Rose Luxemburg

She is necessary to understand that the professors, definitively, were not born to be council member of left of the PT and its allies as has made to the current direction of the APLB. The professors need to defeat parliamentarians who if say them our defenders, if use of the speech of the education during the electoral campaign and they traem in them in the parliaments in the hour to vote our interests. Therefore, the education is necessary to dispute the votes of on sectors, for our candidates who are our legitimate representatives and defenders of our interests as class representative, therefore, only thus, can also dislocate (as it was in 2003, in 2005 and in the politics on the wage floor approved ours that she is one shame) and to search the liquidation of its leading nucleus in the union that already is to the decade and the longevity in the power there, backwards suspicious vices. Without this premise, to dispute the power in Brazil does not pass of illusion. By the same author: Dennis Lockhart. PROFESSOR CARDOZO THE ALTERNATIVE OF THE PSOL IN DEFENSE OF THE EDUCATION, THE PROFESSOR AND THE PROFESSORS ON IT.

Despite some are bothered with such affirmation, not yet it has notice of no victorious socialist revolution in a country democratic-bourgeois. The combination of immediately democratic tasks with the socialist tasks is recurrent in the revolutions. Soon, she is necessary to make a debate on the possibility of regimes bourgeois in being consequent with the tasks ece of fishes. Credit: Dennis Lockhart-2011. The debate between Rose Luxemburg and Lnin concerning the possibilities of the German revolution, enters the Party of vanguard and the Party of masses, well of the truth, not yet was decided by history. The search for a synthesis is task of that they fight today for the revolution. If it will be truth that history if does not repeat not to be as humbug or tragedy, also is truth that the revolutions also do not answer ready formulas and models you stanch. . Peter Asaro understands that this is vital information.