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Cold Welding

Cold welding has a distinguishing feature from other types of welding. It is performed at a minimum, and even room temperature, ie without increasing the temperature by external sources. Cold welding organizes highly reliable connections, its use in welding different metals: copper alloy, zinc, silver, cadmium and steel. Cold welding has distinctive advantage in comparison with other species concatenation of the metal, which lies in the fact that only it can be used in cases where the metals to be welded are sensitive to heat or form the intermetallics. Cold welding Diamond includes crafty physicochemical metamorphism, the most important constraint in pursuing it – mild strain that is required to reduce the distance between the materials to be welded to commensurate with the size of the crystal lattice. Under normal constraints to implement this metamorphism is unrealistic. In turn, cold welding in need exclude oxides from metal surfaces.

Nature of the cold welding depends on the quality welded surfaces (no oxide, the physical and chemical state of metals, etc) and the magnitude of damage. In the condition of these characteristics is divided into cold welding spot, seam and butt. Available turn cold welding linoleum, which is used in the process of universal glue, take the ‘Diamond’, which is well suited for, so at home with no restrictions reinforcements masters weld seams of linoleum. Clay ‘Diamond’ is a domestic product, which may make possible the long-lasting result, which means you can be assured that in no case will no longer start anew welded seams. Judgement on competent professionals, glue ‘Diamond’ is completely suitable for use at home, though not without a certain level of toxicity. However, in the civilized powers of the use of glue for cold welding refused. However, it does not offer use in motor technology because of the personal storage, the adhesive diamond is ideal for small domestic works. Do not forget that cold welding is very harmful to human health, as this process has volatile solvents, thereby required to plow freshen the room.


What is titanium? Titanium is a natural element that has a silvery-gray-white color. Titan is one of the most natural metals in the world. This is stronger than steel and much stronger than gold, silver and platinum, and yet very light weight (45% lighter than steel!). Polishing of titanium is very similar to platinum shine and appearance, and just need repolished retaining its original luster. Why choose titanium? Titanium provides several unique factors that make it ideal for metal ornaments. This is a very strong, more dent, bend and scratch resistant than gold, silver and platinum, and very easy. Titan is the only metal used in jewelry today that can be guaranteed not to produce irritation of the skin, our titanium is 100% hypoallergenic and will not produce skin irritation or discoloration. There is a titanium hypoallergenic? Pure titanium is 100% hypoallergenic and allergy free and will not allow the skin irritation or discoloration.

Titanium does not react to sunlight, salt water, chlorine, or anything that the body emits. That's why we only offer pure titanium to our customers. We do not use other metal alloys with our titanium to ensure only the purest and safest titanium is used in our jewelry. We use pure titanium with confidence, knowing that anyone can wear it without care adverse reactions to your body.

Wheels And Castors In The Russian Market

Under the wheel bearings in the industry means industrial rollers, but do not confused these concepts. In our article, we take as a basis, and will use the phrase castors. So, castors are necessary components for the main and auxiliary equipment for many industrial enterprises and industries. /’>ARC Investment Partners, who has experience with these questions. For every company that is serious about the choice of castors, the question selection manufacturer, and the need to choose among many different proposals often makes you wonder what castors and whose production preferred. Of course, the main and primary parameter for selection the appointment and performance of various industrial wheels and castors. These characteristics are inherent in the design and production, affect the design features wheels.

In most cases, production is divided into hardware castors, castors for transport equipment, heavy-duty castors, wheels and rollers for the platform and cargo trucks castors with brake or retainer and rollers for roller tables. Hardware wheel bearings are equipped light-duty hand trucks, equipment, administrative offices, medical equipment and furniture manufacture. Wheel support for transportation equipment provide mobility of various machinery and equipment and are commonly used on trucks for domestic and foreign operations in manufacturing, luggage trolley, garbage containers, in electrical equipment, etc. Heavy duty castors – ideal for productions that require mobility of particularly heavy loads, a complete set of technological devices and equipment increased capacity for work in the shop floor. A variety of materials, including multi-component rubber, polyurethane, polyamide, iron, steel and aluminum used in the design and manufacture of wheel bearings and Of course, all wheel bearings are adapted to work in hazardous environments and are made from high quality raw materials. The quality of these materials from European manufacturers is always at the highest level, which determines durability and reliability produced wheels. Brackets for wheel bearings – is galvanized steel, stainless steel, cast iron, but it should be noted that the main thing here is not only the material itself, but also design each bracket wheels. Companies engaged in sales and supply of industrial wheels and castors, offering products of different foreign producers, but the best from proven in the market, all as are German companies, such as Blickle Rader + Rollen GmbH, Italian Cebora, Fir, Avo and the Swedish company Ojop.

Normdoks is the Officail Supplier for ASM Inernational

Company ASM International, a global leader in materials science, and Normdoks ", a leading provider of standards and regulations, have signed a distribution agreement under which the company Normdoks" becomes the official supplier of standards and technical publications of ASM International in Russia and CIS countries. ASM International (the official name of the organization – Information Society for Materials – The Materials Information Society) is the leading organization for providing information on materials for over 90 years. Since its foundation (1913), its main purpose is to provide materials scientists community of scientific, engineering and technical expertise, training, professional community development, information resources management in the field of materials science. ASM International is a world leader in the development materialogicheskih knowledge in education, industry and science. Company Normdoks – the largest provider of international standards and regulations in Russia and CIS countries. Is the official distributor and reseller organizations such as DIN, ASTM, ASME, SAE, BSI and many others.

Besides the supply of documents Normdoks implementing an information systems workflow in the field of quality translation and educational activities. Its customers include major oil and gas, metallurgy, transport and processing organization. "We made a very important treaty partnership with ASM International. Unfortunately, in Russia, the organization is well known only to a narrow circle of professionals, mostly in materials science steel industry, although other than metals, ASM is engaged in ceramics, polymers and composite materials. References for ASM, in particular, nano-technology, reflect the state of world scientific thought in this direction and it should extremely interested in the Russian experts, "- said Stanislav Kim, CEO of Normdoks.

Nomenclatural Types Of Steel Pipes And Their Designations

You've probably seen the designation of steel pipes which she described the figures obscure title, Guest. Let's try forever to understand this question. Types of pipes vary in the way of their manufacturing on: 1 cast – made in a special pipe-casting machine. 2 Weld – made from special blanks that are formed and welded at the junction. 3 pipes, the method of construction, which differs from the weld by that different methods of drawing, rolling or extrusion billet steel pipe is not having a seam – Seamless.

In turn, welded classified according to the method of manufacture, the electric and cold. Seamless classified into hot and cold. Further distinguish what type of steel pipes is the nomenclature. The following are steel pipes which are often made in the workplace. Tubes for general and special purpose: Tubes for general and special purpose are divided into hot-rolled, hot-rolled and welded Tubes Profiles: Profile pipes distinguish rectangular, square, oval, flat, and others. Pipes for drilling, fastening and operating wells: Pipes for drilling, fastening and operating wells is divided into pump and compression, casing, drilling and exploration.

Pipes and cast iron or steel: pipes and cast iron are classified on the steel and cast iron. There are still other types of steel pipes is: bearing, non-ferrous and rare metals, boilers, from different alloys. Assortment of pipes shall be appointed by the State Standards (GOST), as determined by the rectangular steel pipes gost 8645-68. That is the state standard provides the size, steel and other normative value in the production of steel pipe. Now let's analyze all of the above is an example: pipe 21h1 Art. 24G2 steel rectangular gost 8645-68 is 21 mm in outer diameter, 1 is the wall thickness in mm, art. 24G2 is a brand of steel used in the manufacture of pipes. At the end of the State Standard gost 8645-68, which sets the technical requirements and product mix for production of the pipe. Now you know how different pipes, what all the names in names and you should not show difficulty in reading the technical notation.

Steel Doors

To date, the best metal doors are steel doors. Modern steel doors are of high quality, reliability and aesthetics. Aesthetics they attach to various ornaments or decoration. Decorate the steel doors forged products, and natural wood trim and artificial stone. Steel doors with wrought iron products have a unique image. Such entrance steel doors look just beautifully, thus decorating the interior of the room.

Modern designers create beautiful designs input metal steel doors and a skilled wizard to implement them. Reliable entrance steel door provides high-class burglary. When choosing a steel door that is necessary to focus primarily on this feature. The higher class of burglary, the better entrance steel doors provide protection premises from unauthorized access. Entrance steel door virtually impossible to dislodge, so it is durable.

In addition, steel doors, as well as the iron gates of Moscow are fire resistant. High-quality steel door must have the trim and porch. Trims ennoble appearance door and prevent cracking. An important element of the entrance steel doors are the hinges. When buying you need to learn from sales assistant at a calculated weight of the hinges. Incidentally the best are the hinges on the support bearing. Internal latch on the door – is a necessary element. Effective spiral valve than Moving. Since moving, at the most inopportune moment may accidentally close. Peephole is very convenient in operation. If desired, you can install it separately. Buying entrance steel doors should be familiarize themselves with its performance. Also definitely need to focus on the cost of finished steel door. Quality entrance steel doors are a bit more expensive than iron door. None However, prices for steel doors afford any consumer. The most important thing is not the price but the quality and reliability. That is what we get, getting input metal door.

Steel Or Alloy?

What is the best way to cut steel, with a disk or wheel? And so, and that, although it still argue themselves hoarse. In the West, called wheel drive wheel, which is translated as ‘wheel’, but Russia has taken root and the word ‘drive’. Apparently, it’s more convenient. After saying ‘wheel’, it is necessary further decipher: the wheel ‘full’, ie, complete with bus, with or without tires. And the term ‘wheel disc’ has a double interpretations. Selecting naturally for you. Steel wheels very well. Cheap, reliable, durable.

If a strong shock will not crack, and wrinkled; restore it to normal operating form though not very easy, but it is possible – either on a special machine, or if Zamyatin’s not too serious, the banal with a sledgehammer. Disadvantages: too heavy and appears to be rather boring, steel stamping can not radically change the design, so steel wheels all look the same. Steel wheels are replaced with intense market alloy. What are they better? A stylish contemporary look, a variety of species – this is enough to attract a buyer. The main thing – a solid gain in weight, and thus reduce the load on the powertrain, suspension, brakes and hub bearings. In addition – very efficient cooling of the inhibitory site, firstly, due to its high thermal conductivity of light alloys, secondly, the ability to make a disc with very large holes (without loss of stiffness), and with directional vanes which are driven by rotating wheels on the air brake. And yet – the high precision manufacturing, which contributes to a more precise balancing.

CDs and forge pour from aluminum and magnesium alloys. If placed in a light-alloy wheels ascending order of strength, the series will be: cast magnesium – aluminum die-cast – forged aluminum – forged magnesium. Warning! Cast magnesium wheels – not for Russian roads. When driving on potholes (and which still consist of our roads?) cast magnesium quick burst. In addition, the requirements for it to protect the surface from corrosion is very high. Magnesium is very good, but not in a cast version, and forged.

Steel Doors Of Nizhny Novgorod

If you started reading this opus, it means you are one of the many thousands who want to buy a steel door in the glorious city of Novgorod. It is obvious that the “millionaire”, where ever there is a construction new homes, metal doors – demanded product. Therefore, the market of steel doors in Novgorod large and diverse. Sometimes, I have the impression that half the population is somehow involved in this field! Layman to understand in a variety of manufacturers and their models – just not realistic. The seventh year, is not afraid of the word, the world of metal doors, constantly monitor the market and keeping track of new items, try to share professional knowledge with the reader.

I’ll try with an independent point of view to tell about the steel doors on the market in Novgorod, describe the advantages and disadvantages of a manufacturer and its products. In no case do not claim to ultimate truth. Everything below the above – it is my experience and my point of view. And of course, like any other person, at some point I may be wrong. Therefore, the healthy criticism, and any comments are welcome, for example, in our forum. All interested in the topic for the next forty minutes suggest patience for thoughtful reading, putting a number of tea and a plate with crackers. Welcome to my world.

Tips On Choosing A Steel Door

Advantages of the entry of iron doors in front of wood are evident in almost all aspects. They last longer, and incomparably stronger than their wooden "comrades", and literate finish look pretty, even beautiful. True, if the input of iron doors no padding, it is likely that over time they will lose their gloss and luster, transformed into a pitiful semblance of an old piece of rust. To avoid this, many manufacturers cover metal doors with special materials, and top stud dermantinom or leather to make the door aesthetics. Typically, this is a quality dermantin or leather.

However, popular with lovers of beautiful and durable doors use wood and plastic upholstery. You can use and design solutions for decoration of input and internal doors. It is not necessary to buy expensive finishing materials – just turn on fantasy, and only a few hours of your door will sparkle with new paint. The popularity of iron doors is growing constantly. It is caused primarily by the fact that they are constantly improved and have increased strength, unlike, for example, from wood or pvc doors. What can we compare with brittle plastic doors that sometimes fall apart from the one just hit! Manufacturing base of manufacturers is constantly growing, and thus improves the quality and range of a full range of metal doors. Many companies involved in manufacturing doors professionally, often provide our customers seasonal discounts on some models the input of iron doors and a fairly long warranty on the fittings.