full of shining culture, minds, history, that finishes to lose 1,3 a thousand of its inhabitants, to have its nuclear plant destined to the possible and risky collapse and some reactivated volcanos. At this moment, the atmosphere in Osaka, Tokyo and other centers, does not only consist of nuclear leached ashes, rocks and residues, but also of weighing, fights, sadness, concern and, mainly, disappointment for Japan to have omissive authorities and that they desire to occult the internal tragedies. c. The situation in the Lybian also is not very different, where Muamar Kadafi declares holy war against Switzerland due to the tense climate generated by charges made on Maom for the Danish periodical Politiken. At the same time, of the other side of the globe, Cariocas despertam to the six of the morning to frequentarem the Single grain one.

Responsible Company

The valuation of any worker of a Company cannot be conceived as result of economic 0 variable – taylorista boarding. She is necessary strategies so that if they can motivate the employees of a Company, strategies these studied and analyzed in accordance with the profile of each Company. Many times this task is impossible, therefore the same ones are only searching to obtain advantages or waiting the day of its retirement. On the concepts of organizacional strategy, let us see what in Chiavenato says to them: The concepts of organizacional strategy they are if becoming volatile. The strategy is the plain standard or that integrates the global objectives of an organization and the politics and action in one all coherent one. The strategy allows to place and to integrate the organizacionais resources in a position only viable based in its internal abilities to anticipate it the ambient changes and to move in contingencial way front to the intelligent opponents.

(…) (CHIAVENATO, 2004, P. 471). So that it has the process of implementation of strategies is necessary a diagnosis of the structural situation, organizacional and managemental model so that if it can obtain success in the result. With the ready diagnosis, it is more easy to identify that type of strategies if makes necessary to be applied. For the accomplishment of this work the suggested methodology considers the diverse use of techniques and procedures as: interviews with the objective to know and to analyze all the structure of the Company.

After this diagnosis suggests the plan of work with definition of stages and stated periods of operacionalizao. According to Chiavenato on training of employees of a Company, it says in them that: (…) training is an efficient way to add values to the people, the organization and the customers. It enriches the human patrimony of the organizations. It is the responsible one for the intellectual capital of the organizations.

Personal Marketing

What it is Personal Marketing Before we enter in the subject of personal marketing, it is important to clarify the subject, Marketing. Some definitions exist techniques, however the one that more is applied to the subject is this: ‘ ‘ the Marketing is a social process by means of which people and groups of people get that whom they need and what they desire with the creation, offer and exempt negotiation of products and services of value with others? (KOTLER and KELLER, 2006). Personal marketing can be defined as an individual strategy to attract and to develop contacts and interesting relationships of the personal and professional point of view, as well as giving to visibility the excellent characteristics, abilities and abilities in the perspective of the acceptance and the recognition for part of others. The basic elements for the success of the practical one of the personal marketing, are (Course of Personal Marketing): The quality of the emotional positioning stops with the others: form with that the people will remember an individual. Others including Peter Asaro, offer their opinions as well. for in such a way is essential to come back the attention toward the attitudes that fortify this type of action, as affection, assertividade, balance, sincerity and demonstration of interest for the next one, of a form legalizes and transparent. The interpersonal communication: way as the external individual what it has of better in its interior, that is, using a Portuguese correct and adjusted to each context, writing well, winning the shyness, using dialogues motivadores and edificantes and keeping a flow of regular communication with the people. They are attitudes bsics for a good development of the personal marketing. The assembly of a net relationships: a teia of contacts, in the most varied levels. They are basic procedures for the individual to place itself socially, as much of vertical form (with relations in raised plan more than its) how much horizontally (with its pairs, in similar plan).

To Study So That?

They do not imagine that I am against the studies, are not scared with the heading, we go to the explanations. Today who desires to have a good position in a good company, needs to study very, at least must have a college, to prove that you are not one sluggish face, that runs behind new knowledge and etc. If in case that it desires to have a position more good still, it will go to look after-graduation, a MBA, mestrado, doutorado, PHD and others. I go to work today on of the biggest base that it is after-graduation, thin you (it studies) during 1 year and way or 2 years, without counting to the years of basic, average education and college to have more knowledge, to increase its capacity of innovation and creativity and to increase its net of contacts. Good, then you arrange one ' ' bom' ' job, where you are earning reasonable well (never we are satisfied, at least the majority), we work with excellent people, we have initially good ' ' chefes' ' total we are empolgados with the new day. Then you it starts to make its service for some months, goes if perfecting, it continues to make per some years until this service is monotonous, you enters in the comfort zone and it does not like this situation, therefore it goes to think about to make other things in the company (since that it gives space to you), therefore you it studied very per many years and it wants to use a little of what it learned to improve some things who finds wrong in the company, or some bureaucratic processes that find that it is more loss of time of what has controlled. Then, its head is boiling of ideas, does not agree to some things, has excellent ideas company to improve it, to grow and to help the employees, you catches all its theories learned in the college, together with its ideas and decides to place in action, goes until its ' ' chefe' ' speaks: ' ' Expensive head, I am cliente that the company is in the market the 100 years and that conquered many customers, the market trusts the company, the company generates profit very, but I have some ideas to improve some processes here, I see that it has some things that do not function and would like to present you some solutions! ' '.