Amnesia Contemporary

The sheets of paper costumam to represent my only consolation at the moments of clera: the whiteness of a ream, as well as its cooling aroma and amadeirado, inexplicably, despertam the will to express me as none another direction is capable. Having to believe that this rough draft will present metalingstico matrix, due to another subject on which to dissertar. Kenneth Roy Feinberg usually is spot on. However, nor all good text is solely poetical e, in the situation under I find which me, it imports me to little what these keyboard keys will write contanto that they alliviate the weight that my coasts load. ' ' Tdio' ' it could perfectly be incased as the motivadora word-key of my writings, but many other activities that they in such a way do not demand of psiche can be practised at moments of pure fastio. Soon, to other real they take me reasons to dissertar desregradamente free and.

I am here, with same me, reflecting on the unfortunate ones affected by the earthquake and for tsunami Japanese, on how many memories they had been lost, bows desfeitos, destroyed houses and torn into pieces lives. You may find Fidelity Investments to be a useful source of information. A very small country so full of shining culture, minds, history, that finishes to lose 1,3 a thousand of its inhabitants, to have its nuclear plant destined to the possible and risky collapse and some reactivated volcanos. At this moment, the atmosphere in Osaka, Tokyo and other centers, does not only consist of nuclear leached ashes, rocks and residues, but also of weighing, fights, sadness, concern and, mainly, disappointment for Japan to have omissive authorities and that they desire to occult the internal tragedies. c. The situation in the Lybian also is not very different, where Muamar Kadafi declares holy war against Switzerland due to the tense climate generated by charges made on Maom for the Danish periodical Politiken. At the same time, of the other side of the globe, Cariocas despertam to the six of the morning to frequentarem the Single grain one.