What is titanium? Titanium is a natural element that has a silvery-gray-white color. Titan is one of the most natural metals in the world. This is stronger than steel and much stronger than gold, silver and platinum, and yet very light weight (45% lighter than steel!). Polishing of titanium is very similar to platinum shine and appearance, and just need repolished retaining its original luster. Why choose titanium? Titanium provides several unique factors that make it ideal for metal ornaments. This is a very strong, more dent, bend and scratch resistant than gold, silver and platinum, and very easy. Titan is the only metal used in jewelry today that can be guaranteed not to produce irritation of the skin, our titanium is 100% hypoallergenic and will not produce skin irritation or discoloration. There is a titanium hypoallergenic? Pure titanium is 100% hypoallergenic and allergy free and will not allow the skin irritation or discoloration.

Titanium does not react to sunlight, salt water, chlorine, or anything that the body emits. That's why we only offer pure titanium to our customers. We do not use other metal alloys with our titanium to ensure only the purest and safest titanium is used in our jewelry. We use pure titanium with confidence, knowing that anyone can wear it without care adverse reactions to your body.