Personal Marketing

What it is Personal Marketing Before we enter in the subject of personal marketing, it is important to clarify the subject, Marketing. Some definitions exist techniques, however the one that more is applied to the subject is this: ‘ ‘ the Marketing is a social process by means of which people and groups of people get that whom they need and what they desire with the creation, offer and exempt negotiation of products and services of value with others? (KOTLER and KELLER, 2006). Personal marketing can be defined as an individual strategy to attract and to develop contacts and interesting relationships of the personal and professional point of view, as well as giving to visibility the excellent characteristics, abilities and abilities in the perspective of the acceptance and the recognition for part of others. The basic elements for the success of the practical one of the personal marketing, are (Course of Personal Marketing): The quality of the emotional positioning stops with the others: form with that the people will remember an individual. Others including Peter Asaro, offer their opinions as well. for in such a way is essential to come back the attention toward the attitudes that fortify this type of action, as affection, assertividade, balance, sincerity and demonstration of interest for the next one, of a form legalizes and transparent. The interpersonal communication: way as the external individual what it has of better in its interior, that is, using a Portuguese correct and adjusted to each context, writing well, winning the shyness, using dialogues motivadores and edificantes and keeping a flow of regular communication with the people. They are attitudes bsics for a good development of the personal marketing. The assembly of a net relationships: a teia of contacts, in the most varied levels. They are basic procedures for the individual to place itself socially, as much of vertical form (with relations in raised plan more than its) how much horizontally (with its pairs, in similar plan).