Malaika Antenna 1

Stuttgart private broadcasters brings client management on State of the art of Augsburg, March 4, 2009 – the baramundi software AG can boast 1 another significant new customer in Germany hit-radio antenna, which opted for the baramundi management suite (bMS). With the baramundi client management solution, it is possible to manage PCs. Windows operating systems and application software can be installed from a central machine, remote on individual jobs. Hit-radio ANTENNE 1 was previously no software distribution tool that is in use. There behalf the radio station with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), the based on a SQL database client-server system from Microsoft for systems management. Because this system offered only limited management functionality, hit radio turned antenna 1 to connect Stuttgart GmbH, which recommended the use of baramundi management suite.

The sales team by baramundi software distribution solution presented the CIO at hit-radio ANTENNE 1 and they were convinced After previously using a competitors product could not meet the expectations. The user in the new software distribution solution were trained within the framework of a 3-day introductory workshops on the spot in Stuttgart. In parallel, the implementation of bMS at the Stuttgart site and at two other locations, as well as the packaging of most of the standard software took place during the same period. Initially, the Stuttgart area stations had purchased licenses for 120 clients, recently were again 60 licenses after ordered, so the baramundi solution is now enterprise ready in use. \”Thomas blacker, system and network administrator at hit-radio ANTENNE 1, is pleased with the results: the baramundi management suite is coherently structured, has a clear interface and offers a variety of solution for a task or a problem.\” In addition the solution distinguishes itself baramundi robot by the, a tool, automatically with the administrators all maintenance and Automation operations to complete. The baramundi robot is included as a module in the current version the baramundi management suite and requires no programming skills with the administrator.