Personalised English Language Courses With World Speaking

A language training program that is tailored to world speaking, market leader in foreign language training for companies and individuals, your profession has developed an individualised language training program that is tailored to your profession. Personalized learning units are available for 218 career fields and 15 areas of activity learn English efficiently! To learn the English language in efficient manner it is helpful practical to work: with a document written in English, that you need for your profession and you have difficulties, an article found on the Internet and you are interested in, or an e-mail message, received by their English-speaking colleagues. World Speaking fits your English course your World Speaking needs a tailor-made language training program developed for each of its participants. 218 career fields and 15 branches are covered in, allowing you to acquire a detailed vocabulary, which is adapted to your profession. Each Participants can perceive courses that correspond to its level and the skills that he would like to acquire. For learning units are provided him, that are selected from more than 600 professional topics. Even better to your needs to adapt to, World Speaking developed special tools, which allow you to work on the basis of your personal documents. CyberTeachers, the E-learning solution by World Speaking integrated documents of your choice (reports, Internet research, E-mail, etc.) to create interactive exercises.

Fill in the blank, memory exercises, vocabulary, exercises to improve the debate… Learn starting from texts that you really care, persists your motivation and your level of language improved. What motivated us at World Speaking”, a Chief of staff explains that the specialization according to the level of the language with the possibility of multimedia working documents to incorporate, from our real Business operations are. And all this is complemented by a personal tutor by phone. ” Why world speaking for your English courses? World Speaking is the inventor of the telephone language courses in 1981, specializing in foreign language training for companies and number 1 on the French market. World Speaking has designed training for 18 languages in the program according to the needs of participants: language training by phone, E-learning, traditionally with an instructor, individual courses or courses…

With almost 30 years experience and after the participation of 300 000 participants, World Speaking developed a unique learning platform: CyberTeachers. The program is in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German available and Hermes was awarded the European Innovation Prize, which is awarded by the CNAM. World Speaking is Europe’s leading language training for companies and designs customized courseware wholeheartedly on the profile of the participants. To more To learn World Speaking, visit our website and benefit from a 7-day free trial! also: World speaking television langue group is represented with a profile on LinkedIn. Track current news about the company on world speaking Germany GmbH of Mainz RT 49 D-60329 Frankfurt am Main Bettina G. personalized English courses with World Speaking