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Russian Market Erp-Systems: Microsoft Dynamics Ax

Success and profitability is the main goal of every entrepreneur. To realize this goal, an effective tool that helps automate the management of the enterprise regardless of size business. Now more and more entrepreneurs are choosing as a means of different ERP-systems. The greatest popularity in the Russian market have purchased systems from vendors such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, 1C. The system’s flexibility and quality-price ratio were the main criteria by which a company chooses one or another product. Microsoft Dynamics AX (Microsoft Axapta) – the system meets both criteria, in the past five years, is becoming increasingly popular as a world, as well as in Russian organizations. Erin Callan is often quoted on this topic.

So, according to project manager of the company ‘Novosibirskenergo’ Dmitry Emelyanov, the company chose it for Microsoft Dynamics AX because among all the companies under consideration is it is quite flexible, in contrast to SAP and more convenient for the pricing in comparison with the system of ‘1 C: Enterprise ‘. At the last March 17, 2010 the fourth annual forum of Microsoft Dynamics AX Forum 2010 experts have noted a growing, despite the crisis conditions, the demand for Axapta in Russia and worldwide. It is caused by the undoubted relevance of the product in the current state of business: more and more companies seek to solve their business problems through the most effective tools for automation. Interest in Microsoft Axapta as the system really helps simplify and improve the performance of business processes, is indeed very high, and it was confirmed that forum attended by many directors and executives of various Russian companies. Specialists at the forum stressed that in the world today is an active displacement of the centers of economy in most developed countries, so so that Russian firms could maintain current production volumes, they need to effectively automate critical business processes. The best solution for these business objectives has become just Microsoft Dynamics AX. This opinion and chief financial officer holding Yunitayl Alexei Novikov 2.

Using Microsoft Dynamix AX has enabled the organization to optimize the resources of production, significantly reduce the amount of debt in banks and savings almost 72 million rubles for the first year of operation of the system. At the forum director of MS Dynamics AX at Microsoft Keyes noted Hertog development strategy of Russia and the world, noting that by the end of 2010 in Russia there will be special solution for retailers. And already in 2011 will be a new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX 6 with advanced functionality in the areas of finance, industry expertise and responsive public sector. The Forum confirmed not only high efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics AX, but also a significant level of return on investment. In addition, the results of research conducted by Microsoft worldwide in 2009, showed that the Russian partners of the corporation on the quality of the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics AX not inferior to the U.S.. This confirms the high level of skills of Russian specialists involved in the implementation of the system in the enterprise as a medium and large businesses. According to experts of Microsoft, Corporation, assessing the further development of Microsoft Dynamics AX for the Russian market, is not afraid of competition from Russian producers of such systems and to invest sufficient funds to study and refine the Microsoft Dynamics AX in Russia. Now becomes more and more IT companies and customers to choose the best solution for the automation and analytical account – Microsoft Dynamics AX. And some experts predicted in 2020 ERP-like system will use about 40% companies at different levels.

Internet And Network Marketing

I would like today to talk about methods of organizing their intersetevogo business online. Some time ago, partnering with a well-known MLM company, when you want it or not, you had to constantly communicate with people. In order to further develop its structure and sell the products of the company. For what would your business does not stop. Such acquaintance and dialogue taking place in different ways. Author contains valuable tech resources. Whether on the street, "grabbing hands" vtyuhivaya business cards and brochures, or acquaintances leaders organized meetings and presentations to businesses and institutions. In general, as best they could and spun.

But such methods are already fed up with the most population. And people are just irritated and "shied" away at the words "network marketing". Inside myself I was a staunch opponent of such methods of business organization and for this reason that went into the Internet. At this stage, with the advent of new technologies, it became possible and affordable to almost everyone. The Internet audience of millions, potential partners and associates. In a word web for networkers – nepahannaya virgin. All in your hands. After all the charm intersetevogo marketing is that you suggest the possibility of organizing a multi-million business audience is not afraid to be refused.

After all, you did not hear. People themselves choose their job and you're nobody and nothing imposed. On the Internet it is easy to manage, train, promote their businesses and attract new partners on a fully voluntary basis. Yeah something to talk about for intersetevym marketing future. But all is not smooth and simple. Before I had time to create your own blog in the internet and registered in some forums and communities, as immediately I personally crumbled heap of SPAM, unwanted advertisements and offers to subscribe to one or another business. And I was reminded of the street, bored all the classic marketing. How then to my "Skype" knocking one man with a business proposal, and that the business does not speak, and offers to go to the conference and learn everything there. I certainly chetyrhnulsya himself, but from respect gone. It was about some tourist business and a whole hour, I killed that would listen to a lecture I absolutely do not need. With this man I was not interested in communicating, and even more to do with him what is the case. (Do conclusions). By the way, after a week he invites me to some investment projects. (Crossed the line and I crossed it from the list of his correspondents). So: You can not force people to such methods. This person does not understand that Growing ruining the establishment of their business. Do not carry the "classics" on the Internet. Such methods do not work on the Internet. Intersetevoy business – a business built on personalities, rather than on the product – as a brand. And so, to what we come from? – Do not carry the traditional methods of network marketing on the Internet as they do not work here. – Make your offer only to those who searches for it! Say that I'm wrong. Let's discuss. Subscribe to my free newsletter: "How organize your business intersetevoy MLM on the Internet "and you'll learn more. Good luck and success! Sincerely, Imedi Sherifadze Our site

Content Management System

He wanted to earn, but what he failed to take all the time have failed and could not budge. This is pretty much contributed to his young age and lack of knowledge. All just laughed at him and nobody wanted to be taken seriously. The situation got worse … He got into debt and worked hard, and confusing still was not there. Only discontent close, full lack of time and results. After this, people begin to lose faith in yourself and give up halfway through, without even realizing how close they were on target at the very moment when lowered his hands. The same thing happened with our hero, but only one lucky break turned his whole life.

Unexpectedly, he began to engage in business network direct recommendations, and then one month could pay off all debts and find time to rest, friends and family. To quote the guy: "It so happened that the subject goods purchased by me (Eds. business sites from the company Glorion) in contact with the area of my interests – e-commerce. Periodically visiting various forums on this topic, I met new and interesting people for me. Gradually moving to the private conversations with Personal Message on the forum, e-mail or instant messengers such as ICQ, we are familiar, discussed various aspects of e-business, including talking about and creating websites. And then I accidentally let slip about the fact that is creating quite a large site. I was asked to give a link and tell us when using a "slider" (Content Management System, Content Management System, CMS) created this site.

Cold Welding

Cold welding has a distinguishing feature from other types of welding. It is performed at a minimum, and even room temperature, ie without increasing the temperature by external sources. Cold welding organizes highly reliable connections, its use in welding different metals: copper alloy, zinc, silver, cadmium and steel. Cold welding has distinctive advantage in comparison with other species concatenation of the metal, which lies in the fact that only it can be used in cases where the metals to be welded are sensitive to heat or form the intermetallics. Cold welding Diamond includes crafty physicochemical metamorphism, the most important constraint in pursuing it – mild strain that is required to reduce the distance between the materials to be welded to commensurate with the size of the crystal lattice. Under normal constraints to implement this metamorphism is unrealistic. In turn, cold welding in need exclude oxides from metal surfaces.

Nature of the cold welding depends on the quality welded surfaces (no oxide, the physical and chemical state of metals, etc) and the magnitude of damage. In the condition of these characteristics is divided into cold welding spot, seam and butt. Available turn cold welding linoleum, which is used in the process of universal glue, take the ‘Diamond’, which is well suited for, so at home with no restrictions reinforcements masters weld seams of linoleum. Clay ‘Diamond’ is a domestic product, which may make possible the long-lasting result, which means you can be assured that in no case will no longer start anew welded seams. Judgement on competent professionals, glue ‘Diamond’ is completely suitable for use at home, though not without a certain level of toxicity. However, in the civilized powers of the use of glue for cold welding refused. However, it does not offer use in motor technology because of the personal storage, the adhesive diamond is ideal for small domestic works. Do not forget that cold welding is very harmful to human health, as this process has volatile solvents, thereby required to plow freshen the room.

Wheels And Castors In The Russian Market

Under the wheel bearings in the industry means industrial rollers, but do not confused these concepts. In our article, we take as a basis, and will use the phrase castors. So, castors are necessary components for the main and auxiliary equipment for many industrial enterprises and industries. /’>ARC Investment Partners, who has experience with these questions. For every company that is serious about the choice of castors, the question selection manufacturer, and the need to choose among many different proposals often makes you wonder what castors and whose production preferred. Of course, the main and primary parameter for selection the appointment and performance of various industrial wheels and castors. These characteristics are inherent in the design and production, affect the design features wheels.

In most cases, production is divided into hardware castors, castors for transport equipment, heavy-duty castors, wheels and rollers for the platform and cargo trucks castors with brake or retainer and rollers for roller tables. Hardware wheel bearings are equipped light-duty hand trucks, equipment, administrative offices, medical equipment and furniture manufacture. Wheel support for transportation equipment provide mobility of various machinery and equipment and are commonly used on trucks for domestic and foreign operations in manufacturing, luggage trolley, garbage containers, in electrical equipment, etc. Heavy duty castors – ideal for productions that require mobility of particularly heavy loads, a complete set of technological devices and equipment increased capacity for work in the shop floor. A variety of materials, including multi-component rubber, polyurethane, polyamide, iron, steel and aluminum used in the design and manufacture of wheel bearings and Of course, all wheel bearings are adapted to work in hazardous environments and are made from high quality raw materials. The quality of these materials from European manufacturers is always at the highest level, which determines durability and reliability produced wheels. Brackets for wheel bearings – is galvanized steel, stainless steel, cast iron, but it should be noted that the main thing here is not only the material itself, but also design each bracket wheels. Companies engaged in sales and supply of industrial wheels and castors, offering products of different foreign producers, but the best from proven in the market, all as are German companies, such as Blickle Rader + Rollen GmbH, Italian Cebora, Fir, Avo and the Swedish company Ojop.


The man, who came all the gotovenkoe, can often running out of control, thinking that once he purchased the business package, success is guaranteed and it is uniquely He himself did not have to do more, for it will do business package. IT IS NOT SO! From you and only you, on your diligence and ingenuity of your creativity and enthusiasm to the success of the case started! The main mistake most beginners online merchants is that they created BUSINESS completely devoid of personality. Many generally limited only by the fact that peredirayut someone's site and spread these things "creation" in Network, in the hope of a couple of days to get "the promised profits." Understand someone else's well-advertised and popular web site know very many. And if a man, even a glimpse of who has seen such a popular site that gets on Site twin concocted a couple of minutes unpretentious plagiarist, a neophyte, he immediately noticed the secondary and think that you are just a creep. To an even greater extent it concerns the site content – if you just republished without changes in other people's articles, not adding anything from himself, you can not see profit as their ears. Your visitor from the first steps must feel to trust you. He must see that communicates with a live person and not with something impersonal, just copying other people's materials and displays them for his own. You must become your potential client interesting! He has to feel sympathy for you! As I have said repeatedly, business success depends not on some benefits as well from the merchant – as it would operate under heightened competition.

If he will try to be "all" or will blindly follow all sorts of instructions and admonitions, it is very quickly burned up and fly off the market. On the contrary, those who adapt and become true entrepreneurs quickly find their place, a niche market and start earning good money. Those same millions featureless, similar to each other "dead" sites, which is filled with the Internet, the competition is not involved at all. Look at their counters … Everywhere some zeros! .. Thus, a novice trader or immediately falls down, as did not want to do, all willing to receive "for free" or has no desire to work (such quickly become disillusioned and leave the business forever, loudly declaring that it is impossible to earn in the web), or also goes up – is someone who is not afraid to think creatively, to experiment, (listening at the same time, the advice and counsel, but not blindly following them, and reinterpreting and adapting to each situation).

Here are some Online merchants and survive. They become KIBERSANTAMI! They find their place, a stable, ever-increasing income and no they are not afraid of competition … In a word – always be creative, enthusiastic. Such benefits, blindly following which could succeed – and there never will not appear in the same sphere of activity! Any benefit is only a hint, this is what sets the direction and serves as a help. All the same ground for achieve real results, people should do himself! So, you must firmly understand that your only chance in terms of online earnings, is E-commerce. Their first $ 1000 in RuNet I earned exactly when strongly rejected the rest of the nonsense about wages in the Network, was freed from the illusory desire of instant enrichment without proper work and seriously engaged in E-commerce. Then there was another $ 1000, then another and another … Then I simply lost count …