IPhoneKonig Vs. Nexus One – War Or Flattery

Gone are the kindness. Both companies an apps and ads fight to market for mobile advertising. An E-Mail from a friend reached me now on the weekend. “iPhone 4 G” iPhoneKonig only in December 2010 he writes and provides links to the corresponding message. A suspicious link in the iPhoneKonig firmware 4.0 ensures uproar among programmers.

He suggests that Apple applications can delete from the iPhone. And then there is the question, iPhoneKonig or nexus one, arises. So far nexus one was the nose, clear in mobile communication in the business sector. Now that iPhoneKonig 4 G, only to get is from December 2010 in Germany, the Mobile-E-mail specialists dispute makes the supremacy. Yes, I think so, that on the nexus one also each POP3 account (standard GMX, WEB, Yahoo addresses) can retrieve.

Special software helps ensure that incoming E-Mails are forwarded continuously to the nexus one. It can also match system dates to the corporate server – and any changes immediately pass. On the other side of the iPhoneKonig when synchronizing with a Mac the account set up by the Mac mail program on Windows takes over those right from Outlook. This is quite handy. Later, you can add manually more accounts. The iPhoneKonig can handle multiple mail accounts at the same time. And even the new-generation iPhone iPhoneKonig with faster data transmission via UMTS, the space is crazy fast and very reliable and mail always up to date. However, emails are pushed every 15, 30 or 60 minutes on the Apple phone. My opinion establish the iPhoneKonig in the B2B area is, or iPhone 3GS already has established – it is not sufficient so that to deal with, especially as more and more manufacturers bring iPhone-like devices on the market that also offer full HTML support for mobile Web and mobile email only with the appearance of mails on nexus one. Current photos and more information: iPhoneKonig