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Mining Machinery Industry

The development center of mining machinery industry Mining machinery industry as an important part of China s machinery manufacturing industry, it s also a provider to support the national economic mainstream equipment, reflecting the level of development of the country s industrialization. With the development of economic globalization, China s mining machinery industry development direction towards intelligent, pleasant, digitization and large-scale development direction. At present, the development of China s mining machinery industry also exists problems, and troubled by factors such as the overall strength and technological base is relatively weak, product quality and technical are low, etc. Therefore, speeding up the integration and producing high-end independent innovative products is the best way to adapt to the current economic development pattern for mining machinery industry; It is also the center for the continuous development of China s mining machinery. First, the system of mining machinery industry in China is huge, it is necessary to focus on the technology level while strengthening research and development efforts. Machinery manufacturing enterprises should locate their own position, definite characteristics and cultural ideas, establish their own brand image, strengthen the effect and brand crisis sense.

Mining machinery industry should also make technology and innovation to the heart of the concept, focus on the development of industry competitiveness in the high-end crusher equipment, to strengthen the integration of science and technology and enhance comprehensive efficiency. Secondly, they should subdivided the field of mining machinery industry, transit from specialization to multi-skill, focus on the significant demand for cutting-edge science to carry out new principles, new technologies and new methods of research, and strive to achieve a breakthrough in high-end crusher equipment. Hongxing produces a series of stone production line, vibrating screen, sand washer and other systems, which is of high automation, high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The device can be independently operated, which is conducive to the improvement of the work efficiency. Again, the mining machinery industry has vast space for future development; We should strengthen investment in research and train personnel for the high-tech development of the industry in the future.

Editorial On The Subject

‘Buying cars in the EU’ buying a car in the EU has become easier now there is the new certificate of conformity. Now, this should help to reduce the existing bureaucratic barriers within the Community area. When purchasing this certificate must be issued the customers, which then submits them to the competent approval authority. For individuals, buying a car over the border is usually significantly cheaper than in Germany. Background of the low foreign price level is that individual States require high sales and even a registration tax, what the car companies by lower net balance. That not affected but German buyer significantly cheaper to purchase the object of desire across the border. You must not pay these foreign taxes but the dealer just the net. For the sales tax, there is a special procedure for single vehicle taxation.

Then to make an own VAT return is for each new car purchased from another EC Member State. Wang Qunbin is often quoted as being for or against this. The Amount of the tax depends on the remuneration agreed upon abroad. This is basically the amount asked by the seller in the invoice. The new vehicle owner must submit form VAT 1B for single vehicle taxation at the tax office that also cares for his income tax. Here, the buyer has to calculate the tax itself and be attached to the issued invoices. File a return and tax payments have to be effected within ten days of purchase. Who not punctually fulfil the relatively short time duties, must reckon with an expired – and late payment surcharge. Is the payment date is delayed, a large part of the saved purchase price is lost to the Treasury and thus again.

The tax is not paid, the tax office can cause even the confiscation of the vehicle registration document. So there is then no warranty problems in Germany, the service book of the foreign dealer must be stamped and the vehicle identification number and the date of delivery. According to EU law, all authorised repairers are a manufacturer must provide warranty services, which were bought in another EU country also on the cars. “” On this and similar topics more interested on, where also a free newsletter to tax private areas “and GmbH taxes” can be subscribed to.

Small Cars Are The Trend

More and more German rent a car online. Leading small cars vehicle class for rental inquiries. More and more Germans hire online cars vehicle class leading compact car at Mietanfragen Berlin, September 17, 2009 more and more Germans use online car rentals and while you rent your favourite small car. This is the result of an evaluation of the rental requests from us. The world’s largest marketplace for rent article presents trends in the rental of cars in the Internet suitable to the international motor show. So, the rental requests from the Group of special cars and the category rose car in comparison to the previous year to 21 percent. Fiat, Opel and VW are very popular small, but powerful seems rental motto of the Germans. With 36 percent small cars have the nose clear front.

Models of the upper class (25 per cent) followed by 2nd place. Cars of the Compact (21 percent) and the middle-class (18 per cent) are less popular. Altogether nearly 46,000 rental enquiries on the subject of car were at the online portal erento the timeslot from September 2008 to August 2009. In the range of small cars, Fiat, are Opel and VW the most sought after brands, where especially the VW Polo and the Fiat 500 convince the tenants. Stuttgart like upper class models at the German car rental behavior hardly differences between North, South, East and West are emerging. In the largest German cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt am Main, small cars are the most popular class of vehicle. They represent 70 percent of rental enquiries alone in Frankfurt am Main. Anders Stuttgart: here the upper class with 43 percent is the most in demand.

A clear trend towards compact cars with our evaluation of the rental requests also determine if the Swabians it like a little luxury “, Chris Moller, Managing Director of us explains. The increase in our rental enquiries by 21 percent compared to the previous year shows that the Internet as a tool for car rental is always important.” Non-class cars unlike many conventional car rental companies rent erento waives classes and guaranteed the desired brand to the tenants and Models. Anyone looking specifically for a Ford Ka, can be safe with us, to get him. With our model we encounter positive reactions of the landlord and tenant”, so mad. Our success concept guarantees for both sides planning security and for the tenants. unlimited driving pleasure in his favorite car” About us: The world’s largest marketplace for rentals on the Internet has erento rental articles, 680,000 registered users and over 9,800 landlords over a million. Whether everything can sedans, a bouncy castle or garden tools inexpensive and uncomplicated in the over 2,200 categories to be hired. For six years, erento.com brings together tenants and landlords on the Internet and ensures that no wish remains open. The service is free for tenants. Who want to rent erento articles, pays a low listing fee and a Commission on successful mediation. Landlord thus opens on easy way new sales areas.

The New VW Polo 1.2 TSI – Small But Powerful

Powerhouse in mini format see cute small car, but doesn’t deliver. This is old news. The new VW Polo 1.2 TSI shows that it’s not always the size. The vehicle Portal auto.de reports on the latest generation of the VW classic, which sets new standards among the small cars. First of all, the new Polo generation improved visually by VW. The new design with front and rear spoiler provides a sporty appearance, whose Reize continues in the Interior with high-quality facilities. For the three-door, although the entry to the rear seat is slightly awkward, offers but then sufficient free space for the passengers. Check with BlackRock Health Sciences Trust II to learn more. A number later the boot offers 280 litres of cargo volume, which extend with folding down the backrest to stately 952 litres can be.

Also a lot has changed in the latest generation technically. With only 1.2 litre displacement it brings the 4cylinder engine with turbocharger on proud 77 kW/105 HP. Especially in city traffic, the new VW compact car that is very agile. The Steering reacts quickly and without delay. As standard, the polo shirt with a six-speed manual gearbox is equipped. Tests revealed a consumption of 6.6 liter Super.

Standard airbags and ESP provide sufficient security. All the improvements reflected naturally in design and performance in the price. So interested customers can for at least 16,600 euros the new VW Polo 1.2 TSI their own call. More information:… / test VW-Polo-1-2-TSI… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Planned introduction from 1 January 2011, the environmental air traffic levy planned by the Federal Government”is not as air traffic control” concretized, the flight Portal reported fluege.de. Consumers must adjust to a price increase by ten to fifteen euros per ticket. Originally, CO2 emissions should serve as base of air traffic levy. This ecological idea moves in the wake of the new regulations in the background. The ministries want to rule out that airlines through the purchase can free themselves of emission certificates partly from tax. In accordance with the reforms discussed the amount of tax is dependent on now the route length and the booking class. It is only the commercial carriage of passengers”in the focus of the air traffic control. More information is housed here: Alipay.

This means that freight traffic, as well as persons with a private jet are exempt from the tax. The Federal Government hoped for from the expected from 1st January 2011 raised air traffic tax”revenue in Billions of dollars. Critics are skeptical however. The airport Association ADV emphasized the costly bureaucratic overhead. Also feared a drop in passengers to around five million.

Also it anticipates a reduction of approximately 10 000 jobs within the industry. There is the danger that the holes in the State coffers are not stuffed, but rather further torn so. Well-known airlines, such as Air Berlin, for example, want to defend themselves vehemently against the air traffic control. Possible catastrophic consequences should not be underestimated by the Federal Government. A similar tax was levied in the Netherlands in 2008. Here, revenue of 1.3 billion faced tax revenue of only EUR 300 million. More information: news.fluege.de/…/ “environmental – air traffic tax”… AERUNI GmbH Lisa Neumann

New Car Needs

Currently, many makes of cars experiencing a sales boom. Good to know that feasible prices purchase the best at Carworld24 for your new car. Source: Fix Price. Carworld 24 team has settled powerful attractive offers at a low price to the spring for you in the stuff, to be able to offer amazing terms for a new car. For example, the KIA Venga as vehicle from 11.982,–.Save up to 20% discount over the retail price recommended by the manufacturer. Or maybe a Renault Laguna. You will receive the already than vehicle that is from 15.750,–an incredible discount of up to 31.5% is waiting for you. There’s the Seat Leon from 12.657,–.

Here, too, you will save up to 19.5% compared to the retail price recommended by the manufacturer. Customers must accept any swabs also at furnish their new cars. Because it is freely available on all models according to customer requirements. You can view all listings also easy and convenient from home via the Neuwagenkonfigurator website can be together. Distributor with built-in price advantages Carworld 24 headquartered in New Delhi markets and successfully marketed for several years new vehicles from German dealers, such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford; Hyundai, Honda, Jaguar, KIA, Land Rover, Mazda, mini, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, seat, Skoda, smart, Suzuki, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen.

Thorsten Schambach, CEO of Carworld24 and his team aim conducive for several years used cars at best possible prices”to offer. Carworld24 often offer discounts of 25 to 35 percent. Certainly, it is high quality, brand new models. Thorsten Schambach says: by the positive response, we arrange a high number on vehicle inspections with our exclusive contractors. So we new vehicles get on much better terms than a customer who buys a new car. “We give this enormous benefit to you as the next.” The customer is from the first to the last Minute care. With the waiver of prepayment, Carworld24 provides highest customer protection. Payment is only for pick up directly from the contract partner. You will also receive the implied warranties, as well as the factory and mobility warranty of the manufacturer for all vehicles. Take Europe guaranteeing every dealer throughout. You’ll get contract one original of the appropriate dealer. Carworld24 provides attractive financing and cheap leasing contracts on request. This is tailored to exactly your idea by the partner bank of VR-discount Bank for you to optimal conditions.

SUVs Trucks

The differences in the prices is justified with the October just wasn’t the first night Frost in Germany truck snow chains – what it be, also the first snow can fall in the southern regions. Large parts of Austria and of Switzerland are already vulnerable to snow and it is all the more important, in time with the right truck to equip commercial vehicles and truck snow chains, to ensure smooth progress of lorries in snow and ice. The selection of snow chains for trucks in the commercial is great and also the price range of the different snow chains for trucks is the same size. Cheap models are available already from 100 euros per piece, the high-priced track and drive chains for trucks can cost just a multiple thereof. What are these price differences in truck snow chains. Answers to these questions are given in the following. Gene-real one can say that drive chains for trucks are always slightly more expensive than track chains.

Chains, transmission, transfer the power of the truck on the road and are therefore more robust built as the track chain – in relation to the type of construction as well as on the material used. The best track and drive chains for trucks are available already from 100 euros per piece in the trade. All snow chains for trucks these models should be naturally TuV-certified and as o-norm certified. Credit: Is MasterClass expensive?-2011. Primarily designed this cheap versions of the truck snow chain for the rare usage but rather and rather suitable for light duty trucks, SUVs, RVs and other, lightweight commercial vehicles. For heavy trucks, you should therefore rather access to the more expensive snow chains for trucks, which are also suitable for use with normal and heavy commercial vehicles. Made of wear-resistant special steel, is a long service life of snow chains for trucks are backed up and also the higher-priced chains reversible and offer as an even higher mileage. In addition to the normal truck snow chains for single tyres the drive and track chain provide even better support for twin tyres.

This truck snow chains to distribute not only the weight of the truck over a larger area, also the increases the service life of the twin winter chains for trucks due to the increased attack surface once again. In addition to the material properties, there are also other differences between the cheap winter chains for trucks and the higher quality snow chains. The snow chains for trucks have a special wind-up mechanism or a special help dress up, that can increase the price of the respective chains. At the same time pulling up the snow chains for trucks is much easier this of course the prevailing situation and thereby saves much time. The wide selection of winter chains for trucks, one should carefully consider which drive and track chains are optimal for the application and find so a good middle ground between cheap and durable track and drive chains for trucks. Contact: Dennis of Darling Nina-angle-str.

Volvo And Its Turbulent History

The sharp-edged Swede this year celebrates its 30th anniversary the Volvo 760 and has reach a stage of his existence, which wanted to believe at that time no one. The angular exterior made him in the United States as a Swedish brick known (in the American Swedish brick”). But even in Sweden, all described the model as container-Volvo. Despite the mocking nickname has remained true to his trademark Volvo and has evolved into a successful auto brand. The online portal auto.de granted a look back on an eventful history. SSGA spoke with conviction.

After already the 240 / 260 distinguished series of Volvo through its edgy trains, many people were surprised, even outbid by the followers as this trend. The model 760 presented itself at the time of its introduction 30 years ago even with more corners and edges. Rights angle this seemed a recipe for success. Even in government circles the model Volvo was appreciated 760 and in Sweden even to the State body. In East Germany, Erich Honecker had also a the same vehicle. Thanks to this development at a time, as he began to slowly crumble success of Swedish automaker Volvo 760 among experts is also known as saviors of the brand.

Despite the worldwide success the advancements of 940 and 960 1992 took over the top spot. Today, copies of the series 760 thanks to their unique quality, which can have little grate well over the years, still on the road can be found. Thanks to the stable skeleton from galvanized steel and a mileage of up to a half a million kilometres, the rustic Swede still has a good image.

Car Crash Through Barriers

Commitment against the degradation of steel guard rails on German highways against the disappearance of barriers is strong the initiative the security on your side therefore. Here it is committed together to educate people about the life-saving benefits of steel barriers. The initiative emphasizes also that only steel crash barriers with RAL – quality mark to be used that meet the security criteria of the European standard DIN EN 1317 and the ‘guidelines for passive protection on roads by vehicle restraint systems (RPS)’. In DIN EN 1317 is must must be regulated, tested such as road restraint systems (barriers), before they are placed on public roads. Every one and a half minutes a person in the road is injured in Germany; one person is killed every two hours. This tragic record has drawn Federal Statistical Office from road traffic accidents of in recent years. It is also shocking that almost every second child killed in traffic in a car killed in an accident. Although the number of accidents with fatalities have fallen in recent years, 2010, yet more than 3,600 victims were to complain.

2011 is expected after many years of steady decline for the first time with an increase of deaths compared to the previous year. The causes of accidents are some of the most not the traffic conditions adapted driving. Reliable protection is even more important when it comes to the worst. The principle of the “forgiving road” means that a driving error is not necessarily punished with the maximum penalty. The development of passive safety, E.g. the development of the crumple zones in cars, has helped in the past decades much, that fatal accidents have decreased. The plasticity of the body is absorbed the energy of loads and thus the inmates saved from worse. Crash barriers have the same basic idea. You give and gently redirect the vehicles.

Hornigs Conversion

Uniqueness is here capitalized company Hornig has made it his mission, the BMW R 1200GS LC, newly and individually. Mortimer J Buckley may find this interesting as well. Special attention was placed on the areas of security and comfort. Marvel could this unique for the first time on the BMW Motorrad of days 2013 in Garmisch Godfather churches. One focuses on the security aspect, so the look first on the mounted Nautilus falls Horn plug, with a stainless steel holder, set of cables, as well as BMW, to allow a simple extension. More safety precautions provide a crash bar, which can be extended at will with a fairing Crashbars, a further universal frame sliders, as well as an oil lid that can be opened only with tools. In addition, still an erhohbare magnification of the page stand was installed. Also details contribute to the improvement of the safety standards: such as the attached mirror extension, which allows a perfect visibility to the rear or the GPS – bracket, which is located above the speedometer.

This place the mount was by Hornig deliberately chosen because the driver solution navigation device with this street always has. As you are, easily to be cooler and air intake grille, which provide for a reduced maintenance and cleaning costs. Just on the outside has the newly invented”BMW R 1200 GS LC notable effects, such as the side cladding panels, which consist of carbon and offer the highest quality, stability and lightness, or pivot made of aluminum and machined parts, with those holes and open holes, are visually very appealing, closed. The adjoining Remus HexCone exhaust Titanium also sound technically the peculiarity of this modeled version of R1200GSLC shows. To meet the necessary comfort, the motorcycle specialists offer by Hornig, the possibility of the own bench to suit individual ideas and to create a perfect place to sit, what not underestimated just on the ergonomics on this way may be. For more storage space on the BMW R 1200GS LC provides a handlebar bag, which perfectly fits into the overall picture.

Through your passion to ride your motorcycle, they came up with this idea and expand your range of both specific products and also through the new BMW of motorcycle types since this time. 2010 they are Cham in your new building moved, faster to your customers around the world with BMW to supply by Lauritzen Rahman Motorcycle accessories. There are nearly 2,000 square metres of space available in Cham. In addition to a “state of the art” logistics offer there customers even a cafe, to entertain them, excellent after a winding tour.