Responsible Company

The valuation of any worker of a Company cannot be conceived as result of economic 0 variable – taylorista boarding. She is necessary strategies so that if they can motivate the employees of a Company, strategies these studied and analyzed in accordance with the profile of each Company. Many times this task is impossible, therefore the same ones are only searching to obtain advantages or waiting the day of its retirement. On the concepts of organizacional strategy, let us see what in Chiavenato says to them: The concepts of organizacional strategy they are if becoming volatile. The strategy is the plain standard or that integrates the global objectives of an organization and the politics and action in one all coherent one. The strategy allows to place and to integrate the organizacionais resources in a position only viable based in its internal abilities to anticipate it the ambient changes and to move in contingencial way front to the intelligent opponents.

(…) (CHIAVENATO, 2004, P. 471). So that it has the process of implementation of strategies is necessary a diagnosis of the structural situation, organizacional and managemental model so that if it can obtain success in the result. With the ready diagnosis, it is more easy to identify that type of strategies if makes necessary to be applied. For the accomplishment of this work the suggested methodology considers the diverse use of techniques and procedures as: interviews with the objective to know and to analyze all the structure of the Company.

After this diagnosis suggests the plan of work with definition of stages and stated periods of operacionalizao. According to Chiavenato on training of employees of a Company, it says in them that: (…) training is an efficient way to add values to the people, the organization and the customers. It enriches the human patrimony of the organizations. It is the responsible one for the intellectual capital of the organizations.