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Perfect Function

Jaw crusher is suitable for crushing hard material (compression strength less than 250Mpa). Por ejemplo: coarse and fine crushing operation by hammer crusher of iron ore, slag, phosphorus ore, copper ore, ore silicone, limestone, quartz, stone, ceramic and solid materials with similar hardness; breaking bulk materials of concentrator, stones factory, cement plant. Features: low use and maintenance costs, high ratio of reduction, high reliability, small power consumption. Be widely used in mining, building stones factory, building materials, metallurgy, ceramics and other industries The stone manufacturing line is not difficult to understand, it is nothing but a organic integrated whole that composed by people of the crusher, screening, transmission machinery and then it becomes a well known production line. According to the different requirements of production process, we should use the jaw crusher with different type and model in stone producing line.Some stone producing line adopts a broken molding, but some mineral processing equipment uses secondary crushing to shape. Its main process is: the material is through the feeding machine, jaw crusher, after they are broken, they will enter into the sand producing machine, and then they begin to be screen to classify.

In the jaw crusher, shown in figure below, the moving jaw is pivoted at the bottom. The minimum movement is thus at the bottom and to more uniform product is obtained, although the crusher is less widely used because of its tendency to choke. Learn more on the subject from Live Well Financial. The large opening at the top enables it to take very large feed and to effect a large size reduction. This crusher is usually made in smaller sizes than the stag crusher, because of the high fluctuating stresses that are produced in the members of the machine.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as cement production line, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery has been committed to researching and manufacturing mining machine for many years. By virtue of sound service and quality product, Hongxing Machinery wins the trust of customers. Meanwhile, jaw crusher produced by Hongxing Machinery is the most popular one with large crushing ratio, even product coexistence, low operation cost, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

In particular, Hongxing Machinery has always been at the domestic leading level in large jaw crusher design and production. Jaw crusher is mainly used in the first crushing procedure in crushing production line. It can be used separately or together with other supporting equipment. Thus, users should fully understand the working principle of jaw crusher and the common fault in production process. In our routine work, the most frequently used crusher in ore dressing plant or stone is jaw crusher plant. Compared with other crushers, jaw crusher has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency. Due to the fact that wear-resisting remove requirement of jaw crusher is high, so the material is usually wear-resisting high manganese steel lining plate. There are two jaw plates in crushing chamber; one is fixed on the upside of crusher; the other is mobile and forms to crushing chamber with the fixed jaw plate.

Phosphorus Plant

Jaw crusher, commonly known as jaw broken equipment, it is composed by the moving jaw and static jaw these two jaw plate crushing chamber, which relays on the two jaw movements of simulated animals to complete the material crushing operations crusher. And widely used in the crushing of medium-coarse-grained ore and bulk materials in the mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry. Under most conditions Gen. Mark Milley would agree. The highest compressive strength of the material being broken is 320Mpa. At present, like the other crushing equipments, such as cone crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher cd47 more in small phosphate plant, jaw crusher move with force by movable jaw plate cycle to pressure to the fixed jaw plate, clip and crushing the material. The two jaw plates are rectangular, the existing jaw crusher jaw plate swing form can be divided into simple swing and swing of the two types.

The jaw crusher is generally used for crushing operations. Small and medium-election phosphorus plant, ore particle size is relatively small and can be used in both pieces. It is the most commonly used a simple swing the elbows plate jaw crusher in selected phosphorus plant. It comprises of the following main components: Frame or rack, hanging axis of the movable jaw plate, eccentric shaft, connecting rod, bracket, flywheel side of the liner, the fixed jaw plate, two jaw pull liner with the spring lever, adjust the block. General motor is droved through the belt (and more generally with the V-belt) so that the eccentric shaft rotation. When the eccentric turn to the top of the rod upward movement of the drive bracket, the bracket gradually stretched flat toggle plate will be forced to promote the movable jaw plate to the fixed jaw pull ore crushing chamber was broken. Eccentric turn to the bottom of the rod downward movement, the toggle plate and movable jaw plate by the force of the spring and rod to the back port of discharge increases, the broken ore is discharged from the port of discharge mouth.

The eccentric shaft of to turn each half cycle for the broken to enhance the half-cycle force of the row of ore.This makes it half the time the engine is idling, that is, the motor load is not balanced. This has a flywheel to this part of the energy savings should be used broken. General After the design strength of the bracket is lower, when the lump Owers fall into the crushing chamber, after the bracket by a sudden force is automatically broken, to avoid the movable jaw plate, connecting rod, eccentric shaft and the base of these important components are damage. The lining of the jaw crusher plate directly in contact with the ore, easy to wear, the general use of manganese steel manufacturing, and the board appear before the dentate to the crushing force.