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In the industrial sector, the public banks are responsible for 48% in the credit total, being the remain for the national and foreign private banks. However, a considerable part of the credits of the private banks offered the industrial sector is proceeding from the BNDES. Jeff Bezos: the source for more info. Of 2003 the 2010, the average tax of expansion of the credit of the public banks for the industry was of 10,06% whereas of the private banks this tax was of 9,75% for the national private banks and of 0,64% for the foreigners. Valley to point out that in 2009, while the credit of the national private banks for the industry had fall of 3,35% and 13,62% of the foreigners, the public banks had expanded in 20,43%, occupying the gap left for the private banks at the acute moment of the crisis. For the habitation, in this exactly period, the credit had the average tax of expansion for the public banks of 18,86% to the year whereas for the national private banks it was of 9,76% and 15,36% for the foreigners. Differently of the public banks in passed decades, notadamente state, where many served of hangers of job and sponsorship politician and to maquiar administrative ineficincias in the scope of the states, currently the public banks are more than essential for the Brazilian economy.

Beyond its importance for the country, the public banks are examples of efficiency based for the monumental profits gotten by Bank of Brazil, Federal government saving bank and for the DNDES in recent years. The use of these banks as anti-cyclical politics was one of the actions more made right by the previous government, fact that the strong impact of the international crisis in the 2008 end cushioned and beginning of 2009 in our economy. It is truth that in some situations these banks, mainly the BNDES, surpass in its action and start to harm the economy instead of helping. This can occur, for example, when the bank loans to public money for opening of company in the exterior or national companies to practise predatory acts against competitors national. In both the cases among others exist loss of job for the Brazilians losses for the society of Brazil. But, this is the exception, not it rule. In a generalized manner, the public banks must be praised by its importance for the Brazilian economy.

Equity Net

She will be being taken for base for the determination of these other indices that would become the analysis most complete and more joust the workmanship of Dante Carmine Matarazzo; FINANCIAL ANALYSIS of ROCKINGS: Basic and Managemental boarding, in its 6 edition (2008). Leading in account what explana Matarazzo (2008), presents a table of eleven indices that would be the main ones to be analyzed in order to project it position of a company. These indices introduce in the analysis the group Yield, responsible for measuring which the degree of efficiency of the application of the resources generated or gotten for the company next to third. Such proposal transcript would today esbarraria in the proper legislation according to text of the Law n 8,666/93 to follow: Art. 31. The relative documentation to the qualification economic-financier will limit it: 1o the requirement of indices will limit it the demonstration of the financial capacity of the bidder with sights to the commitments who will have that to assume in case that it he is evicted the contract, forbidden the requirement of minimum values of previous invoicing, indices of yield or profitability. (Writing given for the Law n 8,883, of 1994) the Public Administration can come to be interested itself for the yield indices, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the administration of the companies. Evaluating the situation of the companies under the financial and economic aspects the Public Administration will have a better idea of the health of the companies.

The picture n 3 includes six indices that if consider are added to those five analyzed by the State Administration through the Decree n 36.601/96. The relative weights to these six indices, as well as those five already existing, constant ones of the TIC of the Governmental Decree, will be attributed in agreement item 3.3 of this work.

So Paulo Stock Exchange

Beyond Brazil, the Algorithmics has fort presence in Mexico, where it is associated the company of Valmer risk. ' ' Our challenge there it is to take for the model of consultoria of the RiskOffice, adding for sale value of software with consultoria' ' , it affirms Jacobsen; In the total, the Algorithmics has 32 customers in Brazil, with prominence for banks, great pension fund, as Previ – of the employees of the Bank of Brazil -, and companies as the Valley, beyond the So Paulo Stock Exchange and of the Brazilian Company of Liquidation and Custdia (CBLC). In the international market, of the one hundred bigger banks, 61 uses the software of the Algorithmics, affirms Jacobsen. In Latin America, they are about 300 customers, especially in Mexico. The company has enters its partners the Fimalac, holding company of the Fitch Ratings.As colloquies between the two groups had started has about one year, affirms Lovisotto. ' ' As we work in related areas, we had contact with the Algorithmics and were deepened the colloquies until arriving at one acordo' ' , it explains. Lovisotto said that it arrived to talk with other companies in the exterior, but finished opting to the Algorithmics for synergy between the two groups.

' ' We participate of the risk committee of some companies, we evaluate the derivatives that they use and create a list of alternatives of hedge that they could use, a form to work that the Algorithmics wants to take for others pases' ' , it says. For Jacobsen, the search for risk services also tends to grow. ' ' Each time more the risk analysis if takes an important element in any process of investimento' ' , it affirms. Marcelo Rabbat currently is also managing of the PR& , The specialized company at risk of Credit, Risk of Mercado and Consultoria de Investimento.Fonte: Notebook of Economy


The economic lines of direction of the PED had two basic objectives: The acceleration of monopolista). From 1967 Dolphin economic. The agricultural politics was come back to expand the production, saw subsidies and promotion. The exchange politics adopted the mini devaluations that became more competitive our products. Between 1970 and 1973, the exchange tax was appreciated in relation to the American dollar, with superior readjustments to the inflations registered in the periods. The external economic policy was very favorable to the foreign investments in the country. Multinationals received resources from its matrices under the intercompanhia form of loans.

Commercial banks had been authorized to catch external resources and to apply, under form of loans, in the domestic market. The wage politics of period 1967/1973 revealed contracionista, if analyzed only the readjustments of the wage-minimum (measured lined up with the objective of reduction of costs in the companies). However it had aiding in the accumulation of capital with the maintenance of raised profit tax and in the selective remuneration of staff with bigger qualification. wage rules of the PAEG had been modified in 1968, compensating the losses for the subestimao of the inflation. The bands of bigger remuneration had gotten real profits, especially in the Southeast, where the percentage of the workers who gained only one SM to 2 was minor who in the remaining portion of the country. economic 3Conseqncias of the Decisions the measures adopted for the team of Netto Dolphin, were remained, in its majority, with focus in the increase of the aggregate demand as form to give new impulse in the economic development. In the period the 68-73 industry of transformation grew to the average tax of 13,3%, with 16,6% peak em1973. The tax policies and criditcias expansionistas had served to alavancar the demand. With bigger freedom for investments state-owned companies, as Petrobra’s and CVRD, they had created diverse subsidiary.

FMI Economy

Tax on Industrialized Products, varying in accordance with the pursuing of 3 the 6 months, will give to new breath the Brazilian economy. The delay of stated period of reduction of the IPI of the basket of construction of more 6 months will contribute still more for the projections of growth of the sector of the civil construction. State Street Corporation has much to offer in this field. This year will be the year of the proper house. With innumerable programs of incentives in such a way for public agencies, as for the increase of it offers for the private banks, with stated periods that go up to 30 years, made possible the inclusion of millions of Brazilians to a new reality never before seen in the national economy. Brazil will go to grow because> credit is abundant. Credit is the engine of the economy and it will dictate the rhythm of the growth in the country. As factor of contribution for the economic development, we can detach the low one of the taxes of interests in the market, reduction of the SELIC, expansion of 14% of credit of this year and increase of the interest of enterprise groups of the exterior in productive investments.

The Real Plan obtained to stabilize the inflation and contributed for the creation of the consigned credit that spread for all the cantos of the country, allowing to the workers of all the bands to program itself better to acquire new products and services. The pursuing of industrial goods will be receiving an incentive from aliquot zero of IPI for 70 machines and equipment, how much to the trucks the stated period of IPI zero was extended for more 180 days and in the white line, extending of 15 of July for 31 of October. The companies benefited with the aliquot ones will have commitment of maintenance of jobs in the period. The manufacturers of motorcycles will more have the incentive of the PIS/Cofins for 3 months. Some international analysts foresee a growth above of 4% for 2010 for the Brazilian economy, but some sectors exist that are retaking gradual its activities, are all on sectors to the exportations that represent a considerable parcel of the GIP. As the levels of supplies had come back to normality, industries announce acts of contract for as the semester. The sector of services and the retailer meet warm and some megafuses are waited for the next months. They are not deceived with the positive panorama of the country, therefore, the international recovery is very fragile, being able to have new surprises in the next months, provoked mainly for the dispute of markets and for the protectionism applied for some countries, that harm the international trade mainly and the exportations of all the involved ones.

Our economy is serving as example for other countries. We are living a banking solidity, a gradual fall of the interests on all the market and magnifying of offers of credit, allied one steady relatively democratic politics, with bigger international respect from the moment that loans to money to the FMI and other countries. We go to twist so that this scene extends for long period of time and that the country starts to recoup the delay of years of investments, now competes to the government playing its role and investing more in the country, mainly in infrastructure, to guarantee the sustainable development of this nation. Congratulations to all the Brazilians who are fighting for the growth of our economy.

The Economy

For Mill, the wealth is defined as the supply of useful things. According to Paul. Samuelson and William D. Nordhaus (2004), ' ' economy can be defined as the science that studies the form as the societies use the scarce resources to produce good with value and of as distribute them between the several indivduos' '. In this concept it is possible to perceive the performance of economic science in favor of the sustainable development, would be this a visionary science that encloses the partner-economic structures, partner-ambient and even though moral, in which involves the respect of an investing entrepreneur/stops with its employees, competitors or space.

The Economy always studies the main problems as: what to produce, when to produce, where amount to produce, and who to produce; for these, to be factors of necessary importance to prevent wastefulness aiming at the income. 3SITUAO ECONOMIC IN the REGION OF GUARAPUAVA Forrester (1997) tells the kept out of society existence of a society of, harmful, superfluous and useless that will not have reason of living e, still more, they could be considered as discarded in a society that will have that to support them or to coexist its marginality and crime. (STEFANO, S.R. Here, Vanguard expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 2007) Certain he criticizes the society, produces constaint to any member of any communities, to put, fact this that if of the one for the absence of the professional qualified instruction to the citizen. The estagnada situation that if finds the economy of the city of Guarapuava is disturbing. The City is at this time commemorating its two hundred years, of slow development in front of cities with one room of its age, and that they possess the triple of the scale of economic growth. The lack of professional qualification in the region is responsible for the low interest of the investors, these, that would raise the economy I number and it employment of the region. Frisch Financial might disagree with that approach.

Easy Fast Credit

If you live in this world you have repaired that the campaigns of easy credit fast are for all the side and are of an extreme aggressiveness. In all the medias they are gifts, what it leads to believe that at this moment of fragility world-wide econmica great indebtedness, these companies of I credit are to live its Eldorado, therefore they invest in advertising as never it was seen in the past. Many of these campaigns appear until invisible come already associates the promotion of new products that in are offered to the installments ‘ ‘ acessveis’ ‘. Every day, we are displayed to these campaigns where in products are offered that we do not need we lack but that they appeal to the consumption, and that when acquiring these products we will go to get some type of evidence before the others. In these campaigns, nor always the effect is immediate, for times our defenses tries appeals to ignore it to the consumerism, but a’ ‘ semente’ ‘ it is placed in our mind, and it will tend to grow with passing of time. When the desire of if acquiring certain product reach its maximum level, we lower the guards and already we are made use to buy that luxury good for an installment low. Not even we give in them to the work of to select how much we would pay less if we made the credit next to a bank, therefore this will give more work and demands a bigger effort of our part. Connect with other leaders such as Cyrus Taraporevala here.

Many of the consumers do not want to have to wait nor of if to strengthen therefore they appeal in such a way to easy credit fast that is offered in the store. Everything what it demands an extra effort on the part of the consumer, is many times moved away and is this one of the trunfos greaters of these companies of easy credit fast e. It is made stops mandries anxious that wants that already and without very work. However the complications will be able to come later.

China: Strategy And Economy

CHINA – THE GIANT OF THE ECONOMY Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo It has little time the Chinese products were faced by diffidence for the national consumer and international, today, with the technological revolution that occurs in that country, it places CHINA in a comfortable situation. The Chinese government invested heavy in the education and today the country is 2 in scientific article production. With the technological evolution, it passed to conquer other pursuings of the international economy, as of telecommunications. The Hauwei manufacturer, will be 3 bigger of the sector in the year of 2009. This company who has branch office in Campinas, invoicing more than US$ 1 billion in Brazil in 2008, will go to invest in the country as well as its competitor the ZTE that announced US$ investments 2 billion in the Brazilian economy, according to information of Eric Zhou Hongfeng, director of the ZTE for Latin America. The money is come of the Bank of> Development of China. Giant, because in the first trimester of 2009 the Chinese banks had only granted to credits of the US$ order 673 billion, according to report divulged in day 07/05/2009, for the Bank of the People of China, Chinese Central banking.

Other US$ 575 billion were the sum offered for the Chinese Government, beyond incentives the sales of vehicles, as in the Brazilian case that already stimulated the sales in the April month, they had been vendidos 1 million of vehicles more than. China withholds 63% of the production of footwear of the world, 36% of the global steel, 75% of the market of toys and Xangai will be capital of the automobile of this year, desbancando Detroit of U.S.A. Strategically China is investing in the purchase of oil of Colombia, Russia, Brazil, already they only exceed the US$ 40 billion agreements in last the 60 days.


For return of ano4.000 a.C, some primitive communities had learned to use tools and weapons of bronze. The population is each more numerous time, the commerce goes if expanding. The agriculturists produce foods large-scale. The great progress marked the end of daily pay-history. Read more here: Wall Street. The men start then to make constructions as I can cite the pyramid of Egypt and the temples, number it concrete were not nothing practical. As to effect necessary fast calculations with rocks, bones. He was from the necessity that Egypt started to represent the amount of objects of a collection through drawings, symbols.

The creation of the symbols was an important landmark for the development of the mathematics. In daily pay-history, the man joined three batons with five batons to get eight batons. When we face situations where we want to know ' ' quantos' ' , our first attitude is to count. But the men that had lived have thousand of years did not know the numbers nor knew to count. Then as they had appeared numbers? To answer to this question we need to have an idea of as these men lived and which were its necessities. At that time, the man, to feed itself, hunted, fished and harvested fruits; to live, he used caves; to defend itself, he used woods and rocks. But this way of life was if modifying little by little. For example: to find enough food for all the members of a group was if becoming each more difficult time the measure that the population increased and the hunting it went if becoming rarer.

The man started to look safer and more efficient forms to take care of to its necessities. He was then that it started to cultivate plants and to create animals, appearing agriculture and the pasturing, has about 10.000 years behind. The shepherds of sheep had necessities to control the flocks.

Credit Approved Staff

If it is to think to make one I credit staff, knows prematurely which the factors that will be able to influence its approval or not. One I credit staff is one I credit that commonly it has one high tax of associated interest, but how many more guarantees if to give to the financier or creditor who we will go to restitute the money, faster it in will loan the sum to them desired. That is always controversial, because ideally the banks alone would loan money had who it and it does not need the loan for nothing, therefore these yes have guarantees of that they can pay what to ask for. Let us see then what it is analyzed when somebody requests a personal credit to a bank or another financial entity: Description of the person stops with the financial institution or other. Normally, the past is investigated a little to know if the person is respeitadora of its obligations. She is given to special attention the previous operations of credit. If already she has a past of bad payer, does not mean that its credit is not approved.

Probably until it will be, but it passes to be considered a credit with some risk, and this is gone to reflectir in the interest tax. Monthly and/or Annual incomes. She is necessary to certify that you have a source of incomes, seno as will go to liquidate its divides? He is obvious that in unemployment case, the attainment of one I credit staff to the balcony of a bank, could be an arduous task. Its financial Situation and Patrimonial Actualizada. You until can have a good one commanded and to have been a good payer in the past, but this can not arrive. Who knows if it did not invest everything in shares that they had devaluated or everything in the game disappeared. The bank goes to try to discover which the goods that belong to it they will be able to serve of mortgage and which the state concrete of its financial situation. Click in I credit Staff if it wants to learn more on credits.