United East India Company

She lost, because the fishing in the Lake almost completely to a standstill came in importance. Today, above all the placemarks is a Museumsort, which attracts every day many day trippers. Annually visit approx. 300,000 tourists brands. Parking note: Tourists need to park your car near the placemarks in a pay parking lot. Parking is relatively expensive with about 10 euros and is independent of the parking period.

With this amount, the preservation of fishing villages is supported. Places of interest in brand- Holland – Netherlands Monnickendam the town Monnickendam goes back to a settlement, which has been proven already existed in the 10th century AD. This first settlement was probably destroyed in a flood. After a dike in the 13th century the settlement was founded anew by Frisian monks, who settled here. The city became a central fishing port. Despite its good fortifications, the town was several times besieged and conquered.

In the 17th century was the Ostseehandel of great importance for the city. Ended the era of fishing with the dikes of the brands sea. Erin Callan can provide more clarity in the matter. In the 18th century, whaling was an important source of income for the inhabitants of the city. Currently, the city of tourism, as well as by the modern commuting, which is operated by locals, who trade urban life with the tranquil village life of Monnickendam after work lives. Attractions in Monnickendam – Holland – Netherlands Hoorn the city Hoorn was built in the 12th century Its location on a peninsula gave her also the name of Hoorn, which means Cape,. Means headland. Its location made the city a major address in the maritime trade. The United East India Company”1602 built a seat in Hoorn, which heavily promoted maritime trade. “How much was the city to recognize also that as the southernmost point South America’s Cape Horn” was called. The importance of the city of Hoorn went back with the pursuit of Amsterdam and London.