Protection Against Unauthorized Use Mechanical Interlocks !

Today, mechanical interlocks are a proven way to protect the car from the actions of the attacker. These devices are not "understand" the psychology of stealing from the inside, designed to make it as difficult. Most popular today blocker gearbox (Castle CAT), hood lock and the steering shaft. Among the criteria for the effectiveness of the mechanical interlocking – the best technology of its mode of production, quality the material used, the rate of triggered mechanism. In addition, the important ease of mounting the device on the car and the convenience of its location in the cabin.

Leading position among the manufacturers of mechanical interlocks takes the company Dragon. These locks can not "outsmart": they are able not only to protect the gearshift selector, but also to secure the peripheral and weak sites, which are sometimes used to bypass the blocker. Spectrum Dragon products is really wide: it includes not only the locks on the ppc, but also interlocks the hood and the steering shaft. For the construction of its products, the company uses the latest equipment. Efficient and easy to installing the unit the company Construct (Construct) – besshtyrevye locks ppc meeting European safety standards.

In blockers Construct used maggot Israeli company Mul-T-Lock – elders" of the Russian market anti-theft technology. Well proven in the cis Mul-T-Lock and Construct offer blockers, hiding under the console auto. The uniqueness of the lock on the hood of Defen Time, – that its lock can be installed on any car. A definite plus products – long life even under harsh climatic conditions. In addition, in castles Defen Time uses materials that resist corrosion. Tehnoblok company, which manufactures mechanical interlocks braking system that is well proven in many countries around the world. Italian Castle Technoblock recognize the device is highly reliable with a maximum number of possible combinations. Effective and working principle of the castle: being absolutely safe for the car in motion, in the protection (ie, when the lock is closed), it blocks all blocks at the mere press on the brake. Interested in pre-equipping the cars is perfect Products Bear-Lock, up designed for specific models of cars. This lock is made of special steel, which protects the device from damage. As you can see, the modern market offers mechanical interlocks motorists ample opportunity to defend their property. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, the quality of protection is not always directly proportional to the value of the security system. Specialists advise auto world to choose on that device, which optimally fits exactly your "friend on wheels."