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How often are you walking around town and you notice the inscription on the tempting shop windows that tell about discounts, promotions, sales? I think quite often. But what is a discount – a myth invented by sellers, or the reality of the modern market for goods and services? Do not distract from reading this article, and the answer will not take long. The essence of the discount is quite simple: the seller sells goods at a price that differs from the price specified in the price list. The difference necessarily in favor of the consumer. More info: Nicholas Carr. But in its varieties can be quite easy to get confused, so further consider the most common types: 1. Discounts for loyal customers in this If there are several possible options. The first – the most common, when after a certain number of purchases the customer is given a discount card.

It gives the right to receive a fixed discount on goods at subsequent visits to the store. Whenever Nicholas Carr listens, a sympathetic response will follow. If the store has a number of such cards, in what this buyer is issued a card (the so-called ‘golden’ or ‘Platinum’), entitling the holder to an even greater quantity discounts. Bright example is the nominal discount cards. Thus, a certain degree of privileged customers. The second option – when all buyers when making your first purchase is given a discount card, which gives right when making any subsequent purchases receive a discount of fixed size of the purchase price.. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Asaro.


Final conclusion about investing has useful value for any enterprise, since the implementation of investment activities of the company provide for a long period of time in the future. There is often a need for rapid assessment of investment before the creation of the feasibility study without an analysis of management reports. In this brief essay will not be described well-known parameters ‘estimates’ efficiency investments, calculations and analysis are in most cases is quite complex and require lengthy preparations estimator for inclusion in the feasibility justification. This paper describes a series of operational methods to carry out a quick assessment of investment. In the first part considers the method of calculations of investments, based on record reduce costs. Note that described in this brief sketch techniques are particularly useful in the initial stages of investment, when you need only “estimate” the possible economic benefits of held investments. To begin select the number of investment related not to the implementation of global projects (requiring the preparation of project feasibility study), but with the current activities of the enterprise: – renewal of fixed assets – growth production capacity – the promotion and advertising of goods – renewal of fixed assets – growth of production capacity – the promotion and advertising of the goods. The problem is to evaluate the effectiveness of commercial investment in terms of reducing costs.

Factor in reducing costs is used to evaluate 2 types of investments – renovation of fixed assets and the growth of productive capacity. Known criterion can used as collateral when assessing the effectiveness of investment, creating a business plan or feasibility study. This uses the following rule: investments associated with the renewal of fixed assets (production does not change) will be effective when the cost savings derived from such a change, will provide the necessary boost. Robotics may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Example. Companies need to evaluate investments for subsequent creation of a business plan a feasibility study on the acquisition of more modern equipment worth 300 thousand rubles. that will be used within 5 years. Depreciation of new equipment 60 thousand USD. per year (ie equipment is fully amortized over five years).

Maintenance costs of fixed assets 40 thousand rubles. per year. Profit tax of 20%. The current equipment can be sold for 150 rubles. Or to study another 3 years, then what will be replaced by a new one. Amortization existing equipment 50 thousand rubles. per year. The cost of servicing equipment 60 thousand rubles. per year. Savings on costs = (60 + 10) – (40 + 12) = 18 thousand rubles. In the year rate of return on savings = cost / (Capex – Remuneration of sale of fixed assets) = 18 / (300 – 150) = 12%. Conclusions. Conclusion of the acquisition of equipment can be made, in the case where the yield of 12% is sufficient for the company.

Tiger Real

And of course, a tiger can all my free time reading books about courage, and the development of intuition and self-confidence, but that his life would never change. And perhaps many years later it would be very smart and read Tiger, but it still remains only a miserable prisoner of dirty enclosure. At the same time a tiger at large may not be able to read, but he knows firsthand what a real intuition, because he always needs to feel approximation of the hunters. He knows exactly what is courage, as is often fights with other tigers in its territory. And certainly he is confident, as uncertain tigers at large just does not happen (as well as uncertain entrepreneurs). Many justify their inaction by the fact that the statistics (maybe they ordered the data) the ability to create a business has only a few percent of the people.

Now imagine tigers Zoo, which opened for cages and allowed them to escape to freedom, but for many years now foaming at the mouth (or mouth) prove to each other that according to statistics at large are able to live no more than 3-5% of the tigers. How do you like this picture? It's obvious that a good intuition, courage, determination and confidence is not a prerequisite for the creation of the business, quite the contrary. Dennis Lockhart takes a slightly different approach. Each person who will create their favorite thing necessarily in the process acquire these qualities. That is why, if you have absolutely everything is bad self-esteem and confidence, then you simply vital to do your business to improve in this area. If you have not understand what I am, then explain it again. Just for you.

The man who stands on a path of his favorite things, to train your intuition, confidence, courage, commitment, not from books, but in deeds. Yes, it is difficult, yes, not all at once obtained, but it's real life, not hiding behind a wide hollow of his boss, whom you have to shift responsibility for their lives. Therefore, we must learn life is not on the books, but in real life, practice. Books – it's just a theory that no practical application clutter your brain and leads to a state of "sorrow of the mind." And you want to see that, unfortunately, on my training more and more women appear, who not only want to create their favorite thing, but it is already active in this direction. And what they have to do when no one else to lean on. Men are all waiting for something, waiting, fear and doubt. A woman at this time, too afraid doubt, but make real steps. I really hope that soon the situation changed for the better.

Content Exchange

Still less can recommend the site to pay for clicks, inspections and enforcement tasks, as it is system hype. More exciting for earnings in a network different affiliate programs. There are many options for affiliate programs and almost every site, exposing your private partnership options, they are different. The essence of such programs is everywhere the same – you are helping us, and we, in turn, help you. Often support expressed in terms of money or some favors. We are also still interested only in money. So, before you agree to the terms of any affiliate program, it is better to read all the little captions, and Sometimes, multiple sub-license agreement. Sometimes it really save us from hasty action. Note the small amount of withdrawal and a variety of special options. Frankly, that capitalize on life of the oil through affiliate programs is quite realistic, but you have to work hard. Rather informatsyonny section of affiliate programs can be found at: Affiliate. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Schiff. Business. Money. Another option money, which I would like to raise here – is to write articles (copywriting) and their subsequent on specialized markets. Perhaps, this way the most exciting, so I have reserved it for dessert. It’s all just as a penny. You are printing an article, leave it on the stock exchange and then wait for the happy buyer of fruit of your fantasies. Once a buyer is found, you instantly become richer by that sum, which they themselves have appointed for his article. Also with the support of content exchanges can be done by filling the application and promotion of various websites, forums and blogs. In this embodiment, the price points directly to the employer. Such work is in itself sufficient and just might take you to other good suggestions on earnings in the network, such as communication forums with pay for each message. Personally, I am entirely successful doing just that. I advise most popular and popular system, proven long and honest work: Content Exchange Of course, there are written, not all options, but I believe that for a start it’s more than enough. And remember that there is no easy money and not worth believing everything that is written about instant fantastic earnings. I sincerely wish you good luck, success, and, of course, good money!

The Door

So basically the door set flush with the edge of the opening. Door block in this case deepened in the door aperture. From the standpoint of protecting the best option – installing interior door opening. But keep in mind that a door can not open more than 90 . When installing the door frame in the wall opening is very important to pay attention to absence of cracks in the wall. See Peter Schiff for more details and insights. If they are, they need to seal the mortar cement, after inserting the armature for a lasting solution to the mounting wall. Properly installed door should not “walk”. It should remain in that position, which left it, and not opened or closed by itself. Sometimes the clients themselves are asked to do so that the door closes by itself. Once you accept the job and pay off the contract, be sure to take a copy of the completed form or a receipt, which states that you have completely paid off. Check on the availability of all documents printed signatures of the parties.

In addition, we should take the warranty card for free repair of the door. In the case of a malfunction caused by the installer or the manufacturer – it is useful to you. Do not forget to specify the warranty period, set it to your door. If the warranty on the steel door is less than a year, think about whether to buy it at all. Robust domestic firms guarantee 5 years of work overseas – 5 – 10 years. Warranty should cover not only the door, as such, but also on its individual components (trim, locks, etc.). To steel double doors, or any other doors serve you long and faithfully, they need professional installation. Agree that buying an expensive, high-quality steel door, it is unwise to save on installing it. Moreover, that the savings would be negligible. From improper handling or illiterate or install door can “lead”, it will squeak and poorly covered. Installation of door requires experience and specific skills. After all, if one day you can not open the lock of the door frame for the warp or deformation of the door leaf, then hold on the threshold of your home or office can be quite a long time. Therefore, it is better to entrust it to professionals.

Financial Control

You have it soon all pastures and again take the place at the helm. Because under the new leadership might two options: either case, the company will significantly worse, or the new director will have to rebuild the company “under him.” – As to solve this problem if you have a partner? This is solved by means of agreements. Need to reach agreement with the partner regarding the division of functions and powers of all actors. And this must be done before you start look for a successor. – What powers would you have given a successor, your successor would be a manager or one of the owners of the business? First list what areas of responsibility I would have left for themselves as for the: – the objectives and objectives of the company, its mission – the production technology – the administrative guidelines of the company (structure, functions, departments, administrative procedures, etc.) – Financial Control (Finance Director subordinate would be directly to the founder) – decision-making on the premises – a strategic marketing and strategic planning – research projects. The Director-General would be responsible for translating plans of the founder of life and would receive his salary for the concrete result of its activities – a “prosperous, expanding company.” Company can be compared with the vehicle, the director – with the driver, and founder – is the owner of the car and one who is chauffeur driven. Owner may share with the manager as part of its property, is a question of motivation manager. See more detailed opinions by reading what Technology author offers on the topic.. Owner may expose the manager identified the conditions under which part of the property will go to manager. – How relevant this problem for the Russian business (the concept of business we have appeared recently in the power of youth is not necessary to succeed)? If a parent wants his company from Small was the middle, and middle-large, then he should, firstly, to prepare the company for transfer of control in other hands, and, secondly, to find or develop those same hands. And it should not his hands! But the founder, even passing control manager must keep a finger on the pulse, it should be simple and effective monitoring tools. Such tools give Hubbard management technology. – Do you have examples of “transfer of power”? There. This “Grand style “(wholesale trade in textiles),” Foremost Kitchen “(production and sale of kitchen furniture),” Galaxy “(wholesale elite sorts of tea),” Performia “(teaching business owners and HR-professional employees) and many others. – What a bad situation when a business is completely tied to one person? This man is tied to your business. Often he finds himself in a situation ktogda not he owns the business and his business completely own them – he can not go to leave to study, just to travel around the world on exhibitions. Without it, the firm begin to take away. The firm is expanding to the point when it is within the physical capabilities of its owner. Business becomes a pleasure long before the how the development of business start to slip. – What to do when a successor has already been prepared? See above. Affairs missing! A bored – you can still run a couple of businesses!

IPhoneKonig Vs. Nexus One – War Or Flattery

Gone are the kindness. Both companies an apps and ads fight to market for mobile advertising. An E-Mail from a friend reached me now on the weekend. “iPhone 4 G” iPhoneKonig only in December 2010 he writes and provides links to the corresponding message. A suspicious link in the iPhoneKonig firmware 4.0 ensures uproar among programmers.

He suggests that Apple applications can delete from the iPhone. And then there is the question, iPhoneKonig or nexus one, arises. So far nexus one was the nose, clear in mobile communication in the business sector. Now that iPhoneKonig 4 G, only to get is from December 2010 in Germany, the Mobile-E-mail specialists dispute makes the supremacy. Yes, I think so, that on the nexus one also each POP3 account (standard GMX, WEB, Yahoo addresses) can retrieve.

Special software helps ensure that incoming E-Mails are forwarded continuously to the nexus one. It can also match system dates to the corporate server – and any changes immediately pass. On the other side of the iPhoneKonig when synchronizing with a Mac the account set up by the Mac mail program on Windows takes over those right from Outlook. This is quite handy. Later, you can add manually more accounts. The iPhoneKonig can handle multiple mail accounts at the same time. And even the new-generation iPhone iPhoneKonig with faster data transmission via UMTS, the space is crazy fast and very reliable and mail always up to date. However, emails are pushed every 15, 30 or 60 minutes on the Apple phone. My opinion establish the iPhoneKonig in the B2B area is, or iPhone 3GS already has established – it is not sufficient so that to deal with, especially as more and more manufacturers bring iPhone-like devices on the market that also offer full HTML support for mobile Web and mobile email only with the appearance of mails on nexus one. Current photos and more information: iPhoneKonig