Hello I am your internal client, much like! I begin with this presentation of rare, something strange if you want to rescue an essential aspect that is not being taken into account by the managements and that then can be decisive for the success many organizations. In some companies is likely to not even exist that presentation, I remember having listened to some Manager say: do know who is that person that came in the morning and I returned to see walking down the aisle? For my work, it is normal when you go to an appointment, you may need to wait a few minutes before the meeting, meanwhile it is inevitable that I become privileged spectator of the service to the internal client. I can describe situations, from people who enter the Office, with the neck stretched without salute that serves viewers, while for those who work there, barely emit a cold that such. I can’t imagine a provider that you want to maintain an excellent relationship with your customer, acting that way.On one occasion I had to visit a client, it was a prestigious restaurant in the capital, I never imagined that in that place so well decorated, thought of a pubic select, show the other side of the coin; When I joined the Office of the owner, it could not be more than the desktop and two fairly used chairs could not believe! It is likely that a large portion of the employees have been trained and know that it is important to smile at the customer (external) or that you have to answer the phone with a warm and friendly voice. The problem arises when it is acting by thinking only the external client, in which pays. This reminds me of a film director, when it says camera action! and everything works according to the script, however when he says cut! at that moment, the lights go out, the actors leave smiling already it is not so important, everything stays in family.