Research Paper

The final stage of writing a thesis – a review. A review of the thesis involves the completion of training at the master. Research paper should reveal the ability of future masters to work with theoretical and special material, his skills in solving practical problems. It is a measure of readiness for their future profession. Prior to approach the review should examine all the sections of work. This applies to the calculations and design, theoretical and practical parts.

Necessary to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the study. Review itself is written legibly by hand, or appear in print. The review should not be "water" and common phrases. You should avoid generalizing non-specific proposals, such as "on the work and the successful resolution of a number of problems." A review of the thesis must have a certain sequence. In the title stated theme of the project. Name student, his team, faculty, and so on.

Then you touch the relevance of the chosen topic for the thesis. Described by the company on materials drafted by the project. Then characterized the work performed. Collectively considered the content produced by the study. Continue to learn more with: Fundrise. The review should be evaluated every part of the finished work. Stand out the most valuable and interesting part in the study. Emphasizes the theoretical and practical significance of the work, handling of sources, self-valuable achievements of the author. It is important to emphasize self-judgments, the degree of erudition, the ability to see the applied aspects work. Specified by the author offers the thesis. They should have practical value – the total or for a specific company, whose materials were used in the project. This proposal can be economic or other nature, arising from the study. Indicates possible flaws in the work done by the author. Then there is a general evaluation of the work and shows its conformity with specified standards. For Estimation of the using a four-point system. The reviewer evaluates their research on a scale from "Poor" to "Excellent." Specifies the data reviewer, the data of the enterprise or institution or organization. The signature and date. The content review determines the future assessment of research paper. The volume of reviews should check with the university. In general, it should not be too long or too short. You should avoid non-essential details. From this may also depend on the overall assessment of the thesis.