Breast Diseases

Breast disease – is a collective term of various pathologies of the breast. Distinguish between diffuse or focal (nodal) mastopathy. In women, long suffering from mastitis, as a rule, there are neurotic, vascular, hormonal disorders. Without causing severe rasstraystv health, breast disease, however, often occur chronically, over the years and leads to the development of the patients state of chronic stress and panic fear of breast cancer. Home Depot brings even more insight to the discussion. When problems arise? Fibroids, uterine, breast are increasingly becoming the 'companions' of the modern woman. Why am I having these diseases? Women are overloaded with work, daily cares enough rest, eat properly, get more congestion on the nervous system. The result – serious chronic disease.

A rare woman for 40 years does not suffer from hypertension, neurosis, women's diseases. By According to British researchers, one of the reasons – an excess of estrogen and other hormones that enter the body through food. Meat, napichkanoe hormones, has a surplus of hormones that enter the body and gradually accumulate, causing disease. Many Ukrainian researchers also believe these diseases are hormone-dependent. Due to various reasons, women after 35 years or even earlier, disrupted hormonal balance: hence tumor various sites. The diet of women is not enough raw plant food fruits, berries, vegetables, salads, natural sokov.Kakogo breast form you? Persistently advise women who suffer from mastitis, and seek advice on how to get rid of folk remedies. Do not waste drgotsennoe time, and as soon as possible consult a medical oncologist to determine what kind you have breast disease: diffuse or focal (nodal).