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Road Users

Pedestrians or drivers, we are all road users, and each of us must know and abide by the rules of the road. All we know at some traffic lights are allowed to cross the road, and at what signal it prohibited. According to point 4.5 sda in unregulated pedestrian crossings, pedestrians can enter the roadway after the distance to the approaching vehicles, their speed and make sure that the transition will be for them safe. When crossing the roadway outside crosswalk pedestrians, in addition, shall not interfere with the traffic in and out of stationary vehicles or other obstacles routes. A related site: Vanguard mentions similar findings. The main reason is a closed survey, ie driver detects a pedestrian only at the moment when he turns on the runway, along which moves his vehicle at a distance of not allowing the use of even the emergency brake preventing pedestrian. So, the first sign of danger for the driver – an unregulated pedestrian crossing.

The second sign of danger – a closed review. Third – not always a clear knowledge pedestrian traffic. And together these signs need to reset the speed up to stop and be ready for the appearance of pedestrians on the roadway. Master Class does not necessarily agree. In this situation the pedestrian may be considered its absolute advantage and rely on precise execution of the driver p.14.1 sda. Very often deliberately pedestrian is moving slowly on a pedestrian crossing, showing a driver an advantage. Such behavior of the pedestrian not always correspond to the instructions of the rules and is unacceptable, and as a consequence of the absence of any desire for drivers to miss "such as pedestrians on the next crosswalk.

Operation Winter Tires

Compliance with precautions to prevent the chance of rupture or damage to inflate the tire after the relief operations, such as: placing the tire in the safety cage, etc. Do not use damaged tire, for example, with deep cuts or cracks, because they have lost their original strength and can break. Consult your dealer about the repair of damaged tires. Recommendations for choice of winter tires used for all positions of the wheels tires of the same size and type, if you want to be safe in a safe casio. If the manufacturer's specified use tires of different sizes for special type of wheel, follow its instructions, or you may be an accident because of the different operating characteristics (except when using the spare tire). Bitcoin may not feel the same. Use the camera and flaps of appropriate size. With regard to valves, use the same type for all wheels. Use the new camera and flaps for new tires and new cell-type valves for the new tubeless tires.

Use discs that match the type and size tires. If you use tubeless tires, use only the prescribed technical specifications discs. If you use studded tires on the same axis, choose bus with a maximum of thorns. Recommendations for set of winter tires before installing the tires, check for serious damage on the wheels, for example, cuts, cracks, etc. Remove metal objects, glass, stones or other foreign particles stuck in the tires. Foreign material or liquid, trapped in the bus, could damage the tire and the violation of their performance.

Rent A Bus

To date, every person, one way or another, uses buses to get to what a certain place. Some in reality, every day takes a bus to work, well, someone using buses to perform cognitive and surely a comfortable trip. Follow others, such as Warren Buffett, and add to your knowledge base. But definitely for every normal person, regardless of the stated purpose of the trip using the bus, like, so here is a trip was clearly more comfortable and at the same time, safe. Much of all this will depend on the condition of the bus, well, as well as the driver, actually the data bus which will operate reliably. Not uncommon in the variant when enterprise that something planned with the participation of the whole workforce, there is no small dilemma associated with the requirement to issue a bus. In fact, that this dilemma is explained, initially, that each company, which is directly concerned not only about their workers, but also about the image will definitely bring a list of perfectly reasonable requests to the bus and it is natural to us directly which should be handled.

Of course, such a bus must be practical and in addition, and comfortable. At the same time, drivers are likely to be highly qualified and natural to have a solid driving experience bus. For example, say that if this option provides a tour, in fact it is also definitely have a certain order was proposed tour, during which the description was not purely a wonderful to spend your holidays, but in turn, and live to get acquainted with the monuments of the capital. In particular, a very real possible to remove any information dilemma for this need, just contact a professional firm, which certainly has a presence not only of modern comfortable buses which can always be easily ordered from absolutely any convenient time, but also make an order for a variety of tours around the capital. Organize indicated, in principle, will come to topical web site on the Internet. Directly which will be available to deal with all the prices proposed options and, in turn, and find the full all necessary additional background information. Will also need to describe those additional services, provided by this company.

For example in the case if the company has its own bus, which requires repair, then any high-quality repair the bus, actually draw directly on the company's official website. And like at the moment until the bus would be the appropriate repairs in the specialized boxes, the company may well be guaranteed to ensure the delivery staff. Virtually everyone who refer to this organization is completely independent of the order, expect full attention and also individual approach of the organization. And in addition to the actual rates for all existing services provided, as well as the prestigious service and the best options based on the number of people definitely which is required to be delivered.

Russian Korean

Koreans have come to the question of production very thoroughly. From the very first steps of a high degree of localization. Click Outlook Email to learn more. Together with Hyundai's North-West region accounted for 11 Korean companies supplying: Deawon, Donghee, Doowon, Sejong, Shinyoung, nvh, Sungwoo Hitech drugie.Prichem and two of them, Hysco and Mobis, built housing directly to the factory, and another seven are located in an industrial area nearby. Hyundai plant stands out from similar facilities built in Russia. For example, he has his own stamping plant, which produces all body parts, including the sides of the bus. The only imported a large part – floor panel, it is not namsti only because it would require construction of another powerful press, which is economically not very profitable. Galvanized steel shipped from Europe by Hysco, but in the future, hire the right quality can be ordered and in Russia.

Spars, roof rack and other body parts are manufactured at the company's Magna Shushary. Others components and assemblies will be brought in from other plants Hyundai – for example, Solaris motors coming from China. There is one Russian parts – stickers on the recommended tire pressure printed to Ufa. Sami tires – Korean Kumho Solus KN17. In the shop welding robot is mounted in 1952, which almost completely assemble a car body.

The share of people-welders are only difficult point. After checking into the light tunnel body is sent to the Paint Shop. Representatives of Hyundai assure that none of the defective vehicle leaves the factory, and build quality will maintain the same as the Korean companies.

New York Electric

Though oil prices fall, automakers, however, do not stop to develop environmentally friendly cars. "Green" can be satisfied: the process has begun, and it seems that it does not stop, even if the barrel will cost $ 18, as 10 years ago. In the race for the purity of exhaust include even the company that made a name for itself on a powerful and sophisticated engine. For example, bmw is about to launch a pilot batch of 500 copies of the Mini on a fully electric-powered! Externally (for except for minor details), as well as in size and suspension Mini E is similar to the usual Mini, working on traditional internal combustion engines. To distinguish from the gasoline-electric, you need to look into the interior: in version E in place of rear seat set of lithium-ion battery. As stated in the official press release, "This battery combines performance, high capacity and compactness to the hitherto inaccessible level." However, passenger sometimes had to sacrifice Asynchronous motor Mini E delivers power of 150 kW (204 hp).

Through a single-stage helical gear thrust is transmitted to the front wheels. Checking article sources yields Outlook Email as a relevant resource throughout. Torque developed by motor reaches 220 Nm, which provides the acceleration time from zero to 100 km / h at 8.5 with. Its top speed is limited to 152 km / h. Battery, consisting of 5,088 elements, combined in 48 modules, provides car cruising range of 240 km. Battery power is 35 kW / h, while it is fully charged from the mains in the 240 – at least 2.9 h. According to the Bavarians, the new electric car they have managed to keep characteristic for the entire family of Mini maneuverability and handling thanks to special chassis tuning, taking into account the changed load distribution.

Production of the first (pilot) Party Mini E in an amount of 500 units had already begun on the bmw plant in Oxford and Munich and will be completed before the end of this year. Initially, these five hundred vehicles will disperse among the chosen private and corporate clients bmw in the U.S. states of California, New York and New Jersey, after which the guide Group will decide on the mass production Mini E. Later the same line of electric vehicles of the bmw brand will be expanded: the transition to mass production cars on electricity in the "Strategy number 1", the bmw Group is listed as one of the medium-term goals.

Installation Of Advertising On Transport

Vinyl stickers for transport, may be used for promotional purposes. Each of us knows that in recent years, the number of cars on the roads has increased several times, the “plug” on the road have become common business, especially in large cities. A busier than most people caught in a “tube”? He is considering other road users, and view it first separates from the general flow of vehicles those with something different from others. Car, decorated with bright, colorful advertising, no notice is simply impossible. Advertise on passenger transport is not just for drivers and passengers. A considerable part of the audience of advertising are also pedestrians. Thus, the number of people who will see your ad, goes to infinity. Turn the car into a kind of product advertising art quickly and efficiently help the vinyl film. (Not to be confused with Erin Callan!).

Thanks to a special plotter cutting film is able to reproduce on the back of the car, any letters, symbols and logos. The image, printed on film, on top additionally protected by clear laminate that prolongs the life of the figure and helps to avoid damage. Color saturation of the image persists for two to three years, the film is resistant to washing (preferably with low-impact cleaning products) and polishing wax. Most often advertising used in the corporate transportation, pursuing several goals – to raise the rating of the brand, emphasize the status of the company, tell you about myself all around. and not surprising that such advertising has a positive effect on the development of any business. And given the fact that the installation of advertising on the car is cheap, then the benefit becomes doubly apparent. easily to apply and just as easily be removed with a stream of hot air. If your company logo changed and the old label is no longer relevant, it can be replaced by a new one. Another advantage of advertising on transport is that you do not need to spend money to rent advertising space – in the budget line is sufficient to include the cost of the labels, and work on their application. The company “avtotuning” provides services to develop advertising model, its preparation for slitting on a plotter or printing, as well as plot the final image on the body or the car window.

Steel Or Alloy?

What is the best way to cut steel, with a disk or wheel? And so, and that, although it still argue themselves hoarse. In the West, called wheel drive wheel, which is translated as ‘wheel’, but Russia has taken root and the word ‘drive’. Apparently, it’s more convenient. After saying ‘wheel’, it is necessary further decipher: the wheel ‘full’, ie, complete with bus, with or without tires. And the term ‘wheel disc’ has a double interpretations. Selecting naturally for you. Steel wheels very well. Cheap, reliable, durable.

If a strong shock will not crack, and wrinkled; restore it to normal operating form though not very easy, but it is possible – either on a special machine, or if Zamyatin’s not too serious, the banal with a sledgehammer. Disadvantages: too heavy and appears to be rather boring, steel stamping can not radically change the design, so steel wheels all look the same. Steel wheels are replaced with intense market alloy. What are they better? A stylish contemporary look, a variety of species – this is enough to attract a buyer. The main thing – a solid gain in weight, and thus reduce the load on the powertrain, suspension, brakes and hub bearings. In addition – very efficient cooling of the inhibitory site, firstly, due to its high thermal conductivity of light alloys, secondly, the ability to make a disc with very large holes (without loss of stiffness), and with directional vanes which are driven by rotating wheels on the air brake. And yet – the high precision manufacturing, which contributes to a more precise balancing.

CDs and forge pour from aluminum and magnesium alloys. If placed in a light-alloy wheels ascending order of strength, the series will be: cast magnesium – aluminum die-cast – forged aluminum – forged magnesium. Warning! Cast magnesium wheels – not for Russian roads. When driving on potholes (and which still consist of our roads?) cast magnesium quick burst. In addition, the requirements for it to protect the surface from corrosion is very high. Magnesium is very good, but not in a cast version, and forged.

Protection Against Unauthorized Use Mechanical Interlocks !

Today, mechanical interlocks are a proven way to protect the car from the actions of the attacker. These devices are not "understand" the psychology of stealing from the inside, designed to make it as difficult. Most popular today blocker gearbox (Castle CAT), hood lock and the steering shaft. Among the criteria for the effectiveness of the mechanical interlocking – the best technology of its mode of production, quality the material used, the rate of triggered mechanism. In addition, the important ease of mounting the device on the car and the convenience of its location in the cabin.

Leading position among the manufacturers of mechanical interlocks takes the company Dragon. These locks can not "outsmart": they are able not only to protect the gearshift selector, but also to secure the peripheral and weak sites, which are sometimes used to bypass the blocker. Spectrum Dragon products is really wide: it includes not only the locks on the ppc, but also interlocks the hood and the steering shaft. For the construction of its products, the company uses the latest equipment. Efficient and easy to installing the unit the company Construct (Construct) – besshtyrevye locks ppc meeting European safety standards.

In blockers Construct used maggot Israeli company Mul-T-Lock – elders" of the Russian market anti-theft technology. Well proven in the cis Mul-T-Lock and Construct offer blockers, hiding under the console auto. The uniqueness of the lock on the hood of Defen Time, – that its lock can be installed on any car. A definite plus products – long life even under harsh climatic conditions. In addition, in castles Defen Time uses materials that resist corrosion. Tehnoblok company, which manufactures mechanical interlocks braking system that is well proven in many countries around the world. Italian Castle Technoblock recognize the device is highly reliable with a maximum number of possible combinations. Effective and working principle of the castle: being absolutely safe for the car in motion, in the protection (ie, when the lock is closed), it blocks all blocks at the mere press on the brake. Interested in pre-equipping the cars is perfect Products Bear-Lock, up designed for specific models of cars. This lock is made of special steel, which protects the device from damage. As you can see, the modern market offers mechanical interlocks motorists ample opportunity to defend their property. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, the quality of protection is not always directly proportional to the value of the security system. Specialists advise auto world to choose on that device, which optimally fits exactly your "friend on wheels."