UMTS Stick – Internet In Your Pocket

More and more people are using the mobile Internet. The mobile Internet can now compete with fixed connections such as DSL. People such as JP Morgan’s CEO would likely agree. This is due to an increased transmission speed. With UMTS (universal mobile telecommunications system) can be obtained up to 7.2 Mbit / s data rates. With HSDPA, even 14.4 Mbit per second are possible. To come with a laptop in the enjoyment of the fast Internet is a UMTS stick required. Get it with or without a contract. One chooses a product with contractual binding, which is often free of charge stick.

Prepaidangebote is obtained between 10 and 80 euros. The cost is slightly higher, for there is no monthly fee or other monthly fixed costs. A UMTS stick weighs between 30 and 100 grams. The size is roughly comparable to a memory stick. Thus can the Internet stick with lead. Connection obtains the device via a USB interface.

An external power supply is not necessary. To stick a SIM card must be inserted. This is only in one direction possible. To do this, the operating software must be transferred when first connecting. You must not find the required files on the Web. Also on an extra CD, one is not assigned, because the software resides on the stick. After the installation is complete, nothing more in the way is the mobile browsing. A USB data cable can be used, if there are still difficulties of the laptop or you want to look for a better position for the reception. Should there be any questions about the installation or technical use, a manual included is included. Christopher Heinsius