Financial Control

You have it soon all pastures and again take the place at the helm. Because under the new leadership might two options: either case, the company will significantly worse, or the new director will have to rebuild the company “under him.” – As to solve this problem if you have a partner? This is solved by means of agreements. Need to reach agreement with the partner regarding the division of functions and powers of all actors. And this must be done before you start look for a successor. – What powers would you have given a successor, your successor would be a manager or one of the owners of the business? First list what areas of responsibility I would have left for themselves as for the: – the objectives and objectives of the company, its mission – the production technology – the administrative guidelines of the company (structure, functions, departments, administrative procedures, etc.) – Financial Control (Finance Director subordinate would be directly to the founder) – decision-making on the premises – a strategic marketing and strategic planning – research projects. The Director-General would be responsible for translating plans of the founder of life and would receive his salary for the concrete result of its activities – a “prosperous, expanding company.” Company can be compared with the vehicle, the director – with the driver, and founder – is the owner of the car and one who is chauffeur driven. Owner may share with the manager as part of its property, is a question of motivation manager. See more detailed opinions by reading what Technology author offers on the topic.. Owner may expose the manager identified the conditions under which part of the property will go to manager. – How relevant this problem for the Russian business (the concept of business we have appeared recently in the power of youth is not necessary to succeed)? If a parent wants his company from Small was the middle, and middle-large, then he should, firstly, to prepare the company for transfer of control in other hands, and, secondly, to find or develop those same hands. And it should not his hands! But the founder, even passing control manager must keep a finger on the pulse, it should be simple and effective monitoring tools. Such tools give Hubbard management technology. – Do you have examples of “transfer of power”? There. This “Grand style “(wholesale trade in textiles),” Foremost Kitchen “(production and sale of kitchen furniture),” Galaxy “(wholesale elite sorts of tea),” Performia “(teaching business owners and HR-professional employees) and many others. – What a bad situation when a business is completely tied to one person? This man is tied to your business. Often he finds himself in a situation ktogda not he owns the business and his business completely own them – he can not go to leave to study, just to travel around the world on exhibitions. Without it, the firm begin to take away. The firm is expanding to the point when it is within the physical capabilities of its owner. Business becomes a pleasure long before the how the development of business start to slip. – What to do when a successor has already been prepared? See above. Affairs missing! A bored – you can still run a couple of businesses!