The man, who came all the gotovenkoe, can often running out of control, thinking that once he purchased the business package, success is guaranteed and it is uniquely He himself did not have to do more, for it will do business package. IT IS NOT SO! From you and only you, on your diligence and ingenuity of your creativity and enthusiasm to the success of the case started! The main mistake most beginners online merchants is that they created BUSINESS completely devoid of personality. Many generally limited only by the fact that peredirayut someone's site and spread these things "creation" in Network, in the hope of a couple of days to get "the promised profits." Understand someone else's well-advertised and popular web site know very many. And if a man, even a glimpse of who has seen such a popular site that gets on Site twin concocted a couple of minutes unpretentious plagiarist, a neophyte, he immediately noticed the secondary and think that you are just a creep. To an even greater extent it concerns the site content – if you just republished without changes in other people's articles, not adding anything from himself, you can not see profit as their ears. Your visitor from the first steps must feel to trust you. He must see that communicates with a live person and not with something impersonal, just copying other people's materials and displays them for his own. You must become your potential client interesting! He has to feel sympathy for you! As I have said repeatedly, business success depends not on some benefits as well from the merchant – as it would operate under heightened competition.

If he will try to be "all" or will blindly follow all sorts of instructions and admonitions, it is very quickly burned up and fly off the market. On the contrary, those who adapt and become true entrepreneurs quickly find their place, a niche market and start earning good money. Those same millions featureless, similar to each other "dead" sites, which is filled with the Internet, the competition is not involved at all. Look at their counters … Everywhere some zeros! .. Thus, a novice trader or immediately falls down, as did not want to do, all willing to receive "for free" or has no desire to work (such quickly become disillusioned and leave the business forever, loudly declaring that it is impossible to earn in the web), or also goes up – is someone who is not afraid to think creatively, to experiment, (listening at the same time, the advice and counsel, but not blindly following them, and reinterpreting and adapting to each situation).

Here are some Online merchants and survive. They become KIBERSANTAMI! They find their place, a stable, ever-increasing income and no they are not afraid of competition … In a word – always be creative, enthusiastic. Such benefits, blindly following which could succeed – and there never will not appear in the same sphere of activity! Any benefit is only a hint, this is what sets the direction and serves as a help. All the same ground for achieve real results, people should do himself! So, you must firmly understand that your only chance in terms of online earnings, is E-commerce. Their first $ 1000 in RuNet I earned exactly when strongly rejected the rest of the nonsense about wages in the Network, was freed from the illusory desire of instant enrichment without proper work and seriously engaged in E-commerce. Then there was another $ 1000, then another and another … Then I simply lost count …