BitDefender study shows: E-threats spread increasingly through pornographic websites to visit adult Web sites: 63% of approximately 2000 computers with malware infected Holzwickede, January 24, 2011 the recent study of Internet security experts BitDefender (www.bitdefender.de) deals with the juicy topic of Internet pornography. The result shows that malware authors use increasingly pornographic pages spyware etc. as a distribution platform for viruses, Trojans. Learn more at this site: SSGA. Mainly freely available videos and links sent by E-Mail are digital pests that threaten the security of the user. The latest BitDefender study consists of a survey and an online search of relevant Web pages and blogs. 2,017 people participated in the survey, the sex ratio was approximately 1:1.

The respondents from more than 24 countries and were between 18 and 65 years old. Among other things, they should specify whether they regularly visit Web pages with non-adult content. Also was wondering whether the user to search on such Internet sites have ever found a malware infection of your computer. Pests lurking in video material and contaminated URLs the BitDefender result shows: 63% of all participants laid open their computer already more than once were victims of E-threat attacks, after accessing the user on non-adult sites. Mainly by E-Mail received links to websites with pornographic content, as well as free downloadable provided videos in as the essential malware carriers turned out. Overall, 72% of all respondents declared that they have already searched pornographic content on the Internet or viewed. 91% prefer with videos that are accessible on corresponding websites; 72% visit chat or dating sections.

Mainly Trojans and spyware In the second part of the study, a search of Web sites and blogs with pornographic content, the BitDefender experts discovered that 29% of 1000 verified links with digital pests were infected. Trojans and spyware are most frequently found. Especially the latter seems to spread very successfully.