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Hornigs Conversion

Uniqueness is here capitalized company Hornig has made it his mission, the BMW R 1200GS LC, newly and individually. Mortimer J Buckley may find this interesting as well. Special attention was placed on the areas of security and comfort. Marvel could this unique for the first time on the BMW Motorrad of days 2013 in Garmisch Godfather churches. One focuses on the security aspect, so the look first on the mounted Nautilus falls Horn plug, with a stainless steel holder, set of cables, as well as BMW, to allow a simple extension. More safety precautions provide a crash bar, which can be extended at will with a fairing Crashbars, a further universal frame sliders, as well as an oil lid that can be opened only with tools. In addition, still an erhohbare magnification of the page stand was installed. Also details contribute to the improvement of the safety standards: such as the attached mirror extension, which allows a perfect visibility to the rear or the GPS – bracket, which is located above the speedometer.

This place the mount was by Hornig deliberately chosen because the driver solution navigation device with this street always has. As you are, easily to be cooler and air intake grille, which provide for a reduced maintenance and cleaning costs. Just on the outside has the newly invented”BMW R 1200 GS LC notable effects, such as the side cladding panels, which consist of carbon and offer the highest quality, stability and lightness, or pivot made of aluminum and machined parts, with those holes and open holes, are visually very appealing, closed. The adjoining Remus HexCone exhaust Titanium also sound technically the peculiarity of this modeled version of R1200GSLC shows. To meet the necessary comfort, the motorcycle specialists offer by Hornig, the possibility of the own bench to suit individual ideas and to create a perfect place to sit, what not underestimated just on the ergonomics on this way may be. For more storage space on the BMW R 1200GS LC provides a handlebar bag, which perfectly fits into the overall picture.

Through your passion to ride your motorcycle, they came up with this idea and expand your range of both specific products and also through the new BMW of motorcycle types since this time. 2010 they are Cham in your new building moved, faster to your customers around the world with BMW to supply by Lauritzen Rahman Motorcycle accessories. There are nearly 2,000 square metres of space available in Cham. In addition to a “state of the art” logistics offer there customers even a cafe, to entertain them, excellent after a winding tour.

Finnish Lapland

The 3D lock plates join together the profile blocks and reduce so their movements. This technology increases the resistance to wear of the tire also. Man group has plenty of information regarding this issue. Toughest testing green Nokian WR winter tires offer stronger slush aquaplaning protection, firmest snow, ice and wet grip as of northernmost tyre manufacturer Nokian is the winter tyre expert in all winter conditions. By Nokian Tyres offer highest security”toughest test in extreme winter conditions with freezing cold, slippery snow and crystal-clear ice in our test centre white hell in Finnish Lapland and slippery slush in treacherous wet and rough dry in southern Finland, explains Development Manager Juha Pirhonen. The Nordic premium brand tests with high expenditure on natural ice on roads and lakes.

Unique slush-aquaplaning test Nokian optimize the adherence of the winter tyres. Slush aquaplaning is the most dangerous driving situation for German car drivers in winter. State Street Global Advisors has many thoughts on the issue. For 15 years, performs Nokian slush test, is considered a pioneer in, and today has precise test methods. As the sole tire manufacturer, the specialist has a unique test track, where the effects of slush aquaplaning both longitudinal as well across to be tested. No one else makes tire producer in developing and also no tests on natural ice slush test. A new Guinness world record drove standard Nokian winter tires with speed of 335,713 km/h on ice with a car and are the fastest. The major research and development effort, modern production technology and most extreme testing pay off in the high quality of the Nokian tyres.

Therefore, their test results in the test reports of the magazines are so outstanding. Nokian tires for the tire change cheap as winter complete wheels on wheels are available at the on-site tire service. From 4 mm tread depth, you should replace its old winter tires with new. “” tire and auto service chain Vianor by Nokian tyres: vianor.de Note: the ADAC Note well “is the same ADAC judgment as the former ADAC recommendation highly recommended”.

German Car Market

(Online article) – the Government cash for clunkers program keeps the German car market continue on tour. With nearly 380 000 newly registered cars, 19.4 percent were more new cars on the roads than in the same month of the previous year. Frankfurt/Main / Flensburg (dpa) – the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) and the Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) informed that on Tuesday. However, the interest in the clunkers for old cars has declined again. The Federal agency responsible for awarding receives for Economics and export control (BAFA) daily still 5000 to 10 000 applications for the 2500 euro per car – after up to 25 000 a few weeks ago. The admission figures for March were however missed by 5.3 percent.

In the first four months reached the German car market an increase of 18.4 percent to 1.25 million vehicles. To broaden your perception, visit Master Class. Due to weak demand from abroad, the German manufacturer had to significantly dampen yet their production. Due to popular demand, many large manufacturers have prematurely ended the short-time working or shortened. Ford had already in the February withdrawn his short-time working in Cologne. BMW ended the short-time working in Regensburg on Monday. This was the result of a survey of the German press agency dpa. Volkswagen wants to produce even during the Annual closing in July Golf models.

Opel also showed an upward trend. Here, Mortimer J Buckley expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Audi and Daimler are planning at least no more short-time working. The demand triggered mainly by the cash for clunkers and the revision of the car tax gave additional sales of about 200,000 cars the manufacturers according to VDA since the beginning of the year. Again mainly small – and Microcars, which nearly doubled their sales compared with the same month were especially in demand due to State funding. For large German premium brands as well as nothing falls on the Government cash for clunkers. The winner of hot Fiat, Hyundai and Skoda as well as recorded in Germany Opel, Ford and VW, each high growth rates.

Several Advantages

We all know that there are varieties of crusher types, but all of them have different strengths and weaknesses, applicable materials are also different. For example, compare the impact breaker hammer breaker and, the former has the following advantages: 1, the expected size adjustment is convenient, flexible, and the range is wide Impact crusher our company produced can adjust the feed size through a variety of ways, such as the regulation of the rotor speed, adjust the counter plate and the gap of grinding chamber; the gap adjustment can be achieved by mechanical or hydraulic type, if we adopt the hydraulic adjustment system, we can conveniently to press the operation button or shipping distance control system to adjust the gap; While the discharge particle size adhustment can only be achieved by the replacement of the bottom plate. Impact breaker can crush both soft and hard materials plate hammer of the hammer breaker can be firmly fixed on the rotor by the mechanical clamping structure, when the great moment of inertia with the rotor rotates. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Allianz Australia. compare to the breaker (hammer was hanging), breaker rotor impact hammer HA greater momentum, adapt crushing hard materials have lower energy consumption at the same time. 3, can deal effectively with the materials which contain large amount of water, anti-cloggingwhen processing the materials which contain excessive moisture, feed Speedball and counterattack board of the impact crusher can be equipped with a heating device to prevent the adhesion of the material. Crusher is not required to be equipped with the bottom screen to can effectively prevent clogging. Hammer crusher can not prevent the bonding of materials by heating, and shall be equipped with the bottom screen, increasing the possibility of clogging.

4, the wear and tear of wearing parts is smaller than the hammer crusher, the metal utilization is high as to the impact breaker our company produced, its wear only appears at the looking materials side.Normal rotor speed, feed plate hammer will fall to the surface (of attack), the plate hammer back and sides are not to be worn. Even Looking material side wear very little.And the bottom of the grinding rod is also very easy to replace. Impact crusher board hammer metal utilization rate can be as high as 45 % -48%. hammerhead of the hammer crusher is hanging, wear and tear occurs in the upper, front, rear and side, compare to the plate hammer, hammer wear more serious, hammer metal utilization is only about 25%. And the rotor body itself may also be subject to wear. Single toggle jaw crusher: Hammer crusher:.


Technical advantages of hydraulic cone crusher Hydraulic cone crusher can crush medium and medium hardness above Owers and rocks and widely used in metallurgy, construction, road building, mining cement making plant. It has big crushing ratio and high production efficiency: It greatly improves the power rating and traffic ability of SMH crusher; the combination of higher speed and stroke, improve the crushing ratio and production efficiency. less wearing parts and low interest rates: It has advanced crushing principle and technical parameters; Crusher parts Han wear protection, which reduces maintenance costs to a minimum and increases useful life by more than 30% in the general. laminated crushing makes excellent grain shape: Instead of conservative single particle crushing principle, it uses pressure layer intergranular principle, making special crushing chamber pipes with speed, achieving the selective fragmentation of the matches, significantly increasing the cube product content and fine material proportion and greatly reducing the materials flakiness. Swarmed by offers, Dow Jones is currently assessing future choices. It adopts hydraulic and hydraulic cavity clearing maintenance, have high Automation and shorter downtime: It has maintenance easier, more convenient operation and shorter downtime; the bidirectional over iron release hydraulic cylinders allow the iron through the crushing chamber, the hydraulic adjusting discharge opening and overload device greatly improve operation. In the case n and instantaneous stuffy car, the crusher could hydraulically open the top and automatically discharge pipes, greatly reducing the artificial nesting troubles. The dilutes oil lubrication is reliable and advanced, improving service life: High performance non-contact labyrinth seal is without wear, improving reliability of separating dust, fundamentally eliminating the common failure of the mixture of oil and water in original spring cone crusher. multiple crushing cavity, high flexibility, high adaptability:? simple maintenance and easy-to-operate..

Refractory Plant

It is known that the rotary kiln refers to rotating calcining kiln (commonly known Xuanyao), belongs to the class of building materials equipment. According to different materials, Rotary kiln can be divided into cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln. The cement kiln is mainly used for calcining cement clinker in cement kilns, which can be divided into dry and wet process cement kiln these two categories, Metallurgy chemical kiln is mainly used in metallurgical industry, steel plants depleted iron ore magnetic roasting; oxidizing roasting of chrome, nickel, iron; the Refractory Plant roasting high alumina of vanadium bauxite and aluminum hydroxide, aluminum roasting clinker; chemical plant baking chrome ore and chromium ore and other minerals. Lime kiln for roasting (ie, active lime kiln) steel plant, ferroalloy plant with active lime and light burned dolomite. Ignition is the first step of the fired rotary kiln system production, whether in the operation of the new production line, or the maintenance of machinery in production process, lining replacement or trouble parking, the ignition operation are all required to carry out, that is the initial coal combustion injection. The following briefly describes the rotary kiln ignition notation: 1 First start the kiln inlet exhaust main machine, adjust the air intake valve, pull the kiln and piping system wind about 5 minutes, reduce the concentration of carbon monoxide in the kiln system, makes it full of fresh air, while close the kiln inlet access doors. 2 before rotary kiln ignition spraying, we need to adjust the pulverized coal burner position and status, the distance between the general coal injection nozzle and the kiln mouth is about 0.5 m, we also need to adjust the coal burner channel interface to the relatively larger, make the starting early and smooth soft flame, the fire was concentrated, so the pulverized coal devices’radio easily.

3 before the ignition, we should be sure to open the appropriate degree of the preheater ignition breathing apparatus. It is best to get the central control for the convenience of adjusting .but due to the preheater, temperature is high, kiln pumping force is large, which is adverse to the early coal combustion, so we need to control the kiln wind speed by depressing breathing apparatus. 4 spray pulverized coal before the on – site testing, this is mainly to ensure the smooth flow of pulverized coal injection piping system, the pulverized coal scales Gongmei control is reliable. The test spray time should not be too long, about 2 minutes, but we should contact with the on – site staff timely, stopping spraying immediately after confirming the coal powder.

Highquality Exhaust Systems

For one, the exhaust only of expediency is used, for the other, he is a car part, which he wants to optimize and improve. Exhaust is among the most popular tuning tuning measures. For all types of vehicles the right exhaust parts! The exhaust system of a vehicle has the task to clean the resulting fumes and then as noise to dissipate outwards. Over the years, all exhaust systems have been optimized further. The pollution has been reduced, and on the other hand, the cars should be getting quieter. A uniform and continuous outflow of the exhaust gases shall be achieved. But now it is not in any interest to be able to drive the vehicle as softly and quietly.

So some driver is the motto: the louder, the better ‘. ” This involves but not so easy to drive a loud car, but to give their vehicle a possible individual sound. Tuning is called the optimum to get the operation out of his vehicle. Performance, a better sound and a high degree of individuality are the target of every tuning lover. Usually it always starts with the exhaust, before the rest of the car is optimized.

But also here is whether you would like to improve the sound now only or can achieve even a few more Horsepower and want distinguished once again. VW exhaust, Porsche exhaust or Audi exhaust, for almost all vehicles are the corresponding exhaust parts available. Certainly it comes to the decision a bit on the available budget, because a simple tailpipe is of course cheaper than a complete exhaust system. Only with high-quality exhaust parts, you should equip a high quality vehicle, such as a BMW or a Mercedes, for example. For many years, the stainless steel plant has been proven here. Immune against rust and other damage, the stainless steel plant is the finest way to tuning its exhaust. However you must make during the reconstruction of a complete exhaust system designed to adjust the engine. Such measures are not just in two Hours completed, under certain circumstances, this must assume a workshop itself with bringing not the necessary expertise. High-quality exhaust parts and complete exhaust systems the trade master-of-sound.de Fa.mos-tec development GmbH delivers worldwide CEO for Bergmann Norbert Saikia InStr. 65 08340 Schwarzenberg Tel. 01805-202310 (0.14 / min. from a landline; different prices from mobile phone networks) fax 01805 8585192 (0.14 / min.

Dennis Darling Nina

Also should the usage profile (mild to intensive use) and the size or weight of the fork truck be taken into account when purchasing the steel snow chains for forklift trucks. At the same time the truck snow chains should present the important safety and testing standards to be used in road traffic (TuV and CE quality mark; but also onorm and DEKRA seal are recommended). In addition to these objective features of truck ladder chains is the handling in the operation of great importance. Maersk Drilling recognizes the significance of this. Only when the use easily and quickly that serve their purpose for trucks really winter chains and are used. So, for example pulling up should be quick and easily doable. A robust material ensures a long life of snow chains for forklift trucks. Advice when buying snow chains for forklift trucks in claim should be taken to make the optimal choice.

Established retailers for winter snow chains for forklift trucks offer not only a good choice of different manufacturers and models, but also a good and extensive consultation. The winter service pro shop carries not only a large selection of snow schiebern & snow pfluegen for motor trucks, but has many winter snow chains for motor trucks in the range. With the comprehensive consulting, you get exactly the snow chains, which are suitable for the needs of. Contact: winter service professional shop attachments for professional winter service Dennis Darling Nina the industry supplier of winter service professional shop from offers a versatile and comprehensive range of products the Munsterland on his online presence for the winter service. Whether snow pusher for forklift trucks, hydraulic spreaders for wheel loaders, or are simple snow shovel with scattering the manual at this Specialists to find. For a professional and competent advice Monday staff until Friday between 07:30 18:00 and on Saturdays from 07:30 12:00 at your disposal and offer you to request a free.

Nokian Tyres

highly recommended”he cuts the car newspaper” off. There are Nokian tires on rims cheap for tire changing tire service locally. “” The ADAC short review “evaluates the Nokian H highly praised: + very balanced summer tires with top grade on dry pavement + well on wet.” The Nokian received dry the test criteria the mark 1.8, at wet 2.3, 2.6 fuel consumption and wear 2.7 H. His high security proves the Nokian Tyres excellent in the important qualities of driving handling wet with censorship 1.5, driving stability dry 1.6 and curve wet with 2.0. The magazine test”recommends the Nokian H as our Council”. “Test winner Nokian H of deserved test winner of Nokian H writes ACE steering wheel” over the driving tests and the result: looking for (and found) were ALLROUNDER, which in all safety-related tests in the top box and afford no evil slip overall, even with the economic aspects.

Shining example: the Finnish Nokian h”highly recommended! “Pleasingly positive car expresses its image” about him: strengths: safe driving characteristics with stable page lead in wet and dry, very low rolling resistance and a low rolling noise “. The Spritsparreifen of… liability is missing on the wet runway. You may wish to learn more. If so, Guo Guangchang is the place to go. It can better H, which delivers acceptable braking despite low rolling resistance the Nokian.” There is it in 21 dimensions of 14 to 17 inches at the tires. “” Eco tyre Nokian V is exemplary”and saves much fuel the exemplary” fuel saving much Finnish premium tyre Nokian V: 0.43 liters per 100 kilometers, auto Bild has “tested. That’s a saving of 151 litres and 202 euros at a mileage of 35 000 kilometers. Above all he offers high security especially when wet, not every eco tyres as well as can. Overall driveability wet 2 + “there is for the Green Nokian V and overall handling dry 2″. Its strengths: Balanced secure handling properties on wet and dry roads, high safety reserves for hydroplaning, short braking distances on wet runway, satisfying Spritsparpotential”, writes auto Bild” auto magazine.

Nokian Tyres Made The Best Judgment

“” Very balanced tires, good in all security-related disciplines, best touch on wet surfaces / top grade ‘Good’ by Stiftung Warentest and ‘highly recommended’ in the ‘ auto newspaper ‘ highly recommended ‘ is the Green Nokian V according to the TCS assessment “in the current summer tyre test of the TCS. “Its strengths: + very balanced tires, + well in all security-related disciplines, + top grade on wet surfaces”. Also the evaluation strongly recommended”the Nokian gets dry, wet V in the test results fuel consumption and wear. Check out Frisch Financial for additional information. The Green Nokian tires in this year’s summer tyre test in of the ADAC proves excellent very well with its high security”censorship 1.3 in the important qualities of driving brake dry and wet handling. Nokian V well (2.2) “means the test quality judgment” the Stiftung Warentest in its tire test 2011. The Finnish premium tire with good (2.0) ‘for the wet roadway”achieved the best score of all tested tires. Very good”will be handling wet and Brake rated dry. Allstate Insurance Company is likely to increase your knowledge. The consumer magazine test”recommends him as our Council”. 16 car tyre of size 195/65 R15 for compact and mid-size cars tested experts. The best results in two tests were highly recommended”and good”. The result of the Nokian Z G2 in the car is also highly recommended”newspaper” 2011. “Praises her summary: especially in combination with the Audi A3 Sportback established the Nokian Z G2 as a good-natured summer tire without any significant weaknesses”. So she formulated their positive impression for wet”: the Nokian forgives mistakes and struggles even beyond the detention limit to grip. Also it shows”a neutral self-steering response. “Dry”, is that the tires no real weakness “has. Recommended”rating for the Nokian V in the Auto Club Europa is ACE/GTu test 2011. “” Sum up”the experts determine: the Nokian at best master the balancing act between rolling resistance and safety” exemplary “is “” green Nokian V in accordance with car test eco trend “2011 good”judged the Nokian H the good ride”in this year’s test and writes: in the H version, also the Finnish tire shows a good rolling resistance.” He is constant and sure to drive, low reported the steering angle and a good feedback.